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    1. It was then the turn of his cabinet colleagues to scrutinise the

    2. scrutinise him more closely, he noticed something out of

    3. They all turned to scrutinise the view more closely

    4. He seemed to scrutinise her features one by one, when he finally said:

    5. Gary David continued to scrutinise the spreadsheet

    6. He turned to scrutinise the woods once more

    7. When she had done--and Chesterton being good at her work, scrutinise as he might he could see no sign on the floor of overlooked butter--he said, 'You will now take the teapot down and bring some hot tea

    8. He tentatively moved closer to Roger’s corpse and began to scrutinise it as if it was a science exhibition

    9. interest that which they explain when they embark on explaining Newton and they never scrutinise that

    10. those incredible forces should have loosened his mind enough to scrutinise his past

    11. such magnetism that I was compelled to nudge up to my companions and scrutinise it

    12. Trouble thee, prince; I fain would scrutinise

    13. Isolated thus among the convict-crowd I went over all my earlier life, analysing its events and thoughts minutely; I passed my former doings in review, and sometimes was pitiless in condemnation of myself; sometimes I went so far as to be grateful to fate for the privilege of such loneliness, for only that could have caused me so severely to scrutinise my past, so searchingly to examine its inner and outer life

    14. When at last both stones were tied on and Pyotr Stepanovitch got up from the ground to scrutinise the faces of his companions, something strange happened, utterly unexpected and surprising to almost every one

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    Synonymes pour "scrutinise"

    audit inspect scrutinise scrutinize size up take stock