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    1. · To dwell more on pleasant things rather than unpleasant things, like comparing with less fortunate than with those who are born with silver spoons in their mouth

    2. Apart from situations of repeated non-compliance or serious misconduct of the patient and when essential but unpleasant activity is required to be performed, rest of the time consultants should be soft spoken as talking is the main ingredient of patient-doctor relationship

    3. His eyes found the culprit and she was every bit as unpleasant as he had feared; cavernous dripping allergy prone nose, mounds of shapeless, colorless, big New England hair, and a body so laden with fat that only the bare outline of a human form could be seen beneath

    4. congregation! It may mean some unpleasant times ahead during this time of purging of this

    5. Rose has expressed a wish to watch the film which is on TV this afternoon – The Sound of Music - and as it would never cross her menfolk’s minds to suggest otherwise and also as the weather has degenerated into an unpleasant blustery rain, we decide it would be rather nice to curl up in the warm and do just that

    6. Going under things is nowhere near as unpleasant on a planet without spiders

    7. He had a strong masculine smell, not all that unpleasant

    8. She meets my gaze and I can read very plainly just how unpleasant she finds the concept

    9. ‘That was an unpleasant period

    10. ‘Here we are sitting in the sunshine in this very pleasant Spanish town drinking some not at all unpleasant wine

    11. Make no attempt to go farther as this is the stage in the proceedings when students try to achieve too much in a hurry with sometimes unpleasant results

    12. The land is sick; it is unpleasant and unnerving to look upon

    13. Then came a still, unpleasant heaviness and clearly, it was time to get indoors

    14. ’ The second guard said civilly, as his less friendly companion looks me over in what I can only say is the most unpleasant way possible

    15. Take Wales, for example, on Earth the place is riddled with little mining villages where men, women and children slaved underground in the most appalling conditions to produce coal which was then burned to produce pollution and energy to drive factories where even more men, women and children slaved in equally unpleasant conditions in order to keep body and soul together

    16. I stand feeling like a spare part, watching the unloading of the wagon and revelling in the not unpleasant scent of hay and horses which permeates the air

    17. No-one said a word to me but it was obvious that they all knew I’d moved in with you and there was a lot of whispering going on which was pretty unpleasant – Louise said as much after you left us together

    18. It was rather unpleasant

    19. I told her that it was enjoying being with someone even if the job you were doing was unpleasant or boring

    20. unpleasant and inappropriate when candid

    21. ‘It was all rather unpleasant

    22. someone with greater power than you there is an unpleasant type of anger:

    23. Homo-Sapient, with it's intellect, has an unpleasant amount of

    24. It had squawked abruptly when she wrenched its wing off; the sound had been unpleasant

    25. Okay, so calling Tracey would be unpleasant … she’d probably be less than forgiving, but with a bit of luck he could talk her into dropping charges … he even contemplated the possibility that she might take him back … settling down with a baby wasn’t his idea of the perfect life, but it would be somewhere to