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    1. Provide a way to access the elements of an aggregate object sequentially without exposing its

    2. instructions sequentially, we don"t have to do anything at all

    3. The first three tweets in the conversation will show up sequentially connected by a vertical blue line—the rest can be seen by tapping on one of the tweets

    4. Visits to heavenly realms of light are often described sequentially

    5. Adnan licked his lips and tried to answer her questions sequentially

    6. The file we used in the previous chapter was also processed sequentially

    7. Gonzalez mentally prepared himself for his sequentially, significant commands

    8. because everything is numbered sequentially

    9. delivery of 5,000 order forms for Sheerness, numbered sequentially and printed in two colours,

    10. Sequentially, estimation and analysis of delivery times, manufacturing and assembly of raw

    11. ” Sorren pointed to the sequentially

    12. sequentially appeared upon the surface97 of the TV screen:

    13. Instruct the patient to jump from one hoop to another sequentially

    14. Instruct the patient to jump from one quarter to another sequentially

    15. Instruct the patient to rhythmically tap their fingers individually and sequentially

    16. event that happened, or would happen, sequentially

    17. Initiated by UU-VVU-copies of higher Levels of the same Center, sequentially (according to the degree and depth of implementation of inertial Synthesis) the Aspects transform first into highly-sensuous relations with all Forms of the World, and then into high-minded, spiritual, and harmonious feelings of the Hearty Unity with All, which the majority of “people” tend to regard subjectively as “Divine Love-Wisdom”

    18. Manifestations in GOORR-VVU-Forms, and in a great many other Forms, is a part of the prerogative of the Collective Creativity of each LLUU-VVU-Form that passes duvuyllerrtly (that is, inertially, gradually, and sequentially) through certain borderline states in different types of Realities into other realization Forms

    19. The point is that a purely subjective and ambitious idea about receiving “a creative pleasure” from something done “personally” in current “physical” Worlds differs very much from our deeper and higher-quality conceptions of this process in Those Worlds into which we refocus sequentially, and where we already are “now”, at this instant, as multidimensional Creators

    20. The evolution of a great number of organic Worlds within our Reality represents the different-quality process of similar incessant self-perfection of Forms of Collective Intelligences through the activity of SBOALLGSS-Entities that bring them sequentially out of more “primitive” (simplified) seemingly chaotic states to more and more ordered ones

    21. , we all, that is, the collective Consciousness of a certain part of “humankind” that is historically connected within itself (through its energy-information Level of NOO-Sphere), developed in an integrated way only in one linear Direction (that is, which changes sequentially with Time) characterized by a particular large-scale and global phenomena, local historical events, discoveries in different fields of Life, and exact dates of “human births and Deaths”

    22. So, it is possible to say that, in a certain Collective Intelligence with definite creative dynamics, NUU-VVU-Forms of “present” adults, of their parents, of their grandparents and to some extent of their great-grandparents, formed by their SFUURMM-Forms (by choices sequentially realized through them), in some particular linear interval of Time, the outward reality (nature, ecology, politics, society, religious foundation, scientific basis, etc

    23. All SFUURMM-Forms, that are common to NUU-VVU-Configurations focused by Us, are sequentially formed and firmly fixed in our Subconsciousness only under an active influence of our own choices that result from spheres of our current vital Interests

    24. We can then sequentially arrange these Configurations, like a mosaic, when we remember something and thereby restore the whole inertial picture of our “past”

    25. The “personalities” that form these development scenarios sequentially and inevitably reproject into increasingly higher-quality Formo-systems of Worlds

    26. On the other hand, VLOOOMOOT of other Formo-Types only allows middle Energy-Plasma diapasons of this type of Reality to synthesize sequentially and deeply between the lowest karmic Channels of AIGLLILLIAA and ORLAAKTOR and the highest DUU-LLI of the two lower Centers

    27. Of course, you can reproject your Focus there, but only sequentially in Time, duvuyllerrtly changing the quality of your current characteristics (age, disposition, tastes, temperament, Conceptions, principles), passing through many of your conscious, egoistic choices, each of which must be specifically recorded in your “memory”

    28. A set of your NUU-VVU-Forms also sequentially manifest in Space with the help of specific dynamic combinations of the waves described above

    29. This mental-sensuous Aspiration (which is stable in dynamics of Self-Consciousness) correlates, in duvuyllerrt dynamics of the skrruullerrt system, with Stereo-Type Configurations structured by higher-frequency UU-VVU that are sequentially “unfolded” in Space of our rotation Cycle

    30. We refocus into desired Forms and life circumstances depending on Aspects of Qualities represented by the UU-VVU-Forms which we activate sequentially in the temporal ethereal constituent

    31. But, actually, this is simply impossible to do! If you begin to make a decision, all of the related cause-and-effect connections (analytical motivations, logical argumentations, perpetual disagreements between “I want” and “I must”, priorities, urgencies, and so on) begin to manifest inertially and sequentially (through the “unpacking” of the general quantum-holographous content of the temporal ethereal constituent of the Stereo-Form) in quality dynamics of your rotation Cycle; and the Directivity of these dynamics sequentially changes into those Formo-systems of Worlds which are structured by Configurations of your NUU-VVU-Forms with corresponding pre-conditions (particular UU-VVU-Forms) for the implementation of your Intentions

    32. In the same way, any one of your rotation Cycles is also directly connected with particular energy-information dynamics of those Formo-systems of Worlds through which you sequentially refocus (duvuyllerrtly) in your “personalized” life Creativity

    33. As soon as you accept a certain “Offer” of the World, there and then, this Information becomes a part of your “personal” Life and “is marked” accordingly in the information section of the temporal ethereal constituent of your Stereo-Form, and this section will become an obligatory element of “the long-term memory” of all NUU-VVU-Forms focused sequentially by You; this electromagnetic “mark” is automatically formed by the quantum-holographous Configuration of your brain that subjectively “deciphered” (with the help of UU-VVU-copies) certain Information into your particular psychic experiences and reactions

    34. ) to be realized, the general dynamics of its TEC must sequentially “include”, to one extent or another, destructive impulses of parrgs, mmuunds, argorrs, alls, mimms or ogguls — carriers of the strongest “unconscious” annihilation tendencies in the realization creativity characteristic of Aspects of the Qualities ALL-Love-ALL-Wisdom and ALL-Will-of-ALL-Intelligence

    35. These atoms and molecules sequentially refocused in their rotation Cycles and inertially manifested in our Formo-systems of Worlds in the form of “petrified” bones of “prehistoric” dinosaurs

    36. But they are more universal only to make it possible for you — through the different-qualitative dynamics of your refocusings in NUU-VVU-Configurations — to “study” and synthesize in depth, sequentially, one after another, in the greatest degree, by the general dynamics of your Self-Consciousness, all possible Aspects only of some two dominant Qualities manifested in this range of Energy-Plasma

    37. Perhaps, you have forgotten that the inertial dynamics of synthetic processes are carried out as a result of a simultaneous level-by-level space-time realization of the dynamics of all Our Universal Focuses of Self-Consciousness through different-qualitative structures of Self-Consciousnesses of all possible Proto-Forms of Collective Intelligences of different types, and, in such low-qualitative Formo-systems of Worlds as “ours” (irkkulligren-usstukkula’r-ahsuvrollent), are subjectively carried out not at once and everywhere (like it happens to be objectively), but inertially, duvuyllerrtly and gradually, with the simultaneously increasing dynamics of frequency rotation Shifts, sequentially switching “Focuses” of Self-Consciousnesses from one semisynthesized state of Forms into the next, more synthesized state, continuously adding (through the dynamics of Formo-copies) new and new synthesized Aspects of both dominant Qualities (an empirically gained Experience) to the information space of the “personality” Self-Consciousness (individual ODS)

    38. When at least ten per cent of such people, which means 700 million human beings, are guided by one common, highly-spiritual and highly-intellectual altruistic Idea (for the sake of which, now you have the Knowledge of IISSIIDIOLOGY!), then there will be an automatic reprojection of UFS of these people into Formo-systems of Worlds that correspond in a greater degree to the Levels and realizational needs of their collective Creativity, that is, sequentially: first, into the Formo-systems of Worlds that structure resopasons of the Human Direction of development (higher STOOLUUD-VVU-SMII and NUULL-VVU-Forms), and then into plasmic Configurations of STOOLLMII-SVUU-FLAKS-Forms of four-five-dimensional Continuums

    39. A Thought just came into my head that the process of a rezonational interaction between the Formo-Creators of the brain and conglomerates of Formo-copies somewhat resembles the principle of appearance of a colorful visualization effect used in many computer multimedia players: the processor (VVU-Configurations of the Formo-Creators of the brain) sequentially “unpacks” from a musical file (TEC-dynamics) existing (initially recorded) sound codes (VVU-Information), each of which is tuned in frequency to definite dynamics of color impulses (SFUURMM-Forms of definite conglomerates of Formo-copies) that create, on the monitor screen, a certain colored picture (biochemical reactions in the biological organism of “a personality”)

    40. Therefore, at these inertial instants of your Life, you, in your biological Form, are present in our common Formo-systems of Worlds (as well as in the same type of Reality and Continuum), but, according to your individual psychological state, your Thoughts, Feelings and emotions, at a given moment, you unconsciously — through the initially planned activity of some Formo-Creators of your brain — and automatically become active participants of some particular qualitative dynamisms carried out in the individual OLLAKT-DRUOTMM-system of the Self-Consciousness of the NUU-VVU-Configurations which You sequentially focus at this time; and, in the energy-information Substance of the ODS, in parallel with the existence of your biological “personality”, there is also reproduction and reconstruction of all Formo-images you imagine, and ready SFUURMM-Forms (Thoughts, Feelings and emotions) which you use endow them with a particular meaning and properties which only you (but not someone else!) expect from them

    41. But the fact is that UU-VVU-copies (SFUURMM-Forms) and UU-VVU-Forms are distinctive “pieces of puzzle” of Energy-Information, that — with the help of the general slloogrent dynamics of your rotation Cycle and TEC — sequentially make up in your Self-Consciousness the whole subjective picture of the outer World and all your relationship with it

    42. That is, we can subjectively be aware of and perceive only that VVU-Information which “is unpacked-unfolded” in the inertial dynamics of the “personalities” into the NUU-VVU-Configuration of which we sequentially refocus

    43. When one of countless factor Axes for some reason ceases to “unfold” VVU-Configurations of UU-VVU-Forms in the information space of the Self-Consciousness (it is one of intermediate “ends” of sequentially changing scenarios of this rotation Cycle) and their UU-VVU-copies stop to be projected into ODS, at the same instant, any existing UU-VVU-copy has a real opportunity to continue its life creativity in the same way (simultaneously and occasionally) in the same rotation Cycle (but in the notional category the Memory-of-the-World-of-the-Past), as well as through the structures of Self-Consciousnesses of many other “personalities”, where their participation is provided by the same (in terms of quality) specific content of the temporal ethereal constituent

    44. Earlier, I have pointed out many times that the so-called “human personality”, which is visually manifested in its typical dynamic parameters of Formo-systems of Worlds as a specific NUU-VVU-Form, is an integral of manifestation of the inertial dynamics of the Creative Activity of 300-350 NUU-VVU-Configurations of Stereo-Doubles (depending on the frequency of active Levels of the Self-Consciousness) sequentially manifested in a given multidimensional “point” of Space-Time

    45. All UU-VVU-Forms are sequentially (in a definite order) “packed” in all scenarios of development initially programmed (possible) for a given Stereo-Form

    46. If you can at least slightly abstract yourself from the inertial process, in which your “personality” Self-Consciousness sequentially realizes itself, you will understand that all that “we” and all of “them” (UU-VVU-copies) in each our subjective “now” experience (in the whole energy-information volume of our joint Existence — eons of time in “the past” and eons of time in “the future”) already initially IS and is projected to us from “the future”, which in fact is Our true, higher-qualitative “Past” “separated” from our “present” subjective existence only by notional inertial “limits”

    47. Each of such simultaneous slloogrent displacements is initially “recorded” (encoded in frequencies) into a certain type of sequentially changing (in the “personality” Self-Consciousness) “positions” (qualitative states of the TEC-Flow) organized into the dynamics of many energy-information Directions (qualitative Vectors) that subjectively create individual rotation Cycles of absolutely all Forms of Self-Consciousness

    48. You, together with all other “people”, are self-conscious creative Elements of the collective Consciousness of this “humankind”, in the Sphere of Creative Activity of Which all these events are re-created or sequentially reproduced according to initial scenarios of development

    49. You used definite Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, that demonstrate one way or another your true negative attitude to anything or anybody, to create sequentially for a long time, in each skrruullerrt system and in your rotation Cycle, those circumstances, which you now have to experience

    50. Not Worlds, not the notorious “Genesis” have created us, but we ourselves — by the collective dynamics of our Focuses of Creative Activity — continuously inertially “re-create” (sequentially “materialize” by our Thoughts, Feelings, Intentions and Actions in strict compliance with Information of the variable ethereal component), in the information space of our own Self-Consciousness, all Worlds around us, but — always! — only those ranges of them, which can be pervaded with the creative dynamics of the SFUURMM-Forms of the Formo-Creators of Self-Consciousness of the NUU-VVU-Configurations focused by Us

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