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    1. When Obama was elected, satire website The Onion posted the headline, “Black man given nation's worst job

    2. He took the overcoat upstairs, folded it and stored it on the floor of his wardrobe, then returned downstairs for a bite of tea and another helping of his mother’s tasteless satire

    3. Some have questioned if The Prince was a satire, as Machiavelli’s discourse on Livy’s history of Rome stressed political morality

    4. Kosmo told Jason that Castro had a copy of The Prince in his library, though few felt he was much into satire

    5. dialogue and satire (Aristophanes)

    6. This is not a satire

    7. And this type of satire goes on also in politics

    8. I was just passing through,” I responded with matching satire

    9. row’ could hardly by cited than the figurative examples painted verbally by George Orwell of the portrayal of Socialism by an animal community in his political satire, Animal Farm

    10. But satire needs not those, and wit will shine

    11. to be a kind of satire of life in a negative spirit, promoting the

    12. Certainly, this is not a satire or denial of tradition,

    13. He was in his first film in 1933, Rufus Jones for President, a musical comedy with satire, which also starred Ethel Waters

    14. Here’s a satire I wrote to point out faults in scripture

    15. Alex was fully into the satire of the group and said, “Sure

    16. “The police were invited to the funeral and but declined,” quipped Wolf with satire

    17. Oh well, he thought, what it lacks in satire, it more than

    18. Added to this air of gaiety ,a constant stream of jokes ,pranks , donkey rides and Moorkha Sammelans: a gathering where a group of poets read out their funnypoems and satire in front of an audience

    19. Although her words contained some satire but she had said so

    20. Not a lot of good books written by people, and the only decent ones were dismissed as fantasy, science fiction, comedy or satire

    21. I’m just worried it’s too much of a satire of our society and the Duke will hate it

    22. ” Polly parodied a daily violation, as the buzzing of the object of their satire was the last sound their audience heard before the all too familiar dead air

    23. The older he got, the more cutting and caustic his comedy became until it was a pure cutting satire which ripped to shreds all of the sacred cows and corruptions of civilization he could sniff out

    24. “Now that’s real progress, wouldn’t you say?” she said with a soft hint of satire

    25. This parable is a satire condemning

    26. This parable is a satire condemning the Jewish nation, the Scribes, and Pharisees

    27. Cavilling Hindoos still ask me the same sort of questions concerning the nature and extent of God's vengeance; the triumph twinkle in their eyes indicating that they have anticipated my answer, and are only politely waiting to hear my words confirm their anticipation before launching out into a strain of cutting satire, or assumed virtuous indignation at Christians attributing such a character to God

    28. An author had eaten his dinner and would not pay; 'I'll write a satire on you,' says he

    29. The humour was not entirely denied, but, according to the new view, it was rated as an altogether secondary quality, a mere accessory, nothing more than the stalking-horse under the presentation of which Cervantes shot his philosophy or his satire, or whatever it was he meant to shoot; for on this point opinions varied

    30. "Tell me, Senor Don Quixote," said the barber here, "among all those who praised her, has there been no poet to write a satire on this Lady Angelica?"

    31. "That, Sancho," returned Don Quixote, "reminds me of what happened to a famous poet of our own day, who, having written a bitter satire against all the courtesan ladies, did not insert or name in it a certain lady of whom it was questionable whether she was one or not

    32. She, seeing she was not in the list of the poet, asked him what he had seen in her that he did not include her in the number of the others, telling him he must add to his satire and put her in the new part, or else look out for the consequences

    33. "I will lay a wager," said Don Quixote, "that the same bachelor or beneficiary is a greater friend of Camacho's than of Basilio's, and that he is better at satire than at vespers; he has introduced the accomplishments of Basilio and the riches of Camacho very neatly into the dance

    34. There is no touch of satire which strikes deeper than his quiet remark that the greater part of the precepts of Christ are more at variance with the lives of ordinary Christians than the discourse of Utopia ('And yet the most part of them is more dissident from the manners of the world now a days, than my communication was

    35. The affair, as it will be reported, will cover us with shame; for in a society such as ours satire inflicts a painful and incurable wound

    36. I should point out that he wasn’t planning a career in satire

    37. The Spectacular Spinning Songbook was spun from coast to coast through the autumn of 1986 before it reached Europe, where I hoped the international language of mirth and satire would be readily understood

    38. But he regretted the pleasantry; it was too near a satire

    39. If she could only believe what the children were singing; if she were only sure, how different all would now be; how confidently she would leave them to Providence and their future kingdom! But, in default of that, it behoved her to do something; to be their Providence; for to Tess, as to not a few millions of others, there was ghastly satire in the poet's lines—

    40. He always saw the joke of any satire against himself

    41. "Her back is very large; she seems to have sat for that," said Rosamond, not meaning any satire, but thinking how red young Plymdale's hands were, and wondering why Lydgate did not come

    42. And as to roaring myself red and that kind of thing—these men never understand what is good satire

    43. Satire, you know, should be true up to a certain point

    44. Which notwithstanding they cannot handsomely do, without the borrowed help and satire of times past; condemning the vices of their own times, by the expressions of vices in times which they commend, which cannot but argue the community of vice in both

    45. This proviso might have sounded rather satirically in Will's ear if he had been in a mood to care about such satire

    46. This is an amusement to sharpen the intellect; it has a sting—it has what we call satire, and wit without indecency

    47. In the face of the threat of nuclear annihilation, filmmakers could either try grim reality or they could opt for satire of the blackest kind

    48. His satire has been less bitter of late, and there was a monk he received and had a long talk with

    49. We do not speak of the immense exile of Patmos who, on his part also, overwhelms the real world with a protest in the name of the ideal world, who makes of his vision an enormous satire and casts on Rome-Nineveh, on Rome-Babylon, on Rome-Sodom, the flaming reflection of the

    50. " The Nation said: "One of the most brilliant over-all jobs of social satire to appear recently

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