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    1. chemical chain might have a lifetime of a second, or it might exist in an unbroken

    2. In the primordial soup of creation a chemical chain might have a lifetime of a second, or it might exist in an unbroken sequence that lasted for millennia, but for Smith that moment of absolute happiness in the melody of life was nothing but a blink of an eye

    3. We are in an unbroken continuum

    4. They are tied together in an unbroken continuum

    5. He found the tent and Desa's cup, unbroken

    6. There is an unbroken continuum of a generation that grumbled against God in the wilderness

    7. I had pointed out in the chapter on Babylon that there is an unbroken continuum between Babylon and the kingdom of the Antichrist

    8. an unbroken swath from the Lurn Mountains in the

    9. ” He continued, “You see Kaitlyn, my own training was the result of my heritage, a legacy of devotion and knowledge passed from parent to child in an unbroken trust, generation to generation

    10. With warm winds and safe harbours, these islands are famed for their unbroken coral reef

    11. Their routine went along unbroken for ten days

    12. If he jumped from here, he would make it – his fall unbroken – to that clear but roiling pool

    13. one vast unbroken sea of ice as far as the eye could see ahead

    14. I felt nothing there but smooth, unbroken flesh

    15. It is an old axiom of war, ‘Never use cavalry against an unbroken infantry square

    16. Along the Caribbean coast, south of Chauita, a tiny village lies hidden among the unbroken belt of coconut palms lining the coast: Puerto Viejo is in many ways the twin of Chauita

    17. Treetops, still sporting as yet unbroken red buds, waved and swayed in the blustering winds

    18. He threw a fist to the black floor which remained unyielding, unmarred and unbroken

    19. However, the continuum of the mind does not cease – rather the continuum of the mind remains unbroken

    20. The long and unbroken peace lulled the wizards into a false sense of safety, and they became lax in their vigil

    21. physical reality is an unbroken Unity that presents itself to us as webs of relations, according to

    22. There was only the gray snow, unbroken as far as the eye could see

    23. “All have come back unbroken, as well as all unused supplies,” Yigal replied with an

    24. The colours around it did not meld with its strange shimmer but formed an unbroken frame that held it in place

    25. the unbroken ones, but there were too many for my troop to carry

    26. finished, directing their gaze with his arm toward a seemingly unbroken line of hills south of

    27. stop limping toward my obstinate friend; my pace was unbroken,

    28. But lay, but slept unbroken there,

    29. Unbroken round me; and the jest

    30. ’ The isolation that we create is an idealization, and one point of view is that quantum mechanics allows us to idealize a photon from the fundamental unbroken unity so that we can study it

    31. See how they are unbroken

    32. nothingness, into an unbroken, unbreaking wave (surf’s up, Beach Boys)

    33. ‘The truth, if there is ever any truth, has been modified by myths concocted by the unbroken line of Mages to quell riots and maintain order

    34. The directory showed an unbroken block of buildings for this site

    35. left them has been handed down with the same words in an unbroken chain

    36. bloodline that has continued in an unbroken fashion for thousands and

    37. 5 After more than five weeks of unbroken communion with his Paradise Father, Jesus became absolutely assured of his nature and of the certainty of his triumph over the material levels of time-space personality manifestation

    38. All we could see was a flat and dry landscape stretching on and on, the unbroken horizon and clouds floating in the sky

    39. Ahead of them lay a range of low hills, sweeping in an unbroken rampart from east to west

    40. From that end of the tongue, his gaze followed an unbroken stream of lambent green, across the white beach, and over the slopes, until it faded in the blue distance

    41. Only an unbroken thread of memory embodied in hate and the urge for vengeance had connected him with the humanity from which he had been cut off, and held him lurking near the people he hated

    42. But the domes that glistened in the leaves below him were the unbroken pinnacles of the royal palace of Alkmeenon which had defied the corroding ages

    43. When he opened it, the circlet was pure, unbroken with no catch to open it nor was it wide enough to go over a man’s head

    44. 11 But Caiaphas could not longer endure the sight of the Master standing there in perfect composure and unbroken silence

    45. Neither was the stone before the entrance of the tomb in any way disturbed; the seal of Pilate was still unbroken; the soldiers were still on guard

    46. Prayer does not move the divine heart to liberality of bestowal, but it does so often dig out larger and deeper channels wherein the divine bestowals may flow to the hearts and souls of those who thus remember to maintain unbroken communion with their Maker through sincere prayer and true worship

    47. The secret of his unparalleled religious life was this consciousness of the presence of God; and he attained it by intelligent prayer and sincere worship -- unbroken communion with God -- and not by leadings, voices, visions, or extraordinary religious practices

    48. But the silence was unbroken, and the stillness gave no token,

    49. He had seen them as he passed by, sitting in their parlors with an absorbed look and folded arms, feeling unbroken time pass, relentless times, because it was useless to divide it into months and years, and the days into hours, when one could do nothing but contemplate the rain

    50. Borneo and Sumatra are south-east Asian islands located on the equator, and are home to a plethora of incredible rainforests and South-east Asia’s last unbroken forests

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