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    1. I suggest 1 part DE to ••• part Boric acid, added to water or to paint until a thick paint like texture, then painted on the wood

    2. texture that lingers

    3. fur, to bury her face in the texture of death

    4. I can picture Apollo holding it, experience it's texture, rubbing the strands between his thumb and index finger, "How could you do any of this? I was at the orphanage by then

    5. There is a fruit that is very cheese-like in flavor and texture, but cream cheese, whipped cream, things like that, were out of the question

    6. Lucy longed to nuzzle into his fur, to bury her face in the texture of death

    7. They were just a little different color and texture

    8. Chemical peels use solutions that will smoothen and improve skin texture and

    9. If it was texture and flavour and passionate music I wanted, I'd be a local with Zacharias, but if it was yelling conversation, jokes and silliness on order, I'd be in Virgenia's

    10. His high forehead had just enough texture to show wisdom and dignity, his halo of greying wool neatly trimmed a curl and a half deep

    11. Noting the subtle differences in feel and texture of

    12. Emma recalled the difference in the texture of the floor

    13. The rocks were sometimes covered with small plants, their texture told him they were related to the little soft-bodied ones from the desert

    14. It was easy to see from the outer surface and the color and texture and veining pattern on the leaves that these weren’t at all related to the tall ones

    15. He could tell by the color and texture that they were from the nuclei-free life

    16. As you got closer you could see the texture of it’s surface was pocked with balconies of all different sizes

    17. The texture of that mountain was so intricate and fine

    18. Kits eyes glowed bright blue, his fur had a filmy black texture, but his form was mostly a silvery blue shade

    19. that bits of ceiling texture were falling down, landing in

    20. His hair was dark and of rather a course texture

    21. Their twisted limbs caught the rays of the sun, giving them a form and texture of exquisite beauty

    22. "The surface texture could be softer, and it's cold

    23. the angry rumble of my stomach somewhat and on closer inspection of the texture with my tongue,

    24. “I appreciate the texture,” he replied, picking at his

    25. The tiny fish spilled all over the deck and his fine vestments, adding an oily texture and horrible fishy smell to the proceedings

    26. Dawn turned it over in her hands, feeling its rough texture before handing it back

    27. Could be the melt in your mouth texture, or perhaps the sweet peppermint taste

    28. Despite the exquisite taste displayed in the balance of the furniture and the sophisticated play of texture and shade, the bedroom left the impression of complete neutrality

    29. What she wanted was the aroma and texture of cooked meat, but even as the wolf moved quickly toward home and the cooking fire, she salivated heavily

    30. “Hey, check this out; the mixture of red dirt and sun has changed the goat hide’s colour and texture

    31. Momentarily, the memory of some exquisite sauté veal liver assaulted his mind and he could almost smell its fine taste and texture against his palate

    32. Rather like a flat broad bean pod the bean inside is not dissimilar in shape and texture to a broad bean but that’s where the similarity ends

    33. The bones are then unceremoniously thrown into this machine and ground and crushed to a fine substance with a rough texture

    34. From the texture of the crisp mille-feuille with the varying creams and meringues around the plate

    35. Jasmin felt the impact this was having on Max too, it made her realize too how her senses were opening and changing as the days had slowly passed, she could see with a new light, feel Max's presence with new texture that allowed him to become almost as real to her now as something alive

    36. “And the texture with the shards of glass are amazing,” he says

    37. breasts look and feel the same? Did black girls and white girls have the same skin texture,

    38. hair texture or eye color, and I took what I got

    39. will appear to have more texture and will result in lower Glycemic Index numbers

    40. "The colours and texture of the world! So vivid! So alive! And my mind—I am free to explore places that were forbidden just a few minutes ago

    41. Designed in the shape of a Z, Z for Zachary, I guess, the wide tracks seem rough, but with a sturdy texture

    42. for a while, but I didn’t see myself – just the pattern and texture of

    43. The question is whether that reflective quality is purely a product of the chemical constituents of the glass, or whether it’s crystalline structure or fine scale surface texture also plays a part

    44. The first test piece will simply be reshaped, the second will be re-shaped and its present fine-scale surface texture will be carefully duplicated, while the third will be reshaped and have its crystal structure duplicated

    45. The fourth will be re-shaped, and both its present crystal structure and its surface texture will then be restored to it

    46. “If in fact the unique surface texture and crystalline structure are not key to the reflective quality of the stone,” the blue draconian astronomer commented in a throbbing, somewhat sardonic growl, “then the altered piece should not only equal the reflectivity of the unaltered piece, but significantly surpass it, for not only is the sphericity of its shape now perfect, which will allow the many pieces to focus together on a single point, it’s surface texture is now perfectly smooth, which should vastly reduce scattering of the reflection

    47. It’s hard to see on Kragorram because his scales are so small, but you can see where they are not laying as flat against his skin, producing a slightly different visual texture

