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    1. The question was asked often, something like, where is my great, great, grandfather who died in the seizure of Taskent in 2148? The Mullahs have to say something about 'old' and 'new' heaven and how he was before the switch-over

    2. Then, she let out the kind of pre-verbal cry he’d only ever heard from animals and women in childbirth and he thought she’d have a seizure, but after a few more seconds, her squinting eyes opened

    3. He thought he might very well have a seizure

    4. was nothing but an epileptic seizure is an amusing story, but must

    5. To dream that you have a seizure indicates a lack of control in your life

    6. The skill necessary to this particular end was in identifying such utility and gauging its seizure

    7. if any person lay any wool, not entered as aforesaid, within fifteen miles of the sea, it must be seized and forfeited ; and if, after such seizure, any person shall claim the same, he must give security to the exchequer, that if he is cast upon trial he shall pay treble costs, besides all other penalties

    8. They took a few steps, but then a strange seizure came over Lickspittle

    9. All captain’s on the ferry line attended yearly first-aid classes and Noble knew the beginnings of a seizure when he saw one

    10. They have been refractory since General Shafter refused them the consummate gratification of their dreams, the slaughter of the Spaniards and seizure of everything Spanish

    11. Every time she has a seizure the oxygen supply to the baby is lessened

    12. Finally Fort Sumter was threatened with seizure

    13. it was reported she had a seizure, fell backward, hitting her head

    14. hour, the doctor came out and told us she had suffered a seizure,

    15. medication, which resulted in her having a seizure and her hitting

    16. A similar hostage crisis under Lyndon Johnson, the seizure of the USS Pueblo by North Korea, had little effect on public opinion of him

    17. Famine came mostly from Confederate government incompetence and Confederate army seizure of southern crops and animals

    18. In case of a search, seizure,

    19. “What the fuck are you doing?” she said even as she calmly tried to apply more pressure to the father’s wound, the white in Likembe’s eyes rolling about as if he was about to have some sort of seizure

    20. merely makes use of this pseudoscience in order to attain its own end, the seizure of power

    21. “Well, he should have a brain wave test to exclude a seizure disorder

    22. A seizure was literally the takeover of this process from a point source or focus—an electrical storm that seized the brain

    23. Meredith, who had not seen the toad, wondered if she had been attacked with some kind of apoplectic or paralytic seizure, and ran in alarm to her assistance

    24. 1 And I, Baruch, came, and Jeremiah, whose heart was found pure from sins, who had not been captured in the seizure of the City

    25. going up with his armed force to the seizure of the treasure, there appeared from Heaven angels riding on horseback, all radiant in

    26. When I had a seizure, which was every 2-4 weeks, I would need to recover

    27. But he did leave, and a couple of hours later I had a seizure on the job and woke up in the hospital

    28. Then I had another seizure a couple of weeks later while driving

    29. I went maybe eight weeks without a seizure after I stopped smoking weed altogether

    30. In Tyler, when I smoked it occasionally, I would have a seizure every 3 weeks or so

    31. Now, when I did have a seizure it was different

    32. The seizure did not last very long

    33. It happened right when I fell asleep and I woke up about 30 minutes after that, after having a semi-conscious seizure

    34. In the past, I would wake up after having a seizure and my body would have some sort of scar

    35. I would not have been conscious at all during the seizure

    36. What I experience in this new seizure is the reality of myself

    37. seizure", my mom said

    38. "What about my seizure?", I said

    39. I had "seizure"

    40. recovering from recent "seizure" symptoms, and no telling what meds they gave me in the ER

    41. told me I had a seizure, and they never let me see any medical records

    42. I explained my "seizure" symptoms that I have when I don't take my Keppra to Dr

    43. He said that they were seizure symptoms

    44. meds, I have a tiny seizure

    45. I have never experienced a seizure

    46. apparently from a tiny seizure that only happens at night

    47. Burkett told me my correct diagnosis was "seizure induced psychosis" and

    48. diagnosis would be "seizure induced psychosis" and "medication induced

    49. 1 And I Baruch came and Jeremiah whose heart was found pure from sins who had not been captured in the seizure of the City

    50. 9 And the priests with the women and children having supplicated God to throw his shield over the holy despised place 10 and Appolonius going up with his armed force to the seizure of the treasure there appeared from Heaven angels riding on horseback all radiant in armour filling them with much fear and trembling

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    seizure capture gaining control ictus raptus convulsion attack illness paroxysm spell epileptic fit taking grasping apprehending confiscation impoundment