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    step on it

    1. It lets more or less of the force thru to the handle depending on how hard you step on it

    2. Step on it

    3. Step on it a bit, we don’t want to keep him waiting at this time of the morning, you know how touchy he can be!”

    4. I got in the Camaro and told my mom to step on it

    5. Step on it, Amie! Direction: the southwest end of Masan and the road to Chindong-ni

    6. "Step on it sister!" Shouted Jake The Snake practically

    7. “Could you step on it, sir

    8. the butt of a cigarette and trying to step on it

    9. HERBIE: Fringe! Fringe! Quickly! Get in the car and step on it!

    10. “Step on it Eleanor!” Talaric said firmly and we launched forward with the tannins latched on

    11. She carried her dress, so she didn’t step on it but would have to drop it as soon as she got to the stairs

    12. ” I step on it and shift rapidly

    13. I found the longest antenna rod I had, so I could reach into the smooth area without having to step on it

    14. The desire to believe that was greater than any temptation he’d ever felt before, and he forced himself to step on it firmly

    15. The first one that stops he jumps into, and before Regan has a chance to say anything he tells the driver he’s got two fifties in his pocket, and to take them wherever the lady wants to go—and step on it

    16. Now you can step on it, Inspector

    17. “Then jack up the sirens and step on it!” I shouted

    18. ” “Okay, Brock, step on it!” “Brock, what took you so long?” “Sorry, sir

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