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    1. "So you're still in the initial infatuation stage also?"

    2. Travis liked this stage of construction, when you could see the parts that kept everything from falling apart, before it got all dressed up

    3. · It is the beginning of a new phase in life rather than a stage preparatory to death

    4. Yeah, Herndon's was a much sweatier relationship than Kulai's, even in the initial infatuation stage

    5. The first stage of counseling is to develop a working relationship, except in the case of close relations

    6. In the second stage one carries out an assessment of the problem and the possible solutions

    7. The third stage covers the actual process of counseling

    8. At the stage of life they are in, the needs of those who are retired can be defined clearly

    9. I have a vague idea that I have seen her in something or other on the stage

    10. The ‘moksha’ has to be sought only in the fourth stage after completing all the duties of the three stages

    11. The image that came to doostEr's mind was a trio of guys walking out on stage with their arms on fire

    12. "Just some of the woman off the stage," Tahlmute answered

    13. Summary (At this first stage, it is good enough to understand the following

    14. ’ He said, persuading me that he has never seen me on stage

    15. ‘He wanted me to believe he remembered seeing me on stage three years ago

    16. It is so complicated forming relationships in middle life … people tend to have all sorts of clutter by that stage

    17. The sun touched the horizon as he strode into view up steps behind the stage

    18. From having heard the others talking, I am aware that when ‘kissing’ people on stage, one merely pretends and makes it look as real as one can

    19. The play is being performed in the Village Hall – the stage is well equipped with proper lighting and although we don’t actually need microphones for so small a hall, there’s a pretty complicated looking, sound system as well

    20. We are using the large room behind the stage area for changing … men on the left and women on the right with a row of mobile clothing racks down the middle, where we each have our personal designated areas to hang our costumes, giving some sort of modesty division, though to be honest, who the hell wants to gawp? As the play takes place in the present day, the clothes are not really costumes anyway, but, all the same, my character has certain things she has to wear – some my own and some provided by wardrobe

    21. When he finally decided he couldn’t do any more at this stage from the bridge, he went to finalize the connections on the other end, outside

    22. Through those repetitions of days with Smiler on duty, I sat on the mattress and watched the world spin away from me as though I were floating above a stage set

    23. He thought once again of the stages of evolution, this stage is marked by conflict between the urge to be an individual and the urge to be part of a greater organism

    24. The members of the Council of Faith and Doctrine re-appeared on the stage of the amphitheater at Susa during another spectacular sunset where the crew had reconvened

    25. They were standing in a line on the stage behind him

    26. A massive cloud formation was the backdrop of the stage

    27. He stood and paced to the front of the stage

    28. As he leaned back, his chair disappeared and he was dumped onto his ass on the cold, hard stone of the stage of the amphitheater at Susa, deep in evening with a terrible lighting storm approaching from right behind Moamar's wide turban

    29. Lying on the stage with him and looking as stunned as he did were Diam, Enrico and someone he barely recognized from astrophysics

    30. Mahmud Shariff was a famous Syrian actor, star of stage and screen, a sixties heart-throb, whose smouldering black eyes and luxuriant moustache had scarred the hearts of women by their thousands

    31. Native electronics had never known the fixed hardware stage and had always contained facilities for on-line hardware updates

    32. Converted from a small house at some stage in its history, the ground floor front rooms had been knocked into one characterless space painted a boring shade of blue

    33. And yes, a table right at the edge so they could sit and look over the back row and see down to the stage

    34. They pranced and stepped high on the stage and invited a few juggy ladies from the front rows to bounce around on stage with them

    35. The singer said something like 'that's all the songs we know' and the stage went dark

    36. reflecting the lights from the stage

    37. Bodies in shadow take new positions on the stage

    38. Well, stage 1 completed thought Joe

    39. Once the meal has reached the stage where we no longer need assistance from the staff, Wiesse turns the conversation to the coming journey

    40. I know this is a bit extreme; however, it happens, and with a reality check and coaching these people could use this need to be on stage to discover their talents, their strengths and change direction maybe end up presenting or judging a show

    41. Is it realistic? At this stage, should I change the measurement?

    42. Imagine you have come to a stage in your life where you do not feel a need to offer anyone explanations about yourself

    43. Can I get to a stage where I can drop these actions?

    44. This is my stage, where you’ll hear of the labours

    45. Doing on the stage?

    46. People who have acne that are on its active stage are not allowed for dermabrasion

    47. If the person has acne that is currently on its active stage, it is best not to try

    48. Normally at this stage in my traumas, there'd be a motherly squeeze and she'd say something to boost my confidence but she wasn't there

    49. When you wish to go a stage further proceed as follows

    50. Make no attempt to go farther as this is the stage in the proceedings when students try to achieve too much in a hurry with sometimes unpleasant results

