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    1. In case of glandular swelling in the neck, consult your doctor

    2. "At least cracked, there's lots of swelling

    3. in the swelling shadow of her jaws and falls across my face,

    4. ‘You’ll have a bit of swelling for a few hours but it will disappear after that

    5. From time to time others joined the ring, strengthening and swelling it, doubling and tripling the number of participants

    6. As Ken and Eileen grew steadily into the trunk stiffening years of their mid-thirties, Ken, moved by an unconscious desire to nurture and grow, turned the back garden of their modest home into a vegetable grower’s delight, with rows of broad beans, green beans, carrots and parsnips swelling with each alternate kiss of the sun and caress of summer rain

    7. beans, carrots and parsnips swelling with each alternate kiss of the

    8. He had a big long larorlie trellis leading all along the side of the house, filling the space between his house and the next one, heavy with last year’s swelling pods and new buds ready to pop

    9. As I said, the swelling could be a lot worse

    10. He wants to shout, but the shock and the manic swelling in his chest make him mute

    11. Mere distance could not sufficiently intervene, but the immensity of the sea, with its tempo of solitude, he felt deeply inside himself and it played in harmony with his spirit as a swelling call to greatness

    12. " He commanded, "It'll take down the swelling

    13. Covering their chests were dark breastplates molded to illustrate the skeletal framework of a human torso; a swelling ribcage, breastbone and the many interlocking sections of ones spinal cord

    14. Engines were shut down and a great swelling of celebration noise and shouts of glee could be heard as the breeze gently wafted down from high

    15. Smiling, her heart swelling with pride, Nathalia looked upon the eyes of gray and white surrounding her, watching as the light of the Brother Moons made them shine

    16. Despite his refusal, Emily poured her energy into the cracks upon Solo Ki's swelling hands

    17. Her golden halo turned into a swelling darkness

    18. She couldn’t find any of the plants that Mother used for reducing pain and swelling

    19. Once more, his axes were in his hands, though now those hairy hands were riddled with swelling black veins

    20. bring tears to your eyes and a swelling in your chest; yet once you

    21. A red welt was already swelling where she hit him

    22. That’s what they’d always done with sheep’s wounds once the swelling ebbed

    23. Now please remain silent while I remove this evil swelling that you have

    24. The expanding (swelling) of concrete volume occurs during continuous storage of the specimens in the water

    25. Raven was surprised to feel respect swelling in his heart

    26. Clivers are used in conditions that are characterised by general or localized swelling or where lymphatic circulation has been impaired

    27. He gently held the tiny fingers in his hand and felt pride swelling in his chest

    28. The freezing temperatures gave the fruit the authority of stones, as evinced by a number of bruises swelling on the man’s face

    29. Brock turned abruptly, pointing at the star-splashed sky, his voice swelling to a shout

    30. Her gaze dropped down to the unborn child swelling within her sister’s body, innocent and helpless

    31. He swallowed several times trying to hold back the lump that I could see was swelling in his throat

    32. Her lip was bleeding and puffy and she could feel swelling threatening to close her right eye

    33. Placing the tip at a certain point just ahead of the back leg, where there was a hint of swelling, he shoved it in, and pulled down with a grimace

    34. Her hair was a big snarl, there was swelling and discoloration around her right eye and more at the side of her mouth, a sewn cut below her chin, her eyes were lined with red and dried streaks of tears lined her cheeks

    35. The Navigation Inn had been a pre-match gathering point for years and the young Steve had marvelled at how people managed to hear one another despite the swelling noise levels

    36. Swelling over the top of the wall and protecting the occupants from view and noise of the street, peach trees flourished

    37. bleeding, swelling, or laceration

    38. swelling out of her throat

    39. tears and swelling shut

    40. I feel the anger that was swelling within me deflate as I turn the vial over in my fingers, inside my pocket

    41. Orphenn could not contain the dread swelling in him as he and Eynochia were

    42. 3 Though the waters of it roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with the swelling of it

    43. you contend with horsese and if in the land of peace, in which you trusted, they wearied you, then how will you do in the swelling of

    44. She felt a wave of guilt swelling over her, dousing her fantasy

    45. The smell of rotting nature was overpowering, and she felt her head swelling up like a balloon

    46. Ecbatane, news was brought him what had happened to Nicanor and Timotheus; 4 Then swelling with anger; he thought to avenge on

    47. Harry was still unconscious but the cake of blood that had formed on his face had been wiped away revealing the horror of his swelling

    48. The smile swelling in her heart lifted the corners of her mouth

    49. But a swelling of tissues is more common, especially those of the hands, feet and face

    50. Skin erupts over the swelling and festering sores persist

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    Synonymes pour "swelling"

    intumescence intumescency swelling bulge bump excrescence extrusion gibbosity gibbousness hump jut prominence protrusion protuberance lump puffiness inflation swell