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    1. Vera and Theo took off the British flag and painted over the sign, but they kept everything else

    2. sign that shows you were listening, and is a sign of

    3. Make them sign not only on the original but on the copies as well and each should state his name, address and occupation when signing

    4. A sign on one of the buildings reads,

    5. As he walked to the bar to fulfil his patron’s wish he sighed once and made the sign of

    6. John takes a deep breath, enters the Pin number and pushes the pound sign

    7. You almost had to sign on to a tribe to care about it

    8. A man about his own age was sitting by the side of the road with sign that read 'will work for food'

    9. Once again there was no sign of a fight

    10. The sign of the saddle didn't really mean anything more than Brazilians were welcome, and the way they spent money, they were welcome in most public houses

    11. He starts to pick up the sign

    12. He searches about him, finds his camera, brings it up and photographs the sign -- click, whir, click, whir

    13. there is a warning sign on his house which is put to prevent the spread

    14. being suitable, but there was a sign, faded and hanging at an angle because one of the

    15. sign of the cross as she entered

    16. This time without the benefit of a sign, I went into my wind-up and the pitch

    17. The pitcher stepped off the mound, mopped the sweat from his forehead with his hat and climbed back up onto the mound to get the sign from the catcher

    18. The bunt sign was still on

    19. Again, checking with the coach, Jimmy saw that the bunt sign was still on

    20. She received no sign of Leonora either in person or through her UPD

    21. And so it came to pass – always a sign of an author who can’t quite grasp the

    22. MacKenzie searched his old friend’s face for a sign, for a token that suggested

    23. One of the men removed the handcuffs from my left wrist and left them dangling on the radiator, a sure sign that I would be back before long

    24. Apollo immediately peers into the other room looking for the girl, but there is no sign of anyone

    25. He looks to Misery for any sign that she was the source but she seems oblivious to it, as she speaks to him again, "You never told me why you are here

    26. In the end I decided that a basic sign was all that was needed

    27. These men die today as a sign of our righteous anger

    28. Nothing caught his eye as being suitable, but there was a sign, faded and hanging at an angle because one of the cable ties holding it to a chain link fence had snapped

    29. The locals, Demetriou and his sons waiting on customers, as one made the sign of the cross as she entered

    30. Harlequin: A clear sign that your lover cheats on you

    31. Hay: It is a sign of riches, prosperity, and a happy love affair for the unmarried

    32. Holy water: It is a certain sign of relief

    33. Music: In general, it is a sign of consolation

    34. Obelisk: A clear sign of honour and wealth; yet, if it is ancient, you will have to cancel a long-waited trip

    35. Pine-tree: It is a sign of prosperity; yet, it could also mean that someone needs your help and you still haven't realized it

    36. Waterfall: It is a sign of positive changes and good opportunities in love and business

    37. Wheels: If you see wheels moving, it is a sign of prosperity in business

    38. material possessions can be a sign of two things, either a being

    39. "You can follow their sign that's days old, they move thru the bush the way a large boulder comes down a mountain

    40. The Pharisees ask for a sign

    41. What is being said here? The Pharisees ask Jesus for a sign

    42. MacKenzie searched his old friend’s face for a sign, for a token that suggested anything other than grim resignation, but he saw nothing there that would comfort him

    43. That's how we met, he was pretty much dropped off on my deck with a sign on his forehead reading 'Hazorpean'

    44. When God has redeemed Israel, and they return to that Land a final time never to be uprooted again, it is the sign to the nations of God’s existence and His great love and righteousness

    45. ’ He said, drinking more of his coffee with every sign of enjoyment

    46. She took a torch and searched the area, but saw no sign but the tracks the thongas had made

    47. Desa's cook pot lay a ways further behind it but there was no sign of the tent, the maps or Desa's cup

    48. They believed it was a sign of things to come

    49. on the wings of Hermes when next I sign

    50. At ten years of age wanting to be an entertainer is a sign of talent

    1. involved a fortnightly signing on procedure and, post operation [whilst still waiting for the result], I signed on as normal

    2. The note was signed with her signature teddy bear face, this time a tear drawn below its little doll eye

    3. doostEr hadn't really signed up for this responsibility with Estwig, in fact the boy did crimp his style at times, but he couldn't help feeling the responsibility

    4. The one who died signed it in

    5. minutes of pregnant silence he reached for a pen and then spoke as he signed his

    6. signed copy was in Italian, but his was translated into English

    7. "When was this signed in?" doostEr asked

    8. "Well, I thought you would want to be thoroughly informed in advance and I saw that you had signed in but not signed off on the briefing forms so it struck me as strange

    9. Kara signed herself out of the records office and the two women walked in silence along the street towards the little café – one of the larger chains that prided itself on the quality of its coffee, Kara noted with dismay

