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    1. Women love the thoughtfulness of a date that arrives with a

    2. Needless to say he was very grateful for her thoughtfulness; something she made a point to cultivate with her soldiers

    3. Naria smiled warmly at this small action of the Captain and rewarded his thoughtfulness accordingly

    4. She felt touched at his thoughtfulness

    5. As I entered the gate, I saw Elizabeth press a coin into their hands, and was thankful for her thoughtfulness

    6. She smiled, recognizing their thoughtfulness in leaving for what it was

    7. Ilmal's gaze was deep with thoughtfulness

    8. He shivered violently and Alaric frowned in thoughtfulness

    9. Laino looked pensive with his head slightly tilted and thoughtfulness in his gaze

    10. I thanked him for his generosity and thoughtfulness

    11. The dismissal look changed into thoughtfulness

    12. She accepted this further evidence of his thoughtfulness in the spirit in which it was meant

    13. “Talia and Dalia were exactly alike, except that Dalia had the boldness, and Talia the thoughtfulness

    14. He carried her in one arm like a child, and both their expressions were of such introspective thoughtfulness that it was obvious their attention was elsewhere, and that they barely noticed their surroundings

    15. Privately, on a personal basis, it would not be out of line for Norman, as Parker's boss, to thank the General for his thoughtfulness and efforts to secure the award

    16. Lorna was completely bowled over by the thoughtfulness of these wonderful people and vowed to make a donation to their church as soon as she was able to

    17. changed ostensibly, in slow motion, from fury to thoughtfulness,

    18. I was touched by Fergus’ thoughtfulness

    19. They thanked the kindness and thoughtfulness of the nurses and the handicapped children who just smiled innocently

    20. Of course, proper manners and thoughtfulness of

    21. ” He looked at Lady Jane who eyed him with admiration for his graceful recovery and his thoughtfulness

    22. son’s thoughtfulness and keen interest in all things that may help The

    23. T = Thoughtfulness - This is our god given ability to

    24. Yet behind the thoughtfulness was the certainty of a desire even more intense than that of the passionate and highly sexual Sebastian

    25. She appeared to be one who faces even the strangest of circumstances and people with a healthy dose of ease and thoughtfulness

    26. washed my body in between the pain and the vomiting and I was grateful for his thoughtfulness

    27. It had been an important street for him and he wondered whether Anderson appreciated his thoughtfulness

    28. thoughtfulness of his family

    29. ” She studied his unchanged face, concern married with thoughtfulness

    30. Wishing someone on birthdays, anniversaries, surprises, words of care and moments of thoughtfulness and showering love in general are all little examples of love and care, leading to some happiness

    31. Barnes, all motherly solicitude, inquired if by any chance I had swallowed some of the stones; and desiring to reassure her to the utmost as to the reason of my thoughtfulness, I said that very likely I had; from the feel of things; from the kind of heaviness

    32. When the red roofs and poplars of Wiek came in sight he sank into thoughtfulness, and we walked the last mile in our heavy, sand-caked shoes in almost total silence

    33. She thanked him for his thoughtfulness and left the penthouse

    34. "You are ever helpful, young man," he said, bowing abstractedly and going away to put down his hat and umbrella; and Priscilla, with a cold feeling that she had had a bad omen, rang the handbell Tussie's thoughtfulness had placed on her table and ordered Annalise to bring tea

    35. Jamie was in tears over the thoughtfulness of the gesture of a clean house and incredibly pleased that the only things that had been done to the baby's room was the assembling of the furniture

    36. ” She watched Willow pull in her bottom lip in thoughtfulness and Fern pressed on knowing that Willow's resistance was deteriorating

    37. I thanked him for his thoughtfulness and started reading them in the mornings in my room

    38. To start with, I thanked Pavlos again for the use of his flat and his thoughtfulness in providing it spotlessly clean and equipped with Karima

    39. Asia appreciated his thoughtfulness, but she wasn’t quite sure about having an unassisted water birth

    40. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in making this for us

    41. Waiting behind the wares of love, of courage, of thoughtfulness, of righteous, vindictive anger, there will always be that empty chamber

    42. A cautious glance over the hood at Mac revealed that he was still coming to terms with the loss of his friend; his face had transformed through a mixture of thoughtfulness and an abrupt, sad fatigue

    43. If your lady likes to carry around different satchels and is not averse to an antique-style looking purse, she'll adore your thoughtfulness in supplying her with this style of handbag

    44. mellowed, without obscuring, the bright tints of youth, and the thoughtfulness

    45. "I do not know," said he, after a pause of expectation on her side, and thoughtfulness on his own,--"how you may have accounted for my behaviour to your sister, or what diabolical motive you may have imputed to me

    46. In the evening, when they were all three together, Marianne began voluntarily to speak of him again;-- but that it was not without an effort, the restless, unquiet thoughtfulness in which she had been for some time previously sitting--her rising colour, as she spoke,-- and her unsteady voice, plainly showed

    47. Dashwood and Elinor were left by themselves, they remained long together in a similarity of thoughtfulness and silence

    48. Melanie hotly defended him, saying that anyone who had Will’s kind heart and thoughtfulness of others was of gentle birth

    49. He had not been displeased with her thoughtfulness on such an occasion; it was what every sensible woman would show: but Tess knew that she had been thoughtful to excess, and struggled against it

    50. “Mommy! What happened to your hand?” Cate was already examining the bandaged thumb like a fortune-teller, and as much as it hurt, Regan loved this, the thoughtless thoughtfulness, the way Cate, at six, hadn’t quite internalized-slash-hallucinated the difference between her own pain and the pain of others

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    consideration thoughtfulness considerateness contemplation musing reflection reflexion rumination tact notice observation regard attention