    1. He found the plasticised, superficiality of staged Internet sex far more satisfying than having to deal with the real thing

    2. The crash team repeat the staged, Frankenstein dance of defibrillation on Leona's pale skin and her body goes into momentary spasm with each fresh jolt of electricity, but the line remains stubbornly horizontal

    3. about capturing dragons, and then staged the diversionary attack on

    4. be staged or as an effect of hazard

    5. Later on Bert and Mabel went back to his house we would have gone with them only his father had gone to look after a sick uncle so Helen and I went to the ‘Electric Palace’ which was a moving picture house and was the only one left open in town I cant remember what we saw but there was some newsreels of the war which I found quite interesting if a bit false and staged

    6. ended in a mystery, which is suspected a staged act of these publicity addicted neurotics

    7. Colling had considered all the possibilities that might explain what he now firmly believed was a staged accident to make it seem as if Elizabeth had died

    8. Colling described the staged jeep accident, and the quirk of fate in his meeting Vitarelli that put him on the path to discover that she had not been killed

    9. “You’re saying the whole war’s been staged?”

    10. There was also a civil war in Ingalaterra over the succession, but the current king, Eduardo the Fourth (Edward IV), had staged a little incursion against Frantzia in conjunction with Ardangori until the king of Frantzia, Luis the Eleventh, bought him off

    11. So that it doesn’t seem too staged, he tells him the bodyguards would be expected to perform security duties at his compound once things calm down and the band isn’t touring

    12. Then again, those films are staged

    13. CMMI consists of two representations, Staged Representation and Continuous Representation

    14. Staged Representation is adopted by most of the organizations as its giving them guidance and benchmarking with other Organizations, Whereas continuous representation is adopted by Organizations which are clear in their area of improvement and are comfortable with the practices in all other areas (or comfortable with the level of performance)

    15. In Staged Representation, Organization’s Maturity level is provided with 5 different process maturities

    16. The outdoor musical drama “Texas” is staged

    17. Jack was puzzled at this last statement, staged? It made no sense

    18. But there is nothing staged about the attraction their violent and hate filled recordings elicit

    19. Furthermore, the state trooper took an obviously staged photo of Mike’s sneaker and assorted rusted beer cans which had been along the road for years in front of a post

    20. staged, she began to giggle

    21. This bull running extravaganza is staged annually to

    22. “Based on the evidence and testimonies that we have gathered since we found his body this morning, Ka Luis Anacleto was killed and the suspect staged it to look like a suicide

    23. Could it be a staged play or Moro-Moro by RMBN? Why?

    24. “Believe me, this is not a staged play

    25. He and the others of the command group were staged to the Hilian left, while above and below and to either side, and as far back as the eye could see, were staged the billion and a half plus of the strike force in three-dimensional ranks of well-spaced softly glowing cubes of various sizes

    26. They faced the black wall in the same formations they’d staged in outside Venak, but from eighty kilometers away this time

    27. They faced the black wall in the same formations they’d staged in outside Venak, but from fifty miles away this time

    28. The local news was plastering every staged and over the top moment on their 6 o’clock coverage, just the way Booker and Big Whig drew it up

    29. On 9 September 1973, General Augusto Pinochet staged an attack against Chilean President Salvador Allende

    30. When it staged it came apart

    31. Marvin wasn’t interested in the theatre or art or classical music or walking too far, and was profoundly shocked when I showed him where we’d staged Macbeth and described my role

    32. Depending on the desired effect, chairs and other props would be staged for purposes of an interrogation

    33. Of course to really impress her, a contest of strength and prowess will be staged where several suitors will attempt to win her hand, but none of them will ever defeat Prince Gautama!

    34. Sebastian and Reginald could have staged their imprisonment

    35. staged simultaneously; otherwise one of the groups could be warned in advance

    36. Saul’s assault group reformed at the same point they had originally staged before the final jump

    37. ture seems a bit staged, because it is

    38. These fights are staged out in the countryside where tribal

    39. I think he staged his wife's disappearance to drum up business, or even worse

    40. That’s probably why you hear about staged dog fights often but

    41. almost never about staged cat fights

    42. In the year 66 AD the Jewish zealots or rebels staged a rebellion that went horribly

    43. Nancy spent a good ten minutes briefing him and Ismay on the situation, finishing with the mutiny staged by the Time Patrol against the Global Council orders not to rescue her

    44. Bush booted her out of the staged press conferences because she asked too many good questions

    45. In a staged town hall meeting with obvious Republican supporters, Dick Cheney

    46. Most town hall meetings are staged events

    47. He then staged a victory flypast, coolly skimming just a few feet above the heads of everyone on the hill

    48. The high priest appeared on the uppermost platform of the temple and I immediately interrupted his staged silence, mother had said to keep him from settling into his usual tricks