    48. All Nuns know Benedict's Chapter LV -- "Worry not about the colour or the texture of these things, but let them wear what can be bought most cheaply

    49. Now the sky-scape they walked through changed gradually, in shape as well as in texture, and always Simon could smell the air—cinnamon, lime and sage

    50. I am told that he now lives humbly, dressing in accordance with Chapter LV of Benedict's Rules -- "Worry not about the colour or the texture of these things, but let them wear what can be bought most cheaply

    1. There was a long chemical name penciled in on the textured spot

    2. It was made of something white and textured, so open and thin it would have been blatant if she had dark hair

    3. It had a textured handle, a crystal in the other end and a couple small levers

    4. There were two areas of the tank that had differently textured material

    5. He focused his eyes on the wallpaper with its textured bumps and swirls

    6. marble textured floor that reflected wetness from various alcoholic concoctions

    7. pipe and furnace materials, millboard, textured paints, brake linings, floor tiles, fire-resistant insulation in buildings

    8. They are polished and sleek, and instead of boards running perpendicular to their path, there are sheets of textured metal

    9. As the name suggests, you are served a perfectly broken lemon tart on a quite amazing textured plate (which was a little hard to eat off, but cool nonetheless)

    10. The walls had recently been whitewashed and textured with a rolled-up sackcloth

    11. the rough textured wallpaper with its abstract lines and shapes

    12. Even the vinyl smell of the textured cushions was her creation

    13. She rubbed her face along the textured padding of the floor

    14. The same with furniture upholstered with textured weaves and wicker are

    15. Instead of dark paneling and musty bookcases lined with all the state’s statutes, the textured walls were painted a neutral beige and were sparsely decorated with the only focal point is a painting of the historic Ocean Forest Hotel, long ago destroyed by greedy developers

    16. She was female and she was wearing an old style, blue uniform, skirt and boots, with textured hose

    17. Jay grabs and clamps down on the textured husk with his power-glove

    18. Home Decorating with Textured Paint

    19. Textured paint and faux finishes have become more popular in recent years than at any other point in history

    20. what works of art can be created with the clever and creative use of textured paint

    21. First of all, textured paints and faux finishes are very time consuming

    22. The reason for this is that in small doses faux finishes and textured paints are novel and spectacular

    23. In addition to the faux finishes that can be achieved with paint there are other textured paint affects that many people are learning to their great joy and amazement

    24. “This is a nice room,” she said while looking at the textured walls

    25. Textured protein is another phrase to watch for

    26. On the other hand since this version consists of just a frame, then the potentials and qualities that are contained inside it would all fade out if this textured form is isolated and left on its own

    27. The surface was textured, somewhat rough, like dry skin

    28. Lovingly he felt the textured surface of his father’s journal as it now had greater sentimental value

    29. A textured shadow; it seemed to Jeeter that he looked into the abyss of a nightmare, his darker fears exposed and enveloping him so completely that not even a breath of air might penetrate

    30. I ran my fingers over the rough textured exterior of the house—it seeme to be a combination of bricks, mortar and cement— my curiosity for a moment overwhelmed my itching

    31. Eugene's is more coarse, weathered by the sun, and textured from years of activity

    32. colored and textured tarps

    33. The question is what’s the next best move? As of the time of this writing (Dec 19th, 2010), there has only been one movie and there’s a chance to set a new, more textured, sophisticated direction for the franchise

    34. My fingers ached to put the soft and silky textured clothes on after my bath

    35. timber which is finely textured but is hard and strong

    36. Soft to the foot, these densely textured lawns would have rivaled the most luxuriant carpets woven by the hand of man

    37. If anything, it was the opposite: a stop-sign whose unique scumble of urban grit—whose peeling green pole, textured upon the canvas, whose reflection of morning light near a river in summer—made William want to cry

    38. And as the lushly textured filling coats her palate, the stranger at her side seems to be remembering, too

    1. Textures mingled and changed,

    2. What a conglomeration of colours, textures, and flavours

    3. I closed my eyes and swilled the merry textures with my drink

    4. Bob the Buho’s camouflage, found in other species of Mother Nature’s children, is not only created by the darkness of his environment when he is out on the hunt, but also his plumage itself is skillfully adapted to blend in with the colors, textures, and patterns of his surroundings

    5. Inside the waiting room the impression had starkly altered; calmness created by colours and textures – something Deanna could lecture on, and it made him realise just how deliberate it was: the vast deep blue of the carpet, covering the entire area up to the reception desk, plants arranged neatly and

    6. Demons were present in many of the works, most detailed in the paintings with accurate colouring and textures

    7. While paneled in plates and sheathing of alloy metals of various sizes and textures, the fasteners were ferrous and left huge rust streaks on every seam

    8. We also respect the Mouth as the Organ of Enjoyment and Pleasure allowing us to experience an infinite range of flavours, textures and tastes

    9. The area needs to be cozy, but functional, with pleasing textures and colors

    10. They are coming and, when all the stories are one, with their colours and textures, their voices and their desires, then will the age of contentment truly begin

