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    1. The sharpness of the sensation reminded me that I was alive

    2. The sharpness of it can cut skin

    3. but I am sweating in the sharpness of the hour

    4. My sharpness showed how much this whole thing was getting to me and made it obvious I was filled with anxiety and fear

    5. After its sharpness returned, she began to rub the blade with a piece of soft leather till it shined brightly

    6. ” She seemed to be trying to soften her sharpness with Kartha

    7. The men’s brows raised at the speed and sharpness with which she shot back

    8. But someone with extreme mathematical sharpness was needed at short notice

    9. The sharpness of his long face and chiselled nose was accented by his grey skin - it wasn’t a face that suited laughter

    10. His mind was losing its sharpness to the reality of death, and his thoughts meandered amongst happy cubhood memories

    11. The burrow was damp and dismal just as Cherva knew it would be, discomfort would lend a sharpness to their training

    12. Russell lifted it down with reverence, drew the sword from its sheath and tested the sharpness

    13. “Bay, where you going?” Khevasiah said with the utmost sharpness

    14. Science seems destined to be limited by the lack of sufficient sharpness of its instruments, with each end indicating only the limit of those instruments’ ability to measure what might be beyond

    15. They spoke as with the thunder that loudly rolled over the hills, they saw with the sharpness of the lightning that occasionally claimed an apparently random victim

    16. Or, had he serendipitously been made aware of the uncertain utility of a broken branch that offered a sometime protection, before he had learned of the utility of a stone to crack tough shells? Had he, in his industry to feed himself, used his hammer-stone too diligently, accidentally flaking off an edge that revealed the sharpness that he had been warned away from, among the many choices of stones to be found lying in certain places close to where water was to be found? Had he become aware of the danger to himself in the continued use of that broken stone when the flesh of his finger came into contact with that sharp edge? Had he now thrown it in the forlorn hope that this suddenly sharp edge would somehow slash into this enemy of his existence?

    17. Elior’s arms around her muffled the sharpness of the pain and calmed her


    19. There is already a hint of crimson and sharpness in the air

    20. The sharpness of her retort drew the attention of the small group huddled by the man she had tried and failed to kill

    21. make it up here the best way he can!” The courier snapped, continuing the sharpness of his

    22. He could already attest to the sharpness of the thorns in the undergrowth

    23. Yes! There, Severa really shone and shone with her own light! Trough the coffee vapors she liked to talk of the virtues of the marinated bread, while at the same time, daubing the virtuous bread with a generous layer of butter seasoned with parsley; then, she passed to comment on the benefits of parsley and with exquisite sharpness exalted its diuretic properties and effectiveness for the slow digestion and intestinal spasms

    24. Leaping behind the barn, he felt an instant sharpness in his leg

    25. and the incredible sharpness

    26. Know what I mean?‖ Skeets words had an edge but his attitude belied the sharpness of his intentions causing the surgeon to look around

    27. He turned it slightly and let the light catch the sharpness of the blade that shimmered with a white glare

    28. But it was the expression on his face and the sharpness of his nose that made Joey stare at him a bit longer than he should

    29. “What new leads?” Alex pressed with sharpness in his tone that

    30. “Should I be?” Alex retorted quickly, with a sharpness that came

    31. they other poofs doon sooth eh? EH?’ The sharpness of the Chavs last word

    32. Twins of this size and sharpness are rarely seen, and this example is from the Itauz Mine

    33. Soon the wine ran out, and Andore was forced to confront the sharpness of his mind, and every memory was a haunt that made him restless as he slept

    34. Oh yeah - when someone is bitter, there’s a sharpness in their words

    35. sharpness but because it was the sword of a famous man

    36. the sharpness of the man, the agility of that brain

    37. Family with a history of sexual disorder, lack of intelligence and mental sharpness will have females with lesser desire for sex and with a very little imagination in how to perform in bed

    38. and for maintaining the sharpness of a blade

    39. Our windows to the world have lost the sharpness they enjoyed in their youth

    40. 5) Hold P treated Al – 8 % Si alloy at 490 to 500 degrees , to remove sharpness

    41. the sharpness of Si had gone

    42. "Is your uncle out?" she asked, some of the sharpness of her thoughts getting into her voice

    43. And now he believed that the time was nearing when he would with abundant satisfaction use the pointed straight-bladed dagger that he had so carefully honed to exquisite sharpness during many brooding evenings

    44. He tested the sharpness

    45. Madden carefully nodded his head, all the time aware of the sharpness of the blade at his throat

    46. She felt the sharpness of the pain that Eleazar was feeling

    47. mildew, lose sharpness, and age over time

    48. the blade, to test its sharpness, I then spat on my hands, as I

    49. As a result, we lost that sharpness of awareness which comes with waking just before daybreak; we lost the need to be intensely aware of our surroundings, we lost the sensitivity of our awareness that was needed in order to survive without tools, and in this process of dulling our awareness in order to use tools better; we lost our sense of pure wonder

    50. He opens it up and inspects the sharpness of the blade with his thumb

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    asperity sharpness distinctness keenness bite pungency raciness edge acuity acuteness correctness exactness skill sureness accuracy