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    send away

    1. As tree loves to send away the same leaves

    2. The lords of the Philistines got together and said, "Send away the ark of the God of Israel, and let it go again to his own place, that it slay us not, and our people: for there was a deadly destruction throughout all the city; the hand of God was heavy there

    3. was with you, and therefore you did send away your maids from you

    4. 17 And Aaron said to Moses, Send away the woman and her children that they may go to her father's house, and Moses listened to the words of Aaron, and did so

    5. 17 And Aaron said to Moses Send away the woman and her children that they may go to her father's house and Moses listened to the words of Aaron and did so

    6. 43 Then said he to the king Remember your vow which you have vowed to build Jerusalem in the day when you came to your kingdom 44 And to send away all the vessels that were taken away out of Jerusalem which Cyrus set apart when he vowed to destroy Babylon and to send them again in there

    7. 22 And many saw them going and knew them and hastened by land from all the cities and came in there beforehand; for they saw the signs which he was doing on the 23 sick; And Jesus went up into the mountain and sat there with his disciples; And the feast of the Passover of the Jews was near; And Jesus lifted up his eyes and saw great multitudes coming to him; And he was moved with compassion for them for they were like sheep that were without a shepherd; And he received them and spoke to them concerning the Kingdom of God and healed those who had need of healing; And when the evening approached his disciples came to him and said to him The place is desert and the time is past; send away the multitudes of the people that they may go to the towns and villages which are around us and buy for themselves bread; for they have nothing to eat; But he said to them They have no need to go away; give you them what may be eaten

    8. and straightway he pressed his disciples to go up into the ship and that they should go before him to the other side to Bethsaida while he himself should send away the multitudes; And those people who saw the sign which Jesus did said Of a truth this is a prophet who has come into the world; And Jesus knew their purpose to come and take him and make him a king; and he left them and went up into the mountain alone for prayer

    9. Would she weep and send away

    10. What has happened to you, his disciples, that you would send away those who come seeking your Master's help?" And when she had thus spoken, Thomas withdrew

    11. You should send away for as many different things as you can afford

    12. � Once that was done, she called up Mona Zirel again to tell her to send away the crate destined for Berlin and to start ferrying the Germans remaining in Gaoler�s House up to the ship

    13. How could you send away your pilots in that case?’’

    14. She would send away the extra servant and do the work herself, as she used to at first

    15. The horse can learn to cross the beam also as a send away, but the trainer has to give support by moving alongside the beam

    16. Teach him the send away and work on it until you can lead him between yourself and the trailer

    17. In consequence of which resolution, to send away his son, he had,

    18. I covered the arrest of the so-called “Craigslist killers,” who allegedly lured their victims through a help-wanted ad; I reported from a hospital on Staten Island where they had to send away all their patients because Hurricane Irene was bearing down; I covered the child sex abuse allegations that brought down legendary coach Joe Paterno at Penn State, where I got pepper-sprayed on camera during student riots

    19. Don't you ever pick up? What's this, reading ten books at a time, half of them comics? Is that a Buck Rogers disintegrator there by your typewriter? Did you send away box tops?"

    20. I must send away half the servants and shut up part of the house; or let it off

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