    11. Annyeke had no clear idea what would happen to the colours and textures of the ancient Gathandrian tales if they remained exposed to the elements, but she did not wish to be the first leader to find out

    12. Azucena had the gift of making appeared out of nothing the most beautiful garments that the textile industry could ever imagine; not even Versace in his best times could have designed so elegant and pompous, simple and stately, coloring or monochrome, conservative or showy, opaque or brilliant, long or short garments which such delicacy and pledge! In other words there were no limits that the creative and textile magic of Azucena could not cover, in terms of textures and designs

    13. Very diverse outfits were adorning the assistants; very similar to those that one hopes to find in the celebrations of the carnival holidays, fascinating masks were accompanied with grace to the exotic hats in a sweeping deployment of textures and colors

    14. If you didn"t read the label, the painting was simply a swirl of complicated shapes, textures and colours

    15. Nervously, they grasped the railing at the edge of the balcony and gazed in awe at the brilliant orange disc heaving itself over the horizon, unable to take their eyes away as it turned yellow, then white, causing the previously monochrome landscape to reveal a multitude of green textures separated from the observers by a flat brown plain

    16. Mostly they would simply admire the colours and textures, enjoying their time together

    17. and textures of the trees, sky, flowers, smell the scents, and the intel ectual will

    18. Sampling from each of the vats and of the various tastes and textures that the wines went through

    19. Henry noticed the difference in textures in his hand and looked down into his palm, which was still frozen in a claw-like grip

    20. to blending flavours and textures or learning to

    21. Colors grow more alive, more vibrant, the textures deepen, and

    22. It continued in this manner at an ever accelerating rate, mixing colors and textures, folding and wrapping in on itself until a glowing silhouette of a person stood before them

    23. With the beautiful colors, rich textures, and 73

    24. colors and textures to keep not only your eyes occupied but also your other senses as well

    25. want to imitate it within their own homes, chances are they will not choose the exact designs, patterns, colors, and textures that you have chosen since there are so many fabulous things from which to choose

    26. In addition to these things above there are faux finishes and textures that can be created with the use of paint

    27. When deciding to use a tuscan theme to decorate your home, you’ll be using textures

    28. the use of various textures, such as stone and tile for the flooring

    29. As I cut up the veggies, I was mesmerized by all the pretty colors, textures and smells

    30. It gave the textures she needed

    31. textures may be added to improve the quality of polishing and stropping

    32. The choice of textures and shades is enormous, allowing you to mix and match and create a variety of different looks

    33. He found it exciting, the colours, the textures of feathers and leather, the sounds–chanting, the beating drum and the dances that went with it

    34. Your design visions can spring to life almost instantly, using real-time rendering with lights and textures built in

    35. Is this what art truly is? Textures and layers and the communication, the shared acknowledgement of our base needs

    36. Mesmerized by the new sensation, and by the stunning shapes and size and textures and configurations and colors of corals and sponges and urchins and cuttlefish and squid and bioluminescent jellyfish and unidentified floating and swimming and pulsating life all around him, he momentarily forgot about the boat

    37. The play of different qualities and textures in the masses that go to form a picture must be appreciated at first hand, and little can be written about it

    38. Lithographic papers of different textures are made for this purpose, but almost any paper will do, provided the drawing is done with the special lithographic chalk

    39. However, eating healthy doesn't automatically mean eating without flavor!� There is definitely a shift that has to take place, especially if you�re used to eating the Standard American Diet (SAD), but your taste buds can truly awaken to new flavors and textures if you�re willing to put in a little effort to make that happen

    40. If it were Madeline, she would take such pleasure in all those lovely textures and colors, the softness of the ties, the crispness of the shirts

    41. We view the scientific level today as so high, and the results of the research so dependent on qualifications, that our own role in this is mostly to embrace the knowledge and evaluate it based on flavors, textures, scents, and aromas

    42. Something about dried apricots and chanterelles makes them similar in taste, but they have different textures and a different level of sweetness

    43. “Here we choose to serve the consommé lightly solidified with cabbages of various kinds and textures

    44. And told them of the winds and cloud textures, and what a star feels like melting in your mouth, and the taste of high mountain air, and how it feels to be a pebble dropped from Mount Everest, turning to a green bloom, flowering your wings just before striking the frosty bottom

    45. They popped up like toadstools in a few years, and on hot summer days asked their father to sit under the apple tree and fan them with his cooling wings and tell them wild starlit tales of island clouds and ocean skies and textures of mist and wind and how a star tastes melting in your mouth, and how to drink cold mountain air, and how it feels to be a pebble dropped from Mt

    46. Jaume trailed fingertips along the ruined wall, savoring textures

    47. Billions of prickling textures

    48. In drawing, color, and composition, rendering of textures, and the exhibition of the resources of the palette, now better known to French painters than ever before, the picture leaves nothing to be desired

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