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    1. The crate was a swollen collection of planks, but framed out with good heavy timbers and fitted with lifting eyes that could have held a long suspension bridge

    2. Leaning up on my elbow I looked down at Menachem’s swollen face and saw in those bruises a love that can never be adequately expressed in words

    3. ’ She instructed, directing a straw between the swollen lips of the recumbent woman

    4. in these swollen halls of the empty sea

    5. The rooms had mostly filled in with swollen wood

    6. grit in his swollen throat, obscured vision,

    7. Stubble covered his chin and one eye was bruised and swollen and had the colouring that could only have been the result of a blow from oncoming traffic

    8. A smouldering cigarette bobbed between his swollen lips when he spoke, 'Hi

    9. I waited in a little room at the back and after a short while, heard her familiar voice calling my name, 'Godfrey? Is that you, lad?' She gave a brave chuckle when she saw me, but tired, swollen eyes betrayed her sorrow

    10. Nevertheless, centuries of fine and proper blood were coursing through her adrenalin swollen arteries, and with her unwavering sense of indignation on behalf of underdogs everywhere, she steeled herself for the physical punishment that was about to pour forth upon her head

    11. Davie has ended lives on Glasgow's heavy, swollen streets, but he has never observed death as part of an industrial process

    12. He sees outstretched legs, red diamond pattern socks and a swollen eye

    13. Johnny the Killer lay motionless in the mud with his right eye swollen

    14. My left eye was swollen shut, so I didn’t have to close it

    15. Are there any plants worth keeping there? A few extra hardy shrubs are starting to show signs of spring – the hydrangea has big, swollen buds on the bare branches and the forsythia is giving it all it’s got with long flowing branches covered in bright yellow flowers

    16. It was swollen to over flowing, by the extra rain

    17. John wiped his swollen eyes with his bandaged hand, trying not to listen

    18. left eye was swollen shut

    19. His eyes were swollen almost completely shut

    20. Roman looked through the swollen lids of his eyes, first at the giant agent

    21. He looked through the swollen slits that used to be his eyes

    22. His feet were swollen by the time he got around to

    23. As it was, his eye was still black and swollen and

    24. River Burbia and saw the state of its swollen waters, they

    25. The swollen river and streams and the poor state of

    26. Every couple of steps he would stop and shiver uncontrollably and the side of his face had swollen alarmingly

    27. The red swollen weals that criss-crossed the girl’s torso spoke of mute testament as to what the brigadier was doing

    28. Thanks to his three-knuckled fist, it was badly swollen, discolored to the dark color of rotting meat, beginning to go a sickly yellow

    29. His body was so swollen with the fluid it spewed from his eyes

    30. The side with the cracked jaw was badly swollen

    31. herself, ran her swollen tongue over her cut lips, then carefully began to read:

    32. forced her swollen tongue into the Ionian rhythms Homer preferred as she began to speak:

    33. And though my breasts were little more than bumps, that day they felt very tender as if they’d swollen overnight

    34. She’d have a quiet word with Philemon, convince him to rest his swollen feet another

    35. She noticed that her cheek was slightly swollen

    36. “Aah, Chloe,” he moaned as the swollen tip slid into her

    37. mother’s arms, whereupon he firmly clamped his gums around Nerissa’s swollen nipple

    38. She placed her lips about his swollen cock and sucked on it, causing him to

    39. his swollen and black-and-blue face

    40. By the end of that first week, the population of the town had swollen greatly, and Barrin inherently understood what was happening, though little understanding of the ways of the world was needed to decipher this particular puzzle

    41. Her eyes were red and swollen from crying

    42. His cheeks were swollen over the bridge of his nose

    43. Never apply eyeliner to your eyes if they are swollen, infected or tired

    44. The river was swollen by spring rains and would be difficult for

    45. I gasped! His right front paw was swollen four times its normal size

    46. Exhausted, he stopped and flung himself on the sofa, chest heaving as he sucked in deep gasps of air, tears streaming down his face from red, swollen eyes

    47. Raven finally raised his head, and she saw his eyes were swollen and red, but his tears had stopped

    48. A slightly runny nose, inflamed gums or a swollen flea bite may point to the introduction of an infection and may indicate the need for the proactive use of Echinacea

    49. Tears ran down his cheeks from swollen eyes and he gave a tortured, high-pitched wail as he hit her again and again

    50. Rufus himself was fussing about in the back of the shop, his nose still swollen to the size of a large pickle, courtesy of Mrs

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    Synonymes pour "swollen"

    conceited egotistic egotistical self-conceited swollen swollen-headed vain massive hefty fat big distended heavy capacious