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    1. If you let the rosemary fill you with softness you can take that feeling into the church the better to enjoy its secret

    2. Tarak’s eyes flashed, he growled, and her face took on a softness he had not noticed before

    3. Both Tarak and Healer Murdock were overcome by the softness of that voice, (an Ogatu female trait

    4. Boochie picked up the Kit-Kats, noticing the softness of the once-hard

    5. She was concerned for a moment, but then told herself it was probably only the wind, and proceeded to lie down on her bed again, took a few deep breaths and enjoyed the pleasant softness of the bed underneath her

    6. The perfect softness, vibrating with life

    7. Yet also he was clearly aware of the orange rays, the eerie hooting of the lumin’s song, the softness of the tiny leaves beneath them and the perfection of her skin to a level beyond that given by mortal senses

    8. She really wasn’t that interested in discussing the mortal all evening, she could sense that the sand on these secret beaches was just perfect in temperature and softness

    9. palpable softness to it which warned of a hot day ahead

    10. “Yes, like testing the softness of my bed each day as soon as I depart

    11. Nerissa loved to touch the softness of his cheeks

    12. ” But now a look of softness formed in her easy as she told me

    13. I don’t know what it was but the pinched look had gone to be replaced by softness and translucence to her skin that made her look beautiful even the yellow had faded so you could hardly see it

    14. Apply oil or lotion afterwards for softness

    15. They sat close, in matching wicker chairs with the softness of yellow lamplight casting a warm glow over their faces, and spoke in conspiratorial whispers while an endless selection of salsa music, blended with the static of another far-off station, played over the speakers

    16. I was warm and softness pressed all against my skin

    17. Again, she was there in his mind! Her smile, her bold stare, the softness of her touch

    18. Dauntless initiation has stolen whatever softness my body had

    19. ” she whispered, the softness of her voice

    20. She pulled her tattered shoes off her feet for the first time since she had arrived in Calai, swung her feet up on the bed, and laid back slowly, letting herself sink into the softness

    21. All of this and more do I behold with softness and content

    22. beauty and softness are your special treasures

    23. “Jo?” The softness of his voice reminds me of the comfort it carries

    24. Even the softness of the cashmere is not enough to tone down his harsh expression

    25. “What are you doing?” She asks aroused by the softness of his lips

    26. But then one morning we Wake up with the fervor of Fascination in our heart And the shine of wondrous Recognition in our eyes, And we throw up the window And behold the change in The World outside: The infant softness of Green trees, the fragrance Of undiscovered blossoms, The radiant, glowing warmth Of a New Sun

    27. Trying to renew a softness in his voice that he no longer felt, he asked, “The soldiers, came two times?” Sari, remaining silent, only nodded affirmation

    28. As the snow dampened her hair, she brushed its softness back from her face and covered herself with the hood of her cloak

    29. A sudden gust, and its pale softness was closer than she’d imagined, the wings brushing through her hair

    30. there in all her softness and sweet smell, but the sadness of her face filled him with a helpless

    31. A rush of sound in her ears, like water, then she stretched out her hands and met the softness of cloth and the warmth of skin

    32. At the same time, he sensed the snow-raven’s presence in the skies above him, and felt the softness of wings brush through his hair as he kept on running

    33. Trying to renew a softness in his voice that

    34. But still his hand clutched softness

    35. "What?" There was no edge to his voice but no softness either

    36. I would gather the pine boughs for freshness and cover it with dried grasses and heather for sweetness and softness

    37. softness of a banker's hands

    38. Michael's hands glazed over the smooth softness of her back,

    39. could never understand that softness and caring were worth far more

    40. I love Reece’s softness and shyness and I can see he is not

    41. That kiss was much like the one he gave me before, or rather, the one he gave Scarlet, and the softness of it, the pure, unassuming, un-obligated offering of it, is undermining my defenses in a way that all the flowers in the world never could

    42. In all the years she’d known Angela, not once had she witnessed softness

    43. When our eyes met, I saw two pairs of brown eyes with calmness and softness

    44. Or it may be he is driven by the elegance, independence, beauty, softness, and the responsibility in supporting life

    45. "They have taken the rest of the wounded into the other chambers," answered the woman in the soft speech of the Tecuhltli women, which somehow did not suggest either softness or gentleness in the speakers

    46. I emerged feeling cleansed and sunk into the warmth and softness of the sand

    47. Their pelts were highly prized for their softness and Sean quickly found success as a fur trader

    48. The pale colour and obvious softness of their skin shows they have lived below ground all their lives

    49. Alina screamed in protest as the man’s weight crushed her into the softness of the mat

    50. Even in the firelight, Siri could see that all the softness in May Ling’s face had been replaced with the hard resolution of responsibility

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    softness effeminacy effeminateness sissiness unmanliness womanishness blurriness fogginess fuzziness indistinctness gentleness mildness balminess unfitness