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    1. Herndon hadn't actually entered the structure because you can see the whole thing from the steps

    2. It had been over fifty Earth years that Kulai had owned this place, but this structure had been completed while Europe was in the dark ages and Third Canal had been the beachfront

    3. Now, moving on, your assignment will be to infiltrate the structure

    4. The structure was only about ten by twenty feet, not counting the roof overhangs

    5. They wanted to retain their old language, and their consumer social structure

    6. They can attack the structure far away from the soil

    7. • Aeration depends on soil structure and should be done once per year

    8. Some of the postures have relation to the nervous body and that inner structure of fine nerves, called the 'nadis', which underlie the nervous system


    10. He used two complete floors of his structure for his work barn in doing it, but now that it was grown, it was well worth it and gave his residential space a loftier view

    11. "We need to use a new protocol to push the preexisting hypermass distortions over their mass/energy thresholds to achieve a unified anomaly structure and open a viable faster-than-light passage

    12. The structure of the conduits for the new control system that would interface with Chief Horcheese had been color-coded and now covered the ghostly, holographic ship like nerves coming together in a nexus at the center of the breaching ship’s bridge

    13. That doesn't seem to jive with the structure of Paradis

    14. "You are familiar with the structure of heaven as described in the Holy Rants are you not?"

    15. He retained some of his homeland's culture in the structure of this home

    16. The building was synthetic stone up to the fourteenth floor or so, shaftwood structure from there on up

    17. Skite! Oh you were right, Karenze, he does have his uncle’s eyes … and his hair … and there’s a hint of the bone structure too

    18. but no need of sense or structure in words

    19. my structure, my reaction proves nothing

    20. ‘That building over there …’ I said pointing to the churchlike structure

    21. Lmore and this band's music didn't show them much of Trenst the city, at least those parts around the ancient-crater harbors in the delta that have some solid ground and tall structure

    22. Information theory and simulation structure

    23. He wondered why Theology specified so grand a structure, an exact copy of the cathedral in New Jerusalem in 2175, a structure that had pews for tens of thousands

    24. I had the clear sensation we are a fundamental ingredient in the structure of the cosmos, or something close to it

    25. as the bus shelter was the only half decent structure left standing on

    26. pushed into breaking the structure

    27. research into the crystalline structure of water

    28. Rayne saw off in the distance a large structure at the edge of a rather massive forest; she questioned Mistress Sera as to what it was

    29. As they came closer to the large structure Tarak rode back and joined her

    30. The walls surrounding the structure are thirty feet high

    31. Rayne was fascinated by his description of the structure

    32. “There are three levels to the structure; the top level has sentry posts at each corner and middle section

    33. There was nearly a quarter mile of structure before they got to the temple/palace itself

    34. With a few words exchanged with the sleepy young guard, her donkey was lead thru the gate and into the main structure

    35. She had been delivered far over the sea to this enormous structure, city or whatever it was

    36. ) Obviously the structure

    37. In many ways the entire island was covered with a single structure, but there were many open spaces within it

    38. As a Word Used to Change Crystalline Structure of Water, 108

    39. Reinforcement of structure

    40. State changes so rapid that an atom is far too big a structure to support the bandwidth if the wave must move across that atom at the speed of light

    41. The structure was the darkest of dark, the trunks of it’s main building had grown so thick and burly by now that rough bark covered everything

    42. The institution was now up to thirty eight floors above these lumpy stumps, a single compound tree nearly four hundred feet high and the tallest structure before Eleknane center

    43. She had taken the mast completely down and was disassembling it when she began the explanation of the state of man's being and of the structure of man's machine, that it was a microcosm of the great world and how it was supposed to function

    44. weather-worn, stone structure on the borders of the

    45. ” And the host leafed back through pages of his notes, he read: “the explanation of the state of man's being, and of the structure of man's machine, that it was a microcosm of the great world, and how it was supposed to function

    46. Yet the structure implicitly indicated by it may be acted upon with confidence and thus yield understanding

    47. It was all aging crafted structure, nothing grown

    48. box which was firmly attached to the main structure of the tower

    49. While the structure and basic components of language have changed little in the intervening years, its usages and application have definitely evolved dramatically

    50. He stopped very briefly for a late Duskmeal at a little bigger concentration of urban structure along the canal in the Sentinels

    1. The human society, in whole, is structured upon this basic relation of interdependence between vampires and victims

    2. Her stories are structured in a very unusual way: I have written down in a separate notebook memories, fantasies, as well as dreams of mine and I have classified them in certain categories: Start of story – Main events – Secondary events – Cosmic truths – Fights – Dialogues – Space and time – End of story

    3. Because the majority of your life is based and structured on non-‐truth,

    4. An organization of labels and directions, understandable expressions of tangibles and intangibles had to be structured in such a way to provide unambiguous communication from one person to another

    5. " She could have gone on about how the veron bus was structured but it would have bored him

    6. Has to a certain extent… been preconceived… That is… that Someone or a group has structured much of the context of my

    7. they could implement? Ask them if they liked how it was structured?

