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    1. what? Putting a finger on the knot?' A spiked, cruel laugh, brittle and hard, 'Sorry, that was thoughtless

    2. He groveled as well as he was able, “I was most thoughtless for letting that slip out

    3. effect of no such nice calculation, but of mere thoughtless rashness, and presumptuous

    4. That would be reckless and thoughtless of us as perhaps the first ship after our beneficent salvage proprietor to encounter this

    5. perhaps, natural to monarchies ; and, in time of war, has constantly acted with all the thoughtless extravagance that democracies are apt to fall into, could be safely trusted with the management of such a project, must at least be a good deal more doubtful

    6. ” Saldon realised what a thoughtless question it had been

    7. One of the advantages of abbreviated life expectancies is our being able to pass the buck to Posterity for all our thoughtless indiscretions!

    8. Such (thoughtless) attitudes are (especially) apparent among certain segments of our Youth who have grown indifferent, if not impervious, altogether, to nuance, irony and wit or subtle designs or delicate shadings that (otherwise) require a receptive imagination rather than taking ―everything‖ at their face value, (as many of them seem to do); conditioned as their minds often are by the requirements of material ―evidence‖ and visual ―proofs‖; neither able to draw inferences nor reach (meaningful) conclusions from underlying sources, opting, instead, for the path of least (perceptual) resistance

    9. Dean‘s thoughtless remarks about a ―pathetic old man‖ recalls the relentless efforts of dedicated Nazi Hunters who spent the greater part of their (adult) lives tracking down and bringing to justice ―former‖ war criminals who evaded criminal prosecution after the war and lived to a ―respectable,‖ ripe old age

    10. ) Does the wanton killing of an animal for its own sake, however, rise to the level of killing another human being? Killing a defenseless creature for sheer enjoyment proceeds from thoughtless stupidity or a certain (inherent) wickedness, perhaps

    11. His thoughtless indifference to the momentous progress made in this area (race relations) over the past forty years or more, extemporaneously betrays an intellectual dishonesty steeped in naiveté and misplaced idealism that has lost much of its (historical) relevance in modern society; aside from the rantings of racial factions that stand to profit by re-opening old wounds which Mr

    12. Bruce has long been exonerated by the Court of Public Opinion whose increasing complacency for gross stupidity and thoughtless expression(s) has provided a forum for the likes of self-centered ―comedians‖ who routinely project anger, hate and a genuine contempt for conventional manners under comedic

    13. The pair of them laughed, big hearty belly-shakers, so his thoughtless remark hadn’t done any harm

    14. It was nine-thirty in the morning and Herminia entered the convalescent home at two: not much time to make up for so thoughtless a slight

    15. They were overcome with remorse and shame, and felt that they could never be so silly and thoughtless again

    16. If you’re looking to prove he’s not worth your time, then you’ll want to “stump” him (cause him to look dumb or thoughtless and self-absorbed about the subject of sex) by asking him questions that you know the answers to that he most likely does not

    17. The scientist's words hit hard and leave me emotionless and thoughtless and speechless

    18. In that heartbeat, he understood the power of the cane, knew Gelahn’s grief at the losing of it, and the way he himself had been scarred for his thoughtless use of its mysteries

    19. It is the thoughtless and doubting that it turns away

    20. Harry did not answer and again doubted his wisdom in having taken Lorna with him in that thoughtless flight from his hideout in the woods

    21. Man! I can't see how I could have been so careless, so thoughtless as to let you talk me into this hare-brained…"

    22. Just sharp, abrasive, and a bit thoughtless

    23. What had she done? She felt like crying at seeing her work wasted—her big plan shot down by a thoughtless blunder

    24. During the course of this relationship Michael said or did something which was very cruel and thoughtless

    25. DD took umbrage at Michael's thoughtless remarks (or actions) and her love for Michael instantly transformed into a blazing hatred

    26. I wonder if we’ve been a little thoughtless demanding that you remain here next year

    27. thing is true of the effect produced by casual or thoughtless remarks

    28. thoughtless people who are inclined to ridicule the superstitions of the

    29. They had casually met a thoughtless pagan while on their journey up to the lakes, and Ganid was surprised that Jesus did not follow out his usual practice of enlisting the man in conversation which would naturally lead up to the discussion of spiritual questions

    30. He thought much about these impressions of the Master's forgiving character during those dark and dismal days immediately following his thoughtless and unintended denial of Jesus in the high priest's courtyard

    31. A father's love for his son oftentimes impels the father to restrain the unwise acts of his thoughtless offspring

    32. Be not discouraged by the thoughtless and unkind attitude of your fellows; go on in the joy and liberty of the kingdom of heaven

    33. He cautioned his hearers not mistakenly to apply his illustrations of father and son so as to make it appear that God is like some overindulgent and unwise parents who conspire with the foolish of earth to encompass the moral undoing of their thoughtless children, and who are thereby certainly and directly contributing to the delinquency and early demoralization of their own offspring

    34. 5 "And now I would like to tell you the story of a thoughtless son of a well-to-do farmer who deliberately left his father's house and went off into a foreign land, where he fell into much tribulation

    35. 9 "Now this father had grieved much for his son; he had missed the cheerful, though thoughtless, lad

    36. ' But again did the thoughtless make light of this call of their king, and they went their ways, one to the farm, another to the pottery, and others to their merchandise

    37. Then said the king to his servants: `Cast out this thoughtless guest from my house to share the lot of all the others who have spurned my hospitality and rejected my call

    38. You started out with us strong-minded and intolerant, but you have changed much since you wanted me to call fire down upon the heads of ignorant and thoughtless unbelievers

    39. What experience must you pass through before you will learn to set a guard upon your lips? How much trouble have you made for us by your thoughtless speaking, by your presumptuous self-confidence! And you are destined to make much more trouble for yourself if you do not master this frailty

    40. Jesus looked down on them while they divided his garments, and the thoughtless crowd jeered at him

    41. " Peter was ever a man of thoughtless action and impetuous devotion; so when John whispered this in his ear, he quickly arose and cast himself into the water that he might the sooner reach the Master's side

    42. But the final results of this well-meant experiment in thoughtless brotherly love were disastrous and sorrow-breeding

    43. 7 The mechanistic naturalism of some supposedly educated men and the thoughtless secularism of the man in the street are both exclusively concerned with things; they are barren of all real values, sanctions, and satisfactions of a spiritual nature, as well as being devoid of faith, hope, and eternal assurances

    44. He clearly remembered catching the birds—but when? Why hadn‘t he eaten them? With thoughtless efficiency Joe Billie started a cook-fire and seared the quail, eating both with a can of beans from his pack and washed it down with a quenching draught of slough water

    45. Of thoughtless youth; but hearing oftentimes

    46. each tear she shed, each time she was stung by some thoughtless act on Harry’s

    47. Not until Ave had left, did I realize that it was really thoughtless of me to entrust a strange witch with something that came out of my body, how unimportant it may appear

    48. Lezura was momentarily stunned by the thoughtless, valiant act of Joey

    49. The thoughtless, the ignorant, and the indolent, seeing only

    50. they were a rude and thoughtless lot,” the man answered

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    thoughtless uncaring unthinking stupid foolish witless inept vacuous dull careless inattentive neglectful negligent reckless heedless