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    1. The Inspector looks thoughtful, debating with himself before answering

    2. A very caring and thoughtful friend of yours

    3. ’ He commented quietly, looking thoughtful

    4. with large thoughtful eyes, and a cancer diagnosis

    5. "He's very intellectual and very thoughtful

    6. The thoughtful woman indicates your answer

    7. George managed to win my confidence very soon, as he appeared to be a thoughtful and understanding person

    8. “They called and wished many happy returns,” explains Aphrodite, rather thoughtful

    9. ’ She said, her expression freezing for an instant … ‘Yes, that was thoughtful of you

    10. Liesse was sitting back, elbows on the arms of the chair, his fingers steepled and just touching his bottom lip; he looked thoughtful

    11. “That’s very thoughtful of you” said Lardyme

    12. “Aw, that’s really thoughtful of you” said the Queen of Jodechi

    13. Then one of them produced a baglama, a tiny long-necked bouzouki, and began to play and without so much as a glance over his shoulder, his mates linked strong arms across powerful shoulders and began slow, thoughtful steps for no one but themselves

    14. He was thoughtful, then said, "You know this is hard for me

    15. He looks more thoughtful than he did when he sat down

    16. He looks thoughtful for a moment, then nods, ‘Hmmm … Karen is usually right where Jake’s concerned, and it sounds practical

    17. ‘Thank you Abi, that is very thoughtful

    18. ‘That’s very thoughtful of him, Jo

    19. He looks thoughtful, ‘It’s a very strange feeling marrying your brother … all weddings are special but this was … oh, I can’t find the words to describe it

    20. His thoughtful expression changes to one of complete boyish delight

    21. 'You're looking thoughtful this morning, Sarah

    22. “Thank you Sera, for being so thoughtful,” she told her earnestly

    23. After long thoughtful consideration she turned and pressed a button on her desk

    24. A couple of times I catch Chris watching Dave and looking thoughtful … I can’t help wondering what she is thinking

    25. There was another thoughtful pause, as if Alistair was comparing

    26. ‘Yes … very thoughtful of you

    27. The Sergeant cast a thoughtful look in Andy’s direction and opened his mouth as though to say something

    28. Briz looked thoughtful for a moment, then said quietly, “I think,

    29. This remark made Tom thoughtful

    30. Bram snorted, but looked thoughtful for a moment

    31. Abi considered the tiles she had in front of her … her face serious and thoughtful

    32. That’s most thoughtful of you

    33. looked even more thoughtful with this piece of news

    34. Roman described it with his thoughtful words

    35. Thank you for the card, it was very thoughtful

    36. it was so thoughtful of you sending a beautiful Valentine card

    37. scratched her chin and looked thoughtful

    38. Thank you for the present and being thoughtful

    39. had become thoughtful, and wondered what was the

    40. thoughtful and began considering the implications of the

    41. ‘Professor Jonathan Holt,’ he said in a thoughtful voice

    42. He was thoughtful for a moment before adding: ‘I

    43. Corrisan was a proud, thoughtful, and intelligent Elder – he had been so for over a hundred standard years

    44. He was a patient, thoughtful man, and she trusted that he’d shelter her

    45. will be seen as thoughtful

    46. Add thoughtful, helpful and detailed advice

    47. enjoying the shadowy outline of her body, there was no change in his thoughtful expression

    48. ” The more youthful Stormcloak looked thoughtful and offered a small smile

    49. EVANGELICAL BOOK CLUB: "A thoughtful case for an opinion that

    50. The divine mystery of all creation which is to be seen and contemplated, opens up that unique and thoughtful incomparable knowledge of the glory which is not obtained by abandoning creation but by piercing through it with exercise of the spirit and soul combined

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    Synonymes pour "thoughtful"

    thoughtful attentive heedful paying attention serious-minded mindful regardful concerned circumspect solicitous contemplative meditative reflective cogitative pondering