    10. The teachers had signed in

    11. "We're all on wake shift," Desa said, "There's a new list written up and posted on the note board and signed by both of them

    12. ‘I have a signed declaration from Drens, all properly witnessed by two of the crew, stating that he witnessed our vows

    13. " Desa was hurt by that because Nuran was one of the five that signed on together in Shempala, Desa had vouched for her

    14. The teams of cleaners finished their work and, wondering where their supervisor had disappeared to, signed themselves out of the building and evaporated back into the teeming maelstrom of the city from whence they had come

    15. He dictated a cryptic message to the florist, signed himself as The Telephone Man, and even remembered to put his own mobile number on the bottom of the card

    16. Within a month the paperwork was done, the local council searches were completed and contracts were signed

    17. When he first signed junior terms with the club some of the older boys laughed at him, but Terry didn't care

    18. Written on official government notepaper and in the head chef’s own hand, which the famous couple recognised instantly from the menus on the table the previous evening, there was a signed testament to the source of the wonderfully succulent plums

    19. As old Ted signed the contract for his new television programme, as the crowds cheered again and again, no one noticed the furious argument taking place between the judges

    20. used the compound grounds for the two students who signed up for cricket

    21. If they really are, then ask them for a couple of signed photographs that each of you can keep with you wherever you go to remind you of your love for each other

    22. Remembering the words of the wily old publicist, the young man said, “If we make you famous, you know, fifteen minutes and all that, could we have a signed photograph of you? You can even kiss Burberry on the cheek if you like”

    23. Death certificates were signed and lodged with the appropriate authorities, funeral arrangements planned and paid for, paperwork sorted and solicitors engaged to deal with the minutiae of closing down a life

    24. He scanned it quickly but fairly thoroughly and wrote, 'approved as fill-in priority' and signed it

    25. Thom sensed the meeting was over, he tapped the signed req back into his phone and minimized it, then got up to go

    26. Naturally, there was also an enormous bouquet of flowers and a card signed by everyone in the office

    27. their supervisor had disappeared to, signed themselves out of the

    28. 'You’ve got to have parental approval which means sending home letters and then collecting the tear off slips signed by the parents

    29. signed junior terms with the club some of the older boys laughed at

    30. previous evening, there was a signed testament to the source of the

    31. As old Ted signed the contract for his new television

    32. them for a couple of signed photographs that each of you can keep

    33. Death certificates were signed and

    34. ‘Once she has taken advice and signed the document, the Trust will effectively cease and the whole estate will pass to you

    35. ” He signed the last ticket

    36. Their footsteps echo off matt blue walls as they pass wards and treatment areas signed in white lettering on blue metal

    37. His father knew; he'd accepted a bank draft signed by the famous scout

    38. “What about the boat slip you signed the day Tdeshi was brought in?” she asked, “when would you have turned that in?”

    39. On the wall above the bed Ted has a collection of photographs, some of them signed, mementos garnered from a life on the boards

    40. spotted the puzzled look on Ged’s face, “He’s signed up with the

    41. He signed it with a flourish and handed it back

    42. “That bottle of psychoenzyme you signed out has been traced to the shonggot that took Tdeshi

    43. “Anything I signed out was for a legitimate use in the lab,” he said

    44. When she could, she asked, “What about the boat slip you signed that day, when would you have turned that in?”

    45. As Samuel signed for the check, Harry rose and in a calculated impulse, placed the respective contracts before each of the gentlemen who quickly accepted and signed them; Harry returned them to the document pouch nestled under his arm as calmly as if adhering to the script of a play

    46. James read through the transcript and, distasteful though he clearly found it, signed without argument

    47. The note wasn’t signed, but the seal guaranteed its

    48. By diligent dredging of the Gnome’s archives his people had found that Kulai had signed out a 600ml bottle of abHg synapsase only a couple years before Ava’s host was brought in

    49. What we want to know is who he signed it out for, where it went after this

    50. ” Delurna knew those records were part of his duties, it had been Kemberra who wrote down the serial number when the bottle was signed out

    1. involved a fortnightly signing on procedure and, post operation [whilst still waiting for the result], I signed on as normal

    2. For example, if the testator never knew English but has the will drafted in that language, then it can be contested on the basis that the testator had no idea what he/she was signing

    3. The reason being the will can be contested later on the basis that force was involved in the signing of the will and the person was of unsound mind when doing so

    4. Hence, the two witnesses who can vouch for your sound mind and no force being involved in the signing of the will

    5. · The witnesses are not needed while drafting it, but only at the time of signing it

    6. Make them sign not only on the original but on the copies as well and each should state his name, address and occupation when signing