    8. Bandits could be unpredictable, and therefore far more dangerous than any structured ranks of soldiers

    9. The body should be well structured, divided up logically, with plenty of carefully spaced visuals

    10. My home now was in the army and with the Battalion I missed my mates and the life which was structured and always busy so there was no time for depression or boredom

    11. Dress typically structured an individual within the context best ―suited‖ (no pun intended) for some specific or special occasion

    12. Regulation can be either good or bad depending on how structured, but demonization of the term is simply a ruse to get the public to hate government, which in practical terms means the public is being taught to hate democracy, and thus distrust themselves

    13. I think now that it was structured that way to create an impossible trail for anyone attempting to locate missing persons, even if access was gained to police or military records

    14. The program is structured so that you have the benefit of both additional topics classes

    15. Melchior had before him a carefully structured list of vital tasks to be completed in order

    16. with little experience and who is structured around the

    17. Living in a less structured faith system can seem scary, but it could work and, indeed, it may have to

    18. Important childhood experiences for these children were lacking, such as structured learning, friendships, and interactions with people other than each other

    19. structured and unstructured information held by the business, typically with

    20. Your virtual bankruptcy assistant business should be structured so that it benefits the attorneys

    21. Both arrays and structures are classified as structured data types as they provide mechanism that enable

    22. Their primary weapons will all look very different, but in the end they are all pure energy-based attacks, so your defenses should be structured to take that into account

    23. In the initial days this phase was not really given that much importance and requirements engineering was not structured, hence the industry faced lot of problems

    24. Over a period of time, when people understand that poor requirements capturing lead to most of the major failures, the requirements engineering concepts get strengthened and better structured activities are introduced in requirements engineering

    25. Structured design making with adequate guidelines and standards is the need of the hour for better designing

    26. Inspection is formal, structured with adequate supportive materials (checklist forms, etc)

    27. This diagram is a way by which a problem/Effect can be looked in a structured way to identify causes under various influencing factors

    28. value and structured logically

    29. information not structured is available and can confuse us badly

    30. in the structured, intrusive, and overbearing government

    31. them into the conversation in a structured way

    32. However, there are some distinct benefits of having a wel structured and effective external network

    33. Prioritizing is a very imperative function of being structured and

    34. From his right Ralph hears a great cry that pierces the fragile mind-silence he has structured

    35. course, can happen if you have a structured loan payment that

    36. But economics is different from the natural sciences and technology and may seem strange to a beginner who is more used to the structured and logical subjects of natural sciences, such as physics and biology

    37. Here is how they should have structured their Adwords campaign:

    38. What I found in the sales organization were some or no procedures relevant to improving the overall process: no quality control, some structured reviews and little or no reviews of wins or losses to improve the overall process

    39. Perfectionism is structured on the conviction that once

    40. Even though concepts such as subject and object are not manifest, awareness is still structured by conceptual and biological influences

    41. in its crystalline state is structured and is composed of still finer substance

    42. Peter felt determined that Amanda needed to get some structured hospitality training

    43. A few sentences structured in an upbeat description will be more than adequate to pique the interest of the buyers who are interested in fixer-uppers

    44. process or situation is structured – there may be a sequence of steps or conditions that

    45. Rules were set up for logic and reasoning to be used in a structured way

    46. The book is structured in a way that how this transformation happened in his life, narrating the incidents in some places along with the words of wisdom spoken and written by Gandhi

    47. example, begin the session with a round of silent or structured

    48. structured into Three Acts

    49. For many years, I would wake up early or stay up late into the night, filling the nooks and crannies of my busy days with writing, some structured, most un-

    50. Jarek knew and liked the boys in the structured school situation, but this was very different

    1. Here the structures of the canal-front only extended to this level, there were no residential trees above the single building that separated the basin from the canal

    2. Porches, decks, and other wooden structures should not be in direct contact with the soil

    3. I suggest that you use builder’s sand around the base of any wooden structures at least 2 feet out and two feet deep

    4. There were studies of its history, its meta-molecular structures, its effects, famous cases, famous users who survived

    5. dilapidated structures, takes John to an equally decrepit home

    6. Lastriss has about two miles of crystal-framed structures along the docks and a fifty story wall of leafy balconies now lit by the reddening, westering Kortrax

    7. Those of the public who were interested already knew that they were metallic asteroids with strange filamentous structures joining them

    8. to build structures and evolve them to a state

    9. "All the tall structures are residential," Luray said, "overlooking the river and the shops behind

    10. The world has seen many marvels during recent years, and one of the many things that helps to illustrate the fusion of technical modernism with the established status quo is the way in which England’s ancient feudal institutions have embraced the social and political structures of modern times

