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    1. in one long torrent

    2. If the weather was stormy in those hills, these gullies would be an impassable torrent

    3. My anger dissolved, reducing, becoming a sullen undertow rather than a raging torrent

    4. It came out in one long torrent

    5. Show others that you are a torrent of differences

    6. Ted can feel the hard walls of his arteries flexing in his chest, their brittle inner surfaces flaking and cracking under the pressure, under the wild torrent of liquid being forced through them by the flood of adrenalin in his system

    7. The kids turned around and, to their horror, there was a huge torrent of water coming up behind them

    8. Bent over with laughter, Alec leaned over the wall, unable to stop the torrent of chuckles racking his frame

    9. A sudden torrent came from all the posters in the Post Office

    10. He held his hands toward the demons, pouring a steady torrent of energy into their remains

    11. His bones vibrated from the sound of the undead battering the building while the torrent of snarls renewed from the streets

    12. With his vision clouding over, he saw the giant as a dark shadow looming over him, sending a constant torrent of pain into his mind

    13. answer comes as a torrent of sounds,

    14. The trickle of words became a strong, raging torrent that threatened to drown everything in its path

    15. With the sound of a great torrent of wind, it fell towards her

    16. With a loud cry, just as she had done in the bathroom, she threw herself on him, and parting her lips frantically, took in his raging cock and swallowed his torrent of spunk as quickly as he could release the exciting fluid

    17. They just got near enough to the man to see him launch himself over the water, to then disappear into the torrent

    18. This crack in the Earth’s crust would have released a torrent of water, never seen on Earth before and also never to be witnessed again

    19. But it was a torrent of words, pouring out, mostly in a jumble and not making much sense

    20. desperately, to fight off a torrent of tears

    21. warning!” instinctively, I let fly with a torrent of bullets at the light closest

    22. They answered my deluge with a torrent of their own gunfire, but,

    23. Almost without thinking, I let loose with a torrent of bullets

    24. ‘HELP ME!’ The leak had become a torrent as if the entire rubber seal no longer fitted – notwithstanding the inside air pressure which, she thought, should keep the water at bay

    25. When the bay door slid open, a torrent of rain lashed in

    26. Forgo wasn’t one to share his emotions, yet this time he could not hold back the torrent of tears and let them flow freely

    27. The men had long scrambled through torrent and thicket under a galling fire; the sight of comrades falling acted as an incentive, and, like a series of waves, the companies surged forward, the platoons irregular, commands mixed

    28. Unexpectedly Brock's claw tore through the skin on Grey's neck and they watched in horror as the old badger plummeted backwards into the raging torrent below

    29. Darkburst looked about uneasily as the few drops of rain that had begun to fall turned into a sudden torrent

    30. My story, Jerry’s story, gushed out of me like a torrent of guilt and shame and agony

    31. and football played in a torrent was different

    32. The thought made her weep once more, all the tears of the world coursing down her cheeks like the torrent of pain and anguish that ran throughout every living thing swept through her soul

    33. Suddenly the speakers opened up with a torrent of screaming

    34. Also, not far from his property, the dirt road dipped like a roller coaster, allowing flood waters to go over when the drain below could not carry the torrent coming off the mountain

    35. As the earth scoured away from under this now-raging torrent, it morphed into an ever more towering waterfall which, in its turn, wore away the base of the natural dam until, with an earthshaking shudder, it collapsed entirely

    36. Again a trickle turned to a torrent

    37. ”…For six days and nights the winds blew, torrent and tempest and flood overwhelmed the world

    38. A blue hazy bubble formed around Celia and the child, and in a moment they had vanished as if a torrent of light had borne them away

    39. The chief had taken him up to where they could see where a torrent of water poured out of the far side of a huge hole that the sky water had made

    40. His trader friend had said that he’d been shown where a torrent had poured down out of the hills into their Great Water

    41. What if the torrent had kept pouring into their Great Water all this time? It was beyond him to even try conjuring up what it might take to bring it to a stop

    42. She watched transfixed as the platform stood firmly against the torrent that rushed against it

    43. She had stood up during the torrent of words and now gave him a deeply ironic smile

    44. The large river was still a raging torrent, but I didn’t think I would have to cross it anyway

    45. The torrent of water hit her

    46. Suddenly something hit her in the side and knocked her out of the torrent

    47. torrent of rain, mopping the matted spikes of hair his from his

    48. He hit the icy torrent at speed, gulping down a mouthful of

    49. “It is so good to see you,” Maggie said, feeling suddenly as though words could flow out of her in an unending torrent, but before she could say anything more she was cut off by the call of a bugle

    50. As Duncan finishes speaking, a roaring torrent rips through his blood and bone and flesh and he opens his mouth and screams

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    torrent violent stream cloudburst deluge downpour pelter soaker waterspout flood inundation cloud-burst flow stream