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    1. Joe began to scoot, sinking his fingers into the snow-covered ground,

    2. ” I protested, as a bird lit on the table and swiped a crumb of bread before I could scoot him away

    3. All the vents were fitted with small tracks so that a Roller could scoot himself along on a trolley

    4. “Come on Doug, scoot over,” Mike directed, opening the driver’s door

    5. I sit down and scoot to the end of it so Four has somewhere to sit

    6. Well, it's getting dark and I must scoot home

    7. He tried to scoot backward

    8. If that Sanjay bhagavathar fell in with our plans, we should have the money by night and scoot the place

    9. “When our passion burns hottest, you will scoot down the bed, straighten one of my legs, and carefully roll us over to that side, being sure that my leg is not trapped beneath you

    10. You can’t see the shooter, mother and sisters in the car, you scoot in just in time to avoid the bullet

    11. Just as Harriet was getting ready to land another blow to my head, Crystal grabbed her hand, distracting her long enough for me to scoot away

    12. That night, when he placed all the cards before her, Sneha was too confounded to comprehend whether to scoot or carry on

    13. Oh, how disgusted she was that her own father was so insensitive to her character! Thus, as he spelled his stake, she sought for time, to find a way out to scoot

    14. The spit in my throat dried up, but I was pleased that I could scoot the paper back toward Ling Mai and lean against my chair, acting as if I read death threats daily

    15. He leaned forward as the man attempted to scoot away from him, holding his scraped knee at the same time

    16. I scoot towards him and wrap my arms around his waist

    17. But, Buddy did manage to stand up on wobbly legs and scoot back in the cold, steel cage when the man came near

    18. Blandishment took her by the elbow before she could scoot out the door

    19. So he and Rennie had to scoot their butts along the top until they came to the far side of the zone

    20. and he had to scoot in to let the Counselor and Doctor pass comfortably

    21. Beside him he hears Hoenir scoot back in his chair

    22. He swiftly sat down beside her, and before she had a chance to scoot away, he gathered her up in his arms, keeping some distance between them this time, as he did so, and then choosing his words carefully, he addressed her obvious insecurities and misconceptions about herself and his interest in her

    23. “Why don’t you put that in high and scoot on down the road?”

    24. breasts and she tried to scoot away when Allan grabbed her by the

    25. box was an inch he would have to scoot back in order to get to the end

    26. As he sits down onto the bed, I scoot back; he can't have me—yet

    27. He awkwardly adjusts them both until he can slide an arm under her legs and scoot off the bench, hefting her dead weight up into his arms

    28. There's not enough room for both of them, even though he tries to scoot over as much as possible, so she easily slides into his lap to wrap her arms around him and snuggle her head under his chin

    29. then ski down the ramp, and scoot out of the unloading area

    30. do it that final day, in the morning, then scoot

    31. Crawling onto the bed she did her best to scoot in behind his head and stop his movements

    32. ” Chevalier heard her chair scoot a bit as she stood up

    33. Hell, blast ye! Scoot

    34. I move to scoot back on the bed but he stops me with one word

    35. ” He halts my scattered thoughts, and I scoot down into the warm, welcoming water

    36. I stumble clumsily up into a standing position and scoot over to the door and kneel as instructed

    37. He shrugs out of his shirt, and I scoot into the bathroom

    38. to scoot to the airport for a 6:50 a

    39. Can you scoot over a bit? I’m trying to watch the news

    40. “Could I maybe just… scoot by you? Sir? I, uh, seem to be on fire

    41. “And scoot down to the end of the bed

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    dart dash flash scoot scud shoot