    11. One of those million structures included my future shop

    12. Naria supplied them with food, and tools to help them build their own structures to live in

    13. There were structures up to five floors, and it looked like it covered at least a half mile square area

    14. Their dress was very much as she had seen in the popular press, the architecture and the lay of the land were as she had seen, but the thousands and thousands of mud brick and rough timber structures around the palace were never shown on any reproduction she had seen

    15. It was accepted that these structures were all of those wasn’t it? It had more the atmosphere of an avant-garde dance school from what she had seen so far

    16. There were substantial homes along shady plazas all the way up the gentle side of the inner island, with larger structures high on that ridge

    17. political structures of modern times

    18. Inspired, Harry began sketches of the more remarkable foundations and buildings, trying for himself to devise the methods he might employ if he were to construct the imposing structures

    19. ” Harry waved his arm, taking in the tangled gardens and damaged structures

    20. structures were more than just granite and stone, they were America

    21. Before long, the Red Wall was a city, its structures and dwellings growing more elaborate, larger, and climbing farther and burrowing deeper into the massive Gorian Mountains

    22. The island was less than a mile wide and two miles long, but it looked a mile high with all the structures piled on it

    23. It was still city, but only one layer deep, few structures had more than four floors, most were two

    24. Now, along the outskirts of the devastation, Lady Katrina moved through the shadows of toppled walls and skeletal structures of scorched framework, keeping her black wig fixed to her head by tugging it downward

    25. Raid camps and put tents and other structures to the torch

    26. Elder elves could create structures of great beauty, statues and murals with such detail and realism they seemed to hold breath and life within

    27. Grown structures were as common as carved stone and cast crystal, especially a few blocks from water

    28. Allows multiple permalink structures and category-specific permalinks without needing redirects

    29. be sustained for periods long enough to grow roots in the brain and starts the process of growing new physical structures in your gray and white matter

    30. Concerning itself with character: It thought through the Zodiac and retraced historical Structures of human memory and psychology with

    31. century, for the members of those structures,

    32. Ruins of once-white stone structures dotted the countryside and she loved climbing up into them

    33. Penelope hurriedly searched for any sign of the outpost, quickly scanning the structures

    34. Following the winding corridors and lofty structures, she eventually found her way to the practice yard that the innkeeper’s son had mentioned

    35. She gasped and her eyes scanned the room, noting the presence of other such structures built into the cave walls

    36. And so he shifted his thoughts again, noticing the rustic structures dotting the countryside some distance from the camp

    37. There are systems and structures that provide avenues and so- called direction for individuals

    38. They were leaning against one of the raised flower bed/chair structures that littered the pedestrianised road

    39. When the violet illuminated strange structures could vaguely be seen

    40. Inside the walls of the house were dozens of shiny metallic structures interlaced at odd angles

    41. The structures reminded Hevel of the metal implants used on Earth for repairing hips

    42. Masaru Emoto it was revealed that water subjected to prayers using these two words , would result in the formation of beautiful crystalline structures

    43. On the other hand, when water was exposed to electromagnetic radiation from microwave oven and television, such beautiful structures did not materialize

    44. structures usually has thermal character

    45. Structures of nuclear reactors are exposed to the greatest degree ionizing radiation

    46. For manufacturers of concrete (concrete mix, products and structures) is important to distinguish the economic effect provided by the admixture due to economy of other resources during manufacture and effect reached at concrete application

    47. I was shaking by the time Clive led us into an old travel trailer, one of the few structures that looked to be in use

    48. constructions manufacturing and installation structures that periodically or constantly are in the water

    49. This type of concrete use widely at installation hydropower, irrigation, transport structures, structures of industrial hydraulic engineering, water supply, sewerage etc

    50. concrete structures in the of massive constructions in

    1. C: -- Firstly, in the methodology of structuring the text and analysing any numeric or chronologic structures that may exist in the original text

    2. Taking away or adding one book will break the pattern which exists in the structuring of various interdependent design aspects that are visible in the Bible

    3. F: -- Structuring the text in such a way that it would seem that each book was written last - due to the fact that words exclusively used in that specific book were divisible by 7

    4. Most of the structuring of the “way the brain works” seems to have been genetically initiated, so unless a new hidden recombination or expression in the making can be encouraged to reveal itself, physical evolution seems to have already offered all that it has within its bag of tricks

    5. It is a matter of structuring the knowledge you have

    6. Simple living isn’t just about making things easier or less of a mental burden, more importantly it’s about knowing what’s most important to you and structuring your life in a way that gives you the most time possible to be with, to nurture, and to nourish those things

