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    1. While they discussed, doostEr was looking around and saw that getting the rockasaur into here would be a rigging job in itself

    2. They lived in the city, he'd done rigging at their workshop

    3. He and Taktor let the huge crate down onto the dolly and took the rigging down

    4. They turned around to see it over the backbone and the rigging

    5. The only crew remaining alive were those who'd found a corner to strap themselves in where they couldn't be taken overboard or battered with hunks of rigging still attached to the hull

    6. You have to pay attention now, I wouldn't want to be holding this handle if a bolt hit the rigging

    7. Jerry came up with rigging that they could use while flying

    8. Using Lady Jennie as a test dragon, they tried the rigging out on her

    9. The tower itself was surrounded by a scaffold exoskeleton, with rigging, ladders and several lift platforms providing transitions from one level to the next

    10. Even the thick rings of dwarven blue-steel seemed ready to snap as they kept the rigging air-bound

    11. The freighter’s captain was shouting orders to seamen in the rigging

    12. militia with his stones, she attached sails to the rigging

    13. From every part of the ship, the limited crew took positions in the rigging and anywhere else to observe

    14. As the battery on shore boomed out a farewell salute, the soldiers swarmed to the deck and rigging, and the air was rent with a shout of triumph from sixteen thousand throats

    15. Once back in control of his vehicle he began to race south towards Edinburgh using a map of the area he had memorised the previous day to the sound of horns rigging away sounding of their annoyance at him

    16. The fishing boat’s rigging had been shredded by the machine gun, and long lengths of line whipped out from its mast, cracking in the wind

    17. He had completed repairs to the flailing rigging before the storm had fully abated

    18. million had shown indications of “bid rigging” and that $7 million was squandered through overpayment

    19. They had the V-shaped hull and long keel and used the heavy ballast of the fuchuan but had the masts and rigging of the shachuan

    20. I noticed that the first huge ship was gone and the second one was afloat in a wet dock while the rigging and sails were being installed

    21. “I used my head—and I knew that I would be at better advantage in the rigging than on deck with the monster

    22. Somonik clacked his claws, and there was sudden silence as the sounds of the sea, the wind, and the creaking of rigging abruptly ceased

    23. The term “cutter” comes from England and was applied to Revenue Marine vessels because of the usual two-masted sail rigging, and the association of schooners with revenue collection as opposed to naval warfare

    24. Rigging: general term for ropes, chains and gear supporting masts, yards, booms, and sails

    25. Standing rigging are lines that provide support, but generally do not move

    26. Running rigging move and operate equipment

    27. She paced around me while I was rigging the sails,

    28. always reaching out to snatch at the rails or the rigging, often

    29. covering my head with my arms, convinced that rigging of some

    30. of the rigging that had blown when the gust front hit, a diagonal

    31. He had a torn cable in one hand – the rigging from the

    32. out a way to raise a sail with what little rigging was left

    33. rigging, waited for a moment, and then scurried to the foremast

    34. of its rigging still drooped sadly from its remains

    35. rigging, we could see that most of the stays and cables had

    36. with it the main sail, and all of the rigging, stays, cables and

    37. Prosecutor Parrish gets caught with his pants down blatantly rigging a false trial

    38. Rigging up a tele-

    39. Xiphias waxed gibbous above them, sending silvery shadows through the cables, sheets and shrouds, antimony sprites that seemed to man the rigging with quicksilver limbs

    40. Shrieker birds circle overhead and settle on the rigging, glad of a rest after flying for long hours over their sushimi-bar sea

    41. (Am I right, Brandy?) It was too risky for women to be onboard ocean-going vessels what with their breasts getting tangled up in the rigging, getting pregnant by pirates and attracting sharks with their constant menstruating and all

    42. needs the rigging that goes with it

    43. is the rigging: how bright it was,

    44. ‘Goddess of the Sea’ had 4 masts, miles of white rigging and an overall length of 307 feet

    45. It did not come with the torture of the citizens, their treatment as ciphers, it did not come with the rigging of elections, it did not come with the falling standard of living, with the few fabulously rich

    46. Men were moving quickly all along its decks and in the rigging overhead

    47. The crew roared out in approval as they broke up and started making their way along the ship’s rails and up into the rigging to make way with the ship again

    48. its side pelted by loose stirrups and rigging

    49. courteous with the rigging

    50. dressage of some new standing rigging and had spent the last week at sea putting her

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