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    1. Having grown up in a place where sleeveless blouses cause scandals, tops-off is

    2. As if by an invisible signal the double doors to the kitchen opened and seven barefoot slave girls, dressed in knee-length white, sleeveless shifts, poured into the dining hall

    3. He had traded in his robes for a sleeveless tunic that reached to his knees

    4. lobby dressed in a sleeveless tank top and white pants rolled up to the knee

    5. Instead, it was sewn like a loose, sleeveless dress with a wide boat neck

    6. Mia"s off to work outfit was a pair of cut off faded blue jeans, a black sleeveless T-shirt with half inch white lettering imprinted in the shape of a necklace across the top of it and her pale blue thong flip flops

    7. She dressed in one of her new outfits, a pair of loose-fitting lightweight cotton pants in a pastel green, with a fitted sleeveless white top

    8. She wears a sleeveless shirt

    9. If you look closely, you can see that they wear small breechclouts and belts, and the males have sleeveless shirts

    10. An Asian male in sleeveless T-shirt and loose pants

    11. was sleeveless and sat just at my waist with a neckline that was attractive but not slutty

    12. She was wearing a brown cotton sleeveless dress with small

    13. sleeveless with colorful flower patterns

    14. She chose a pair of dark slacks and a sleeveless blouse with

    15. movement in the white shorts worn with the sleeveless shirt

    16. She wore a simple sleeveless

    17. She had, as it was her custom, a pronounced cleavage wearing a sleeveless blouse and a skirt in gauzy fabric, adhering to the legs outlining her figure; and my fury would have exploded if I hadn’t seen Leonardo trying to get rid of her stubborn embrace with a grimace of annoyance

    18. In my determination not to look like a tourist, I wore one of his shifts: a loose, sleeveless, collarless garment of rough white cotton that slipped over the head and came to just below the knees

    19. A mini skirt and a sleeveless lace top that failed to reach her navel were her only other garments

    20. Sexy in butt-hugging faded jeans, scuffed rope-soled boat shoes, no socks, denim sleeveless jacket hanging open to expose a tight, leanly muscled chest

    21. In his early thirties, he was about twenty centimetres taller than his visitors, perfectly proportioned, flawless skin like burnished blue-black ebony, wearing a short sleeveless tunic of a coarse material that barely reached mid thigh

    22. Barefoot in white cotton trousers, shirt and sleeveless jacket, Robert sauntered into the room, thumbs dragging down his trouser tops

    23. It seemed to move with its owner; for a moment he’d have sworn the wings rustled in the breeze, and the pool of water rippled up through the ribbons that snaked tantalizingly into her sleeveless shirt

    24. Suffice it to say, sleeveless wear is not an option for Octavia

    25. Thus objurgated, Yasmela allowed the girl to garb her in the light sleeveless silk shirt, over which was slipped a silken tunic, bound at the waist by a wide velvet girdle

    26. The sleeveless, low-necked silk tunic, girdled at the waist with a cloth-of-gold cincture, was a duplicate of the queen's night-garment

    27. But he wore a sleeveless hauberk of dark mesh-mail in place of a tunic, and a helmet perched on his black mane

    28. So formidable was his appearance, naked but for short leather breeks and sleeveless shirt, open to reveal his great, hairy chest, with his huge limbs and his blue eyes blazing under his tangled black mane, that the squire shrank back, more afraid of his king than of the whole Nemedian host

    29. It was a warm summer Georgia day, and Sheila was wearing a sleeveless top that revealed her firm biceps and a butterfly tattoo on her left shoulder

    30. Rachel bought a sleeveless red dress with a deep cleavage that showed off her shoulders and upper body to great advantage

    31. From the thin white gown, I now wore a white sleeveless dress, synched at the waist that ran to my ankles

    32. There were a variety of elegant blouses that came with them, sleeveless and long sleeve, three quarter and half length, even some low cut ones

    33. A few seconds later, she leapt out of bed in her red sleeveless nightie and hurried out

    34. Rani had straightened out her thick wavy hair, she showed off her curvy figure in a sophisticated long, low cut, sleeveless, red dress that had a long provocative slit on one side revealing her long legs

    35. She only had a sleeveless white summer dress and her arms

    36. He could also see the shirt on the sleeveless side of her yota

    37. One of the geckoids cackled, dressed in a red sweater with a sleeveless orange jacket and brown trousers; all dirty

    38. Even the model Elizabeth had chosen, a one-piece sleeveless swimsuit of modern cut designed for swimming in cold water, while being by far the least revealing of the ones on sale, would have still scandalized Elizabeth’s mother

    39. "What do you have up your sleeveless shirt, Casey?"

    40. � Nancy, dressed in a very sexy black leather outfit made of knee-high boots, a very short skirt and a sleeveless jacket covering a silver silk blouse, raised her hand high and called for silence

    41. In the middle of winter she was dressed for summer, almost undressed, in a flowered, sleeveless taffeta dress whose hemline reached to her knees, but exposed arms as white as her bare legs, bare feet and the introductory cleavage of her magnetic bosom

    42. The five members of the reconnaissance team then opened the haversacks they carried and took out of them long sleeveless brown capes made of synthetic fibers before draping them over their light protective armored suits

    43. Both wore contemporary Greek clothes, Nancy a long peplos pleated tunic with sandals, Mike a short sleeveless tunic called a chiton, plus sandals

    44. I unbuttoned my sleeveless shirt and unhooked my bra

    45. She was however much taller than Talia and her sleeveless peplos pleated tunic showed her muscular arms and shoulders

    46. Putting on first the baggy blue pants provided to her by the daimyo’s retainer, she next put on a simple, white sleeveless shirt as an undergarment, then her regulation red and white shirt

    47. A pair of moccasins made of deer skin, which looked the right size for her, quickly attracted her eyes, along with a sleeveless tunic also made of deer skin

    48. While Stan now wore a pair of dark blue trousers and an opened collar short-sleeved blue shirt, Miri had changed into a burgundy leather ensemble made of a short skirt, knee-high boots and sleeveless corsage over a silk golden blouse

    49. Margarita quickly comes out of the door wearing her hair hanging around her back and shoulders with bangs on her forehead, a grey sleeveless and shoulderless shirt and black pants

    50. Diane D, Charlotte and Lonna, dressed in identical sleeveless silver blouses and the rest of Diane D’s family and relatives come behind Margarita as Margarita says to the toddler, “There there, it's okay

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    bootless fruitless futile sleeveless vain