    7. The bhavanga is not a true vacuum because precognitive conceptual structuring of awareness still persists

    8. A word of caution here, as contractual structuring of this type is outside the scope of this book

    9. structuring it without a purpose

    10. such, there is no intrinsic value in structuring it without a purpose

    11. A heartily thanks you to Cathy Givens for taking on this project, and structuring the home on top of my foundation, (without you, Cathy, I do not know what we would have done)


    13. Having initially considered structuring the site keywords on a regional basis,

    14. The content reminds me of Reader’s Digest; it’s nothing groundbreaking, but the mass appeal is great for structuring classroom activities

    15. each situation carefully and structuring things with the client and any third party companies to

    16. Offshore Company Formation is commonly used for structuring of international

    17. glanced at the clock and started structuring the task-drama of the next half-an-hour, her

    18. commonly referred to as safe harbors, for structuring reverse

    19. When setting up your IUL and structuring policy loans, there are quite a few different options available and your advisor will give you great advice in this area

    20. is that it’s not about structuring your

    21. Jungian terms, because it would have given him a useful structuring tool

    22. Young's offices to assist me in deal-making and structuring the capital of the

    23. I recognised that Wayne was structuring my expectations and good for him for doing so

    24. either Britvic is structuring expectations away from the original deal in the light of changed circumstances

    25. Close to the heart of Islam has been the conviction that its purpose includes the structuring of a social community, the organization of the Muslim group into a closed body obedient to the law

    26. It took the world in new vision ideas, structuring machines with incredible energy

    27. Structuring is based on refusal to give up the course of action for winning the uncertainty

    28. Ever thinking we are always right, we can’t think around the embedded attractors structuring our thoughts

    29. Structuring The Settlement May Be The Smartest

    30. In case you’re a little confused over what and how to eat, consider the following sample meal plans in the next chapter as a way of structuring your meals and staying on track

    31. bank has reason to believe that a customer is intentionally structuring a transaction

    32. If a bank has reason to believe that a customer is intentionally structuring

    33. As long as you are occupied with pure analysis and logic, trying to imagine abstract schemes of very complex cause-and-effect interrelations and principles of structuring, as long as you manipulate all possible mental logisms in your Self-Consciousness, thoroughly “polishing” them by your analysis, you, beyond doubt, realize actively Aspects of the Quality ALL-Will-of-ALL-Intelligence

    34. For example, I am now trying to convey to you an absolutely new Knowledge for this epoch, which I called IISSIIDIOLOGY and which is a natural structuring part of the Collective Intelligences of countless higher-quality Formo-systems of Worlds in our “future”

    35. Let’s take into account the following two assumptions: (1) that absolutely all initial Information for structuring (in TEC) any of our possible development scenarios is initially “copied” from the UU-VVU of OLLAKT-DRUOTMM-systems; and, (2) that during the subsequent process of its inertial “unpacking-unfolding” in a “personality’s” Self-Consciousness, it is “transmitted back” to the source

    36. Without the active participation of SVUULLMII-SVUU, the biological structuring of lower Forms of manifestation of any LLUU-VVU-Formo-Type, such as NUU-VVU-Forms (that allow for the biological organism of “a human being” to function), and many other things would be impossible

    37. “All” the Experience (both “past” and “future”) typical of a given VVU-Configuration of a Formo-copy can be accessed only in the “noo-time” substance of ODS, where the main factor of structuring of any VVU-Configuration is not Time, but a specific state of the Synthesis of some Aspects of Qualities

    38. All VVU-Information that provides level-by-level (frequency-by-frequency) structuring of VEC-dynamics, by itself, is not associated anyhow with the qualitative state of the Creative Activity of SFUURMM-Forms of SLUI-SLUU that provide the processes of Synthesis on any Levels of the two lower IISSIIDI-Centers

    39. They, and only They, make up the whole energy-information basis of holographous flows of TEC of any Stereo-Form, fully structuring by their Configurations their typical “sections” of the general slloogrent VVU-Information: the Formo-Creators of doolls Configurations provide the most “primitive”, low-frequency “part” of the general dynamics of TEC; the Formo-Creators of wave Configurations provide medium-qualitative, medium-frequency Levels, and the Formo-Creators of flaks, vuolds Configurations provide the highest-qualitative, high-frequency information “blocks”

    40. This will require several hundreds or thousands of years more than in case of structuring more favorable scenarios

    41. major role in molding and in structuring of the member

    42. The third method involves structuring textbooks and classes to be as fragmented as possible so that everything is learned in unrelated chunks

    43. creative way of structuring the web pages

    44. In founding and structuring all three, Rome, the Vatican and their agents blatantly used pre-existing mysticism as

    45. methods of structuring symbolic statements and narratives

    46. structuring all three, Rome, the Vatican and their agents blatantly used pre-existing mysticism as

    47. that they could come forward and begin structuring a New Age World that would result in

    48. Structuring of religious images in one’s consciousness comes out

    49. the process of personality structuring

    50. this very social structuring that can be considered as one of the most

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