    49. � The whole thing was obviously staged for propaganda purpose and no questions were asked by the reporters before Nancy was wheeled out of the hospital and put in the back seat of a staff car

    50. � You may be useful in convincing the other prisoners that this was not staged by us

    1. Parasites will attack insects in all stages of their development

    2. seconds controls all stages of the whitefly life cycle

    3. The ‘moksha’ has to be sought only in the fourth stage after completing all the duties of the three stages

    4. This first step is one of the most difficult stages in the meditation process and involves constant unremitting ability to keep bringing the mind back to that "object" upon which the aspirant has chosen to concentrate

    5. The stages in concentration are themselves well marked and can be stated as follows:

    6. wheelchairs or in the last stages of incurable disease

    7. We are fighting a war, not just between civilizations, the mortal and the Angelic, but between stages of evolution

    8. He thought once again of the stages of evolution, this stage is marked by conflict between the urge to be an individual and the urge to be part of a greater organism

    9. Over time, and having passed through so many similar stages of emotional turmoil, Menachem had come to understand that giving way to these feelings was simply counter-productive

    10. For this reason it is practiced in the higher stages of Yoga for its spiritual values for spiritual purity is closely linked to physical purity

    11. Students in the advanced stages of Yoga remain in this position for as long as an hour or more

    12. Caution in the early stages of the Headstand will put you

    13. After practicing the first three stages carefully you are now

    14. to the Headstand to practice this, and the following stages, in a

    15. head is going to be considerable, especially in stages 5 and 6,

    16. Having had an easy time of it with the Letter L Breathing Exercise, try now another exercise which incorporates breathing, stretching, and in its advanced stages, a high degree of balance

    17. features and on the cinema newsreels that tracked the early stages

    18. rule is that I do not myself organize it’s earliest stages of development

    19. early stages of the marriage, she soon set about ordering the world

    20. their only son, in the closing stages of the War

    21. There to bail you out from scrapes, though all too often when we were children, he was the cause of the scrape in the first place … but you’ll never forget what he did when John was in the last stages of his illness

    22. around the table in various stages of misery

    23. maintains him through all the different stages of his employment

    24. He had fasted for three days and, after intense meditation, had now entered the objectless stage of existence having passed through gross, subtle, bliss and I-ness stages

    25. Corn, accordingly, it has already been observed, is, in all the different stages of wealth and improvement, a more accurate measure of value than any other commodity or set of commodities

    26. In all those different stages, therefore, we can judge better of the real value of silver, by comparing it with corn, than by comparing it with any other commodity or set of commodities

    27. told what to do in manageable stages

    28. they have already qualified themselves at earlier stages in the process

    29. stages of his life

    30. Second, in advanced stages of meditation it can improve the flow of energy throughout the body

    31. The following are generalized accounts about the different stages from pre-death to death and beyond

    32. However, most souls will go through the following stages:

    33. in its late stages

    34. There are two stages of dream sleep; nightmares always happen during the second stage – REM sleep

    35. He remembered his father telling him when he was a young boy of his taking extensive flights over these very ranges when the Aquifer was in its initial development stages

    36. He looked like a cancer patient in the final stages of life, and it was a horrific sight for Sebastian; to see this warrior that had defended them all, helpless

    37. Doc had treated him in the early stages, but Jack was feeling guilty about not paying his own share and eventually he had to do what was best for his little deposit account and his head

    38. Part of that training was vigorous exercise in the early stages though for the most part it simply required the skill of switching off the senses that felt heat or cold

    39. various stages of undress were everywhere

    40. One had black fingers and toes, symptoms of the advanced stages of frostbite

    41. Again, many walls ran with water at various stages

    42. At one point it may have been a machine, in the early stages of assembly

    43. In the early stages of acceleration at less than a light year from their home system, the order was given to target the arc ships' engines

    44. As soon as possible they were taken down in stages to the coast, and placed on the “Coromandel,” out of the malarious zone

    45. He smoked like a trooper, even though he was in the last stages of cancer

    46. It wasn’t pleasant, the muscles of his face jerking up in stages, as though he was having a problem trying to remember how to use them

    47. and children should operate on the same developmental plane undermines the notion of comparative stages of emotional and

    48. In the end stages some sufferers hallucinated, often convinced that they were recovering

    49. Most Opinions are oftentimes impressed upon an individual during the formative stages of that individual‘s moral and intellectual development

    50. Please note that whilst we differentiate the stages they may flow into each other but the sequence will be roughly the same

    1. He picked the right staging axes to bring, to use on a strap of smaller timbers that he hung from a little adapter pulley off the backbone

    2. She remembered waking up as the staging material for many of those positions back when they used to share a home bed

    3. Uncle Todd had come down from the top pastures where he farmed so that with his horses and dray cart he could help take the equipment and staging back to Dorts council maintenance building Everything got stored there, even Mr