    7. Verify the credentials of the teacher before signing up for classes

    8. They could explain their problem to the captain and probably wind up slinging a hammock somewhere, or just signing up with the captain and sharing a nest for an uncomfortable journey with some other single traveler of the same sex

    9. ‘Then we have to do the legal bit, drawing up a contract and signing it in the presence of an official witness … one of the High Guild, for example

    10. Among the best ways to begin signing up for the better online dating sites that have shown

    11. perhaps you may want to consider being on the safe side and signing up with a paid

    12. signing up with the free online dating websites that also provide lots of fun trivia, quizzes and profiles of singles in the locality or region where you live

    13. When he was a shift foreman like he was in those days, signing something out of stores or letting an influential person make use of a body was not as great a disaster as it would be in his present position

    14. into the signing ceremony - and told the

    15. signing table; the seven elected board

    16. They feel signing for the census is a snare

    17. But he let it pass and held up his signing card to the grill

    18. She handed him the signing slip and looked at her watch

    19. Since I started signing on

    20. Conventional-style weapons were relics of late twentieth, early twenty-first centuries; their continuing existence never discussed since the signing of the decommissioning treaty

    21. If Tony were a free agent, he could expect the highest contract in football and a huge signing bonus

    22. I’ve been holding back on signing more customers because I don’t want to tie him up just doing that

    23. Your worst enemy may then try the legal defense of ultra vires which is where they say that the Pretty One exceeded her powers by signing the agreement and throw her to the wolves

    24. ) The Flying Squad was first on the scene and jumped out to investigate after signing off

    25. Secondly we use the English Law principle of signing in counterparts which is alien to South African law but it works none the less

    26. Roosevelt negotiated to build and then rent the canal, signing the Hays-Herran Treaty

    27. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld approved the torture policy, specifically signing off on practices such as water boarding

    28. And just like with Obama care, there was enormous resistance, with many of the people it would help the most trying to avoid signing up

    29. With its prints of style and use of materials (though perhaps not in strategy) in that brutal massacre, ETA has sealed its future by signing its own death sentence

    30. “Smith-Barry was signing leave chits

    31. Since I reside in California, it becomes very difficult, almost impossible, for me to schedule book presentations and signing sessions there

    32. "A spotter plane is on its way," Bob said, after signing off

    33. “With the collapse of the Russians, and the signing of the armistice on the Eastern Front, they realize that this opportunity may not come their way again

    34. “I’ve been thrown out of better places than this, but would you mind signing my copy of the ‘Boy’s Own Paper?’ I mean, if you don’t mind?”

    35. I had been signing paper after paper concerning logistics supplies, administrative reorganization efforts and most notably, putting into full effective force the discontinuation of the practice of using those awful papal mitres and other silly hats as warding devices

    36. Instead he leaned again back on his chair, the muscles in his back stiff from constantly sitting, signing documents since early dawn

    37. “It’s a signing bonus

    38. The only one there would be some jaded funeral home employees and an assistant deputy coroner signing zee papers

    39. document and signing it

    40. He also thought that he had read the hand signing relatively well

    41. As would be expected President Franklin Roosevelt used the signing statement to change

    42. the reason he has not vetoed a bill for if he believes he can accept or reject a bill based on his signing

    43. In his 100 signing statements he has changed the intent of

    44. give Congress the opportunity to override a veto with a two thirds majority Bush has issued the signing

    45. Obama has added a signing statement to the 2011 budget that indicates that he will not apply a part of

    46. signed the budget law passed by Congress and added a signing statement to it (he pledged he would not

    47. limitation of “presidential signing statements

    48. Brett would intimidate his prospects into signing purchase contracts

    49. European heads-of-state for not signing a treaty that had already been signed

    50. Surely, by signing the Declaration of Independence, they were signing their own death warrants for treason should they fail—a far cry from the activities of the power-crazed Lenin

    1. Rom: 15:19: Through mighty signs and wonders, by the

    2. Other psychological factors, including depression, lowered self-esteem associated with overall loss of physical strength and the onset of physical signs of aging, anxiety, and substance abuse can all contribute to male impotence

    3. “You don’t have any signs up or anything

    4. By top-dressing Is the lawn being damaged by them? When you have your lawn and property with year-old horse manure, spotted the telltale signs of gophers or moles (a small you will not only be feeding your soil, but also repel-mound of soil or dead plants), naturally as they do not like manure

    5. Johnny had no idea how someone could show so many outward signs of emotion without seeming to feel them

    6. like believing that times of signs and wonders are over

    7. Mark: 16:17: And these signs shall follow them that

    8. Supernatural signs and wonders followed the apostles’

    9. Heb: 2:4: God also bearing them witness, both with signs and wonders, and with divers miracles, and gifts of the

    10. Once you have found signs of wood damage and you have determined that it’s not just old decaying wood then you have to decide if it’s termites or carpenter ants that you have

