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    sound out

    1. Slowly, the sound outside the window began to creep up again

    2. One Saturday morning not long after we’d started our lives together, there was a rushing sound outside

    3. There was a sound outside like a door slamming, and Maggie jumped

    4. 29 Not the men only, but the very walls and floor seemed to sound out; all

    5. ” Ken wanted to say more, but the words would sound out of place

    6. 29 Not the men only but the very walls and floor seemed to sound out; all things preferring dissolution rather than to see the place defiled

    7. Simon cried out and the wind whipped the sound out of hearing

    8. The sound output from the iC has to

    9. may sound outlandish but stick with me here, I’m making a salient point

    10. Tristan was pulled from his thoughts by a sound outside the door

    11. 'Not a sound out of you!' he muttered

    12. But he had also quickly memorized the pictures and names of the birds, which he could not sound out for himself very well

    13. “Are you having trouble breathing, Sir? You sound out of breath

    14. pavements visiting all the large manufacturers in that city to sound out what they might want

    15. A scratch here, then a snapping sound outside there, but when I went to investigate there was nothing to be seen

    16. You sound out of breath

    17. Lov was awakened in the night, hearing a snuffling sound outside

    18. brother, you step aside first while I sound out how great is this young man!” Seven windforces accompanied him as he finished

    19. Before he could finish, there was a loud sound outside and three arrows that

    20. He even tried shaking his head to get the sound out

    21. Ithas been called the only passage in which the words of thegentle-hearted knight sound out of character

    22. After I explained what I did, it does not sound out of the ordinary or anything

    23. she would sound out the tears,

    24. remain safe and sound outside those bars

    25. Now there was a terrible laugh—a sickening scree—and D’ata jerked his hands up, covered his ears to keep the horrible sound out, but it was to no avail

    26. One of the council members brought a clipboard with a lined tablet on it and asked Gil to get everyones name they it would sound out in English

    27. If you sound out words in your throat or whisper them, you can read slightly only as fast as you can read aloud

    28. There was sound out in the night

    29. I barely heard the sound of our horns on the ramparts sound out again

    30. And press her break glass to sound out

    31. Emily tried to scream, but couldn't get a sound out through his hand

    32. The horse sank in up to the pasterns, and he drew each hoof with a sucking sound out of the half-thawed ground

    33. Malone" (I cannot help quoting the words), "we have got our chart, our one and only immediate duty is to get ourselves safe and sound out of this awful place

    34. The bell had just rung, sailing little boats of sound out over the green world, with families pouring out onto the lawn and an almost military double line there of kids Charlie’s age, boys in slacks on the right, girls in kneeskirts on the left

    35. And, when Raoul was about to ask her to remove it, he was surprised to see her put her ear to the partition and listen eagerly for a sound outside

    36. There was a growling sound outside, and a noise as of some great animal scuffling at the door

    37. 'There is no sound outside here yet,' said Aragorn, who was standing by

    38. He heard a chilling rumbling sound outside

    39. “Approaching your position,” he said, making sure he didn’t sound out of breath

    40. He wanted to yell for joy, but when he tried he couldn't get any sound out

    41. " Buffett does not give stock tips, and why should he? He does however, from time to time, sound out investment principles in his annual letters to Berkshire Hathaway stockholders, in reports to annual meetings and, from time to time, in the media

    42. “Did you sound out the men the way I told you, Jim?”

    43. While Long Arrow was handing round what food we had to his starving friends, we suddenly heard a sound outside the cave

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