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    1. boxes, glue and crayons and Sarah was very proud of her castle

    2. He’d been absurdly proud of it

    3. Ask for their favorite comic strip, a school paper that they are proud of, or a drawing from their trip to the park

    4. But then he was immediately proud of himself

    5. Jim and Ralph are proud to be fourth generation soap-maker masters

    6. would be proud, no?”

    7. It was still horrible though and he wasn’t proud of it

    8. In spite of everything I was proud of my job and everything it had allowed me to do for my family

    9. It was something I was proud of

    10. The proud parents offer all their time, money, thoughts and energy to sometimes unworthy children

    11. As about the “flock”, they are willing to blindly accept even the most paranoiac religious dogmas and they are proud of it

    12. hated a proud heart

    13. As about the dance school, I am now left all alone among the proud members of the clique, as all the other “foreign bodies” have been removed

    14. The proud heart is unacceptable to God

    15. Those leaders with a proud attitude have a false view of themselves and are deceived by

    16. Her breasts thrust proud and firm in front of her, tipped with long, permanently erect nipples that are purple-black

    17. She was proud of her rich female aroma and raunchy, active libido

    18. In my religion love is open and proud and one of the central themes of life

    19. proud daddy) of one of the unfortunate ones

    20. Both she and JayJay are very proud of you, you know – and justly so

    21. His father was a pureblooded Troll and too proud of it

    22. They were quite proud of

    23. I am so proud of each and every one of them

    24. ‘He is very proud of you, Berndt

    25. “Ah, my Lucy, you should be proud of her,” Sam told her gently

    26. Again, I see Joris standing tall and proud on the rail, laughing at us and bowing … then I drop my head as the tears come

    27. Lmore was from Trenst, and rather proud of it, regaling them most of the journey with tales of it's wonders

    28. She's a little too proud of it however

    29. We are proud of our valuable traditions

    30. His smile broad and proud, he introduces me to them – Guner Falke, a representative of the Waymasters and Dorintze Traught of the Printer Guild

    31. Cyberia was quite possibly the most haughty, proud and conceited young lady to have ever shopped and lunched in the fabulously gold plated arcades and streets of London Town

    32. We have to make the children proud of Sophia and this was something Pantelis knew deeply

    33. He was proud to show his lifetime souvenirs; they fell from books, wallets, tin boxes and jacket pockets

    34. He was particularly proud of his charity work, which was a good thing, for he well remembered being a poor squaddie

    35. 'Compromises? These proposals will kill everything that makes us proud and cause our valuable traditions to disappear forever,' cried Theo

    36. ‘Berndt, you have been guard and guide for this woman as she follows her way – I am proud to call you brother

    37. As for the once famous television gardener, he soon found that many years of proud and boastful behaviour makes for a rapid fall from grace

    38. My hands stroked the old, old stones bordering the ruins of the basilica of Agia Melina and by climbing on one at my feet I was able to look over the walls at the proud white marble columns still upright in the grounds

    39. Then Manolis spoke, 'If I may make a suggestion, at the present time the village population is swelled by many proud Sophians who have travelled far to be on the soil of their ancestors for the festival and this soil is very precious to them

    40. She was not in the least bit afraid; for some reason Tarak was proud of that

    41. She was the proud owner of some books, a few records, a wardrobe full of clothes and a bank account with approximately two hundred pounds in it, all of which was now enriched by one ancient diamond ring and a crudely painted blue and white vase

    42. The history of eruptions, being by its very nature violent, would have been proud to record the effects of Annie’s full explosive force as it hit her brother’s online world with maximum venom

    43. “Good, good,” Tarak stood on a step and shouted out to his men, “you are all Warriors of the First, and I am truly proud of you

    44. He patted Rayne’s hand and smiled, “Couldn’t let him get away with that, could I? You should have seen me Rayne…” he winced as Tarak checked his wound; “you would have been proud

    45. whole of her family, but no one was more proud of the little girl

    46. Peter talked a lot about Simon … it’s patently clear that Peter is very proud of his brother

    47. He reports that Joan is defiantly proud of the fact that she sent the letters; he goes on to ask if I want to press charges

    48. “I am not proud of much that she said, but that sounds more like her than any computer program could come up with

    49. people proud, why bother with us down under?' Fred said and laughed

    50. He looks rather proud and I catch a glance between him and Jo; I look enquiringly at Jo, who explains that she got it as a birthday present for him

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    Synonymes pour "proud"

    gallant lofty majestic proud noble imposing exalted magnificent splendid stately egotistical conceited contented self-satisfied vain arrogant disdainful haughty