    11. That is to say they both live in wood, both have wings during mating seasons and they both leave signs (piles of wood dust, wings) which lets us know they are there

    12. Monitoring is when you regularly inspect the lawn for signs of harmful and beneficial lawn pests

    13. Before you cut the lawn, you should inspect it for signs of stress

    14. Ackers crept over to the door and opened it a crack, trying to look out into the hallway for any signs of the intruders

    15. Watch for any signs of problems

    16. There was no one in sight, although signs of itinerant occupation remained; an

    17. I noticed the signs on the bridge suggesting that those in need call the

    18. I'll get signs up for hands with this right away

    19. "And post a few signs around the neighborhood

    20. ’ He said his temper rousing – I recognise the signs! ‘She is not amenable to what she sees as charity and I insulted her by suggesting that she couldn’t look after herself

    21. Christ; i witnessed about signs and miracles of healing to thousands of

    22. signs of any other recent maintenance, it was at least clear all the way up the back of

    23. The scattered tussocks of hair-grass and a few week-leaves were the only signs of life

    24. She hadn't expected this reaction, she had just been reading the signs as she always did

    25. spite of all the symptoms and physical signs

    26. He had worked steadily for six months, mostly overnights, before he showed any signs of wear and tear

    27. What signs did I miss on London’s streets? When was I marked out? Why was I here? And always that last question, one that persists even now that I am safe and at home here in Beirut

    28. I had missed the signs given me by Deb while teaching at the university, and even when she brushed my hand with hers in the cafeteria, I had not responded

    29. “Every would-be salesman signs a contract which contains a penal clause: If the salesman doesn't sell enough within the first month of work, which is ''on trial'', they are not only fired without being paid but they also have to pay 50,000 drachmas to the company!” she explains with glowing eyes

    30. These signs, this talismanic evidence of other lives, thrilled me

    31. Everyone has the big signs and plaques trying to gain your attention away from all others and onto their storefront

    32. “Jews demand miraculous signs and Greeks look for wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified; a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles

    33. remarks… these are all signs that one may have an inclination

    34. They sat in areas marked by destination signs over a section of tables

    35. She’d been amazed by the overabundance of cleaning materials that she had correctly guessed would be stored in the cupboard under the sink – some things defy cultural differences! Kneeling on the floor, all the better to examine the various spray containers and bottles piled in there, her amazement turned into confusion … there were plastic spray bottles for limescale removal, disinfecting the worktops … apparently killing 99% of all known germs - though that did raise the question of what danger the remaining 1% presented if it was so vital to get rid of the things … bottles of cream for cleaning the sink and another, lavender scented, for polishing wood, a big bottle of bleach that at least smelt familiar, and noxious substances for cleaning the oven that had signs warning of danger plastered all over them … it was an education

    36. beyond the high mould of white neon signs with red letters, they drift by

    37. There were big signs saying, ‘CHECK YOUR NUMBERS CAREFULLY!’

    38. He looked at her to see any signs that she indulged herself in this also

    39. passing signs that mark places of living,

    40. and three storey Mojave signs that yell “MACDONALDS”

    41. But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel; And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: and on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy: and I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke: the sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come: and it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved

    42. Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs, which God did by him in the midst of you, as ye yourselves also know: Him, being delivered by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God, ye have taken, and by wicked hands have crucified and slain: whom God hath raised up, having loosed the pains of death: because it was not possible that he should be holden of it

    43. with taxes purloined from the owners of neon signs,

    44. Despite anticipating that the sound of the water flowing past my head as I sleep in the cabin bed allotted to me would awaken memories that would prevent me sleeping, I do manage to drop off and woke to find myself in a different world; the flat lowlands have been replaced by rolling hills which, even though the plants and animals show the ubiquitous signs of malaise I have seen elsewhere, is lovely to behold

    45. ‘Do you have the signs of the zodiac here?’ I asked, unsure of whether astrology would conflict with his faith

    46. ‘Water signs react very emotionally to things … don’t they?’ Berndt went on conversationally, his lips twitching

    47. They found no signs of life in cold halls,

    48. JOYCE: You also said there were signs of forced entry

    49. ROBERT: Signs of forced entry and some bleeding would be normal for a first encounter

    50. ROBERT: Any other signs of intimacy on the first date?

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    sign signboard mark signal signaling augury foretoken preindication house mansion planetary house sign of the zodiac star sign polarity bless subscribe signalise signalize contract sign on sign up ratify gestural sign-language signed symbol emblem badge abbreviation flag beacon hint clue suggestion symptom portent gesture countersign prediction omen premonition foreshadowing foreboding presage divination express wave mean betoken signify endorse confirm approve acknowledge inscribe initial autograph ordain hallow consecrate dignify hire employ engage