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    1. We have to study them and take timely remedial actions to avoid ill effects

    2. These efforts will require skilled-based education/training for individuals entering the workforce and remedial training for (more) mature populations caught in transition, should either group aspire, (especially the latter), for higher paying jobs

    3. These were remedial exercises called “Patterning,” designed to stimulate crawling movements – that crucial part of development that our children had missed, thereby hampering further developments in walking and speech - which are linked

    4. Ten days later, at two-twenty in the afternoon, I was deep in remedial teaching when the phone rang

    5. When my pupils came, one by one, in the afternoons for individual lessons with their remedial teacher, the parents chose to sit in their car out front, listening to the radio

    6. When pruning became necessary, I told each tree how sorry I was to be hurting it, explaining that, like remedial minor surgery, this would help it grow stronger and lovelier

    7. In any case, being quite conscientious, he took what he felt to be remedial action

    8. · Practices that function as the power of the remedy (antidote, or remedial action), may be any positive action and can include:

    9. They like to keep all the remedial classes together

    10. Yes, trillion! The rest of the carbon dioxide emissions, 90-95%, come from such sources as volcanoes, dying vegetation, and flatulent animals (We await a remedial proposal for that one)

    11. Congress as well as the States passed remedial legislation requiring reasonable work hours and more healthful working conditions, among other measures

    12. This is done by creating and supporting social programs that are “ostentatiously remedial in purpose

    13. The Administration had to resort to hitherto un thought of remedial measures, e

    14. Remedial college courses are the direct result of the academic failure of elementary and high

    15. supply them with remedial classes when they aren’t

    16. This enabled Penfield to perform remedial treatment and at the same time use the opportunity to map out the functions of different areas of the brain cortex

    17. thoughts of possible consequences, it is hard for him to think in terms of remedial

    18. I knew that if I wanted to, I could take away Griselda’s original curse –canceling Maracaeda’s remedial spell in the process—but I didn’t want to risk losing Roy in the process

    19. through classes that seemed remedial in comparison with his

    20. the issue or the necessary remedial steps are being actively

    21. At this juncture, the calculation of the capital dynamic is remedial; we merely plug

    22. The tax benefit calculations for Kimberly-Clark are the most remedial, requiring

    23. Therefore, a condition of her taking up a place at this school would be that she attends a remedial course in Latin, which will take place in the month of August

    24. Remedial Latin! What they need is a remedy for their Latin disease!”

    25. deliberate on alternative remedial presence popularised and readied for the countdown of

    26. Such remedial actions should also include efforts to understand and

    27. In-house remedial actions may or may not

    28. It was meant for people who needed remedial

    29. shall be considered to be purely remedial in operation

    30. All of these perversions have their temporary satisfaction and for some a keen fascination, but there is an infinitely greater fascination in a true understanding of the world of power within, a power which increases with use; is permanent in stead of fleeting; which not only is potent as a remedial agency to bring about the remedy for past error or results of wrong thinking, but is a prophylactic agency protecting us from all manner and form of danger; and finally is an actual creative force with which we can build new conditions and new environment

    31. Cheryl Gi has a Bachelor of Education and has studied & practiced remedial

    32. If this is the case, then remedial work is needed

    33. hope! Of the remedial operation of slavery, we have a

    34. Taylor held that in the invisible world a remedial process will go on, or goes on now, in the case of all, those who have lived and died without hearing the Gospel

    35. Between 1933 and 1939 this procedure was completely transformed by a series of remedial laws, the most important of which was the Chandler

    36. Not the least important of the remedial legislation enacted since 1933 is the “Trust Indenture Act of 1939

    37. Investment-trust bonds belong in a special category, we believe, because by their nature they lend themselves to the application of stringent remedial provisions

    38. The course of action followed by the Otis Company management in 1929–1930 combined a number of these remedial moves

    39. 14 The remedial legislation was an outgrowth of a trust indenture study made by the S

    40. Characteristically, the reason given by the company itself for this move was not that the bondholders were entitled to some remedial action but that the “technical default under the indenture” interfered with projected bank borrowings by the company

    41. 6 If the market value of the assets falls below 100% of the funded debt, a condition of insolvency would seem to be created which entitles the bondholders to insist upon immediate remedial action

    42. Note that Guardian Investors Corporation 5s, due 1948, have been “under water” nearly all the time since 1932 and sold as low as 24, without any remedial steps being taken

    43. Also, the change has often occurred after a long period of bad results without remedial action, and has depended on enough disappointed shareholders selling out at low prices to permit the energetic outsiders to acquire a controlling position in the shares

    44. (Many of you who have a background in options may find this remedial; for others it may be a good refresher, or you may want to just skip to Chapter 9 on options combinations

    45. Sir, while Great Britain finds such able advocates on this floor, she will find no necessity to redress our wrongs, but will wait the issue of our proceedings in Congress, to see if our remedial laws are not repealed, or our citizens excited to oppose their execution

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