    4. By mid morn, the meadow was clear arid Uncle Todd had made his final trip to Dort loaded with poles, bunting and remnants of the staging

    5. Fortunately, the citizens of important staging

    6. So I told him about the German strafing and the counter attacks he was staging of the fact that no troops came to relieve us and the untenable position we found ourselves in

    7. We’re in the staging area, where the pirates from Water-Down load their illegal cargo

    8. “Arwk!” came a cry from below the staging platform

    9. Clearing a space in front of the rock staging, the guards threw Fenn to the ground and Grindel stared down at the hapless Custodian, nodding contentedly as he studied the boar's swollen jaw

    10. Sandinista activists seized upon the opportunity of focused international media by staging enormous protests and provoking confrontations with the Guardia Nacional, even in the midst of rescue efforts

    11. Some of them had already started arriving at Pyr and the staging area which was a huge stretch of land to the south of the City, where once the harbor of Urfalli had lain

    12. buzzing towards the staging area

    13. The congregation of so many soldiers in one place looked like a staging area

    14. Before we reached the coast, however, we turned south and arrived, in what should have been near mid fall, at the huge camp that was our staging area

    15. There were five tumen in the staging area and a sixth was still being put together

    16. We set up a new staging area and depot at the end of the military road and sent word north to send our supplies there

    17. They both contributed a small number of auxiliary troops that were used mostly to bring up supplies from our staging area depot

    18. Just as we reached their staging area at the crest of the hill, a volley of spears launched with atlatl surprised us

    19. All he knew for certain was that he was responsible for getting all fifteen tumen to the staging area

    20. The guards directed us to turn off the mountain road and proceed down toward the coast to the staging area on the north bank of the Limari River

    21. “On the day before the staging of the apology, RCMP Deputy

    22. was a staging ground for the Contras to enter Nicaragua in their

    23. Some kind of storage or staging area? He was suddenly aware of the crews of the other craft

    24. We take the Fast Response Force and the best we have from the rest of the units, break his Wards, disrupt his muster and his staging

    25. Use as many of our people as you need for defense, have the rest meet Talia and me at the staging on the call

    26. “Advance to the staging

    27. as new electric faceplates, proper staging, and a good eye for

    28. staging area? He was suddenly aware of the crews of the other craft

    29. One of those things is that staging sells homes!!

    30. In other words, this is yet another part of the staging process that works well for many trying to sell homes

    31. The short answer to the question of whether or not staging sells

    32. Staging a home can absolutely lead to a higher offer and a quicker sell, even in today's sluggish market

    33. And I figure to use an old motel in the area as a staging point

    34. You are staging your own mini resistance war

    35. Our portable staging had been designed and built by Edgar, and remains the finest I've ever encountered

    36. He was endlessly inventive, loved the kids and helped with staging school plays and musicals by creating special effects, organising sound systems, lights, anything that required skill and imagination

    37. For others it might have set the staging grounds to commit a slew of heinous crimes--like larceny--or to engage in the sexually immoral activity of a peeping tom, but for Bartleby it was different

    38. The refurbished stadium in Cape Town was actually ideal for the staging of this proposed drama

    39. By bedtime the Master's cleverness in staging the tumultuous entry into Jerusalem had begun to make a somewhat humorous appeal, and he was much cheered up by this reaction

    40. As a result, the German fighters and bombers staging out of neighboring Denmark were having a field day

    41. a staging post for future conquest to the West

    42. other on the highest staging of the room

    43. Has someone in General Barnes’ staff realized yet that the A-24s and P-40s that we are reassembling here are essentially useless because of their short range? We don’t have access anymore to the Dutch East Indies airfields that would have allowed our aircraft to get to the Philippines by a series of staging points, while our planes don’t have enough range to hit those same airfields, which will soon be used by the Japanese to hit Australia

    44. “Your son has come up with the solution to staging a small battle

    45. The engine was gunned expertly forward and reverse to keep the craft hard in, but not bumping the staging

    46. The British came up with a far superior defensive plan such as pre-emptive attacks on staging areas, interdiction at sea and all-out assaults at the landing points

    47. “Nothing for you to worry about Robert, no terrorists or their families were hurt during the staging of the drama!” Max replied with a grin

    48. ‘’Kathryn, I was able to get the accord of the Nationalist Chinese to use Taipei Airport as a staging point for our raids inside China

    49. With all her planes and personnel now back safely in Da Nang after staging back through Taiwan and with her preliminary mission report sent to Washington, Ingrid felt that she had earned the right to a little favor and was on her way to go visit little Hien at the orphanage tonight

    50. I also have more of them right here, while the bombers of 5th Bomber Command are only staging through Port Moresby in penny packets

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