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    settle on

    1. until it began to dawn on Smith that there was simply no way to settle on a universal

    2. Smith took the melody and the rhythm of the void into the soul of creation, swinging in allegiance from every note to every other note in a crescendo of perfect solitude, until it began to dawn on Smith that there was simply no way to settle on a universal truth in un-sound

    3. “Hey settle on, what’s this about a trial” asked Fred

    4. I tried to rearrange the packages and parcels into a nest where I could lie with my discomfort but it soon became clear I should have skipped the cheese pie and lemonade because before long my stomach was trying to settle on whether or not to surprise me by throwing up over American parcels, Australian parcels or the fragrant cabbage

    5. ‘We’ll settle on that gg, Lintze

    6. ‘How long have you been living here, Anna?’ she asked as we settle on the sofa

    7. They both assumed that the song was being played on the television when they heard the now familiar first few notes settle on top of the thick walls of late afternoon air that folded around them like hot summer blankets

    8. ” He paused to allow the compliment to settle on his guests

    9. She heard him settle on his pile of furs across the cave

    10. You have no idea how bad it was where the corpses were buried especially the new ones became a haven for these clouds of flies and as soon as any food was open they would swarm in and settle on it in a black mass

    11. " Perhaps we could settle on something along the lines of „hupersibling

    12. In this manner, a society will often settle on some inscrutable ―mean‖ or center point, conceded by popular opinion, that, however lacking the essential requirements of Truth, provides credible examples for others to follow

    13. They had a wall at their back, and some mouldy pieces of what looked like furniture to settle on

    14. Breathless, I watched Bob's slight form settle onto the bench by the one functioning radio

    15. It was clear that the group could not settle on an elegant solution

    16. Eric scans the crowd for a few seconds, and then his eyes settle on me

    17. When she hadn’t been able to settle on anything, Nik chose one for her – a brown silk dress with a little flare at the bottom and white lace trim across the chest and hem

    18. has made you that you should be higher than all birds; 22 And now go and tarry not in any place, nor enter a nest, nor settle on any

    19. ” I chose to stay with her, had zero success getting my foot in the door at any Phoenix law firms, and had to settle on a solo GP who almost landed me in jail

    20. only two tries to settle on 5/8ths

    21. What had they to lose but desert wasteland and lives of wandering? But as a result of the faint-heartedness of his countrymen, who could not see what he saw, he had to wait forty-five years to settle on his God-given portion of land

    22. Then a pile of cards appeared on it, before the whole heap of it picked itself up in a loose sphere almost two meters wide and floated down to settle on the moss

    23. With a ferocious boom of displaced air, the mighty red dragon appeared before them fifteen meters in the air, and just found room to settle on the last of the open moss that had been cleared for gifts

    24. 20 And I called the eagle and spoke these words to it: 21 'The Most High has made you that you should be higher than all birds; 22 And now go and tarry not in any place nor enter a nest nor settle on any tree till you have passed over the breadth of the many waters of the river Euphrates and have gone to the people who dwell there and throw down this episle to them; 23 Remember moreover that at the time of the deluge Noah received from a dove the fruit of the olive when he sent it forth from the Ark

    25. Without waiting for any answer, Hartstongue groans, his mind searching wildly for solutions and unable to settle on any

    26. settle once it was on the tarmac

    27. Bill: Okay, for Michael's sake and the gentle reader's sake, let's settle once and for all how yours truly feels about the death penalty

    28. different individuals or groups, using the same original construction, may then settle on

    29. The kindling fairy detached from the book front and went to settle on my open hand, introducing herself as Cirila

    30. I felt an enormous guilt settle on my shoulders, that he should be forced to get married to save me from Jack’s evil intentions

    31. There was one false start that seemed to unsettle one or two of the other runners

    32. Even Victor didn't know what her reaction will eventually settle on

    33. Though slight ambiguity surrounds the actual frequency range, there is confidence that science will settle on quantifiable numbers sometime soon

    34. Why are the planets closest to the earth so barren yet miraculously Green Water lives and produces beings similar to us? Why would the spores that settled on Earth settle on Green Water and nowhere else? More importantly, every species adapts and changes to the environment it lives in

    35. If I allowed my thoughts to settle on you for too long, I’d find myself in a crazy daydream where we lived our fairy tale ending because you loved me

    36. He was careful not to rap the glass too hard because in the moon’s low gravity, while liquids stayed in place, they took a while to settle once disturbed

    37. During the spiral, Buddy, Daisy, Gabby and Barney had worked out a landing plan that should, theoretically, have them settle on either side of the planned runway

    38. It is not always necessary to visualize, simply settle on your intention, your desired actions and outcomes

    39. It is not always necessary to visualize, simply settle on your true intention, your desired actions and outcomes

    40. Shrieker birds circle overhead and settle on the rigging, glad of a rest after flying for long hours over their sushimi-bar sea

    41. That way, even if we eat a little more, we don't have to let it settle on our waistlines

    42. huddled together and watched the snow settle on each other's shoulders and on Paul's

    43. He needs you more than you need him, so settle only

    44. After several hours, Andrew joined me around the small fire I had kindled only an hour earlier, and we both sat quietly allowing the morning dew to settle on our shoulders

    45. Evans lifted an arm and felt for a nonexistent pulse then and allowed the arm to settle once more on the wheel

    46. This year, you need to explore different possibilities and save money for school, but not settle on anything

    47. I glanced up at the summer sun and let its warmth settle on my undeserving eyes

    48. But if you wish to do so, settle on a target after a dialogue with your child

    49. Maybe they settle on fifteen hundred or sixteen hundred

    50. The large flakes of wet snow began to settle on the road, although the motorway looked as if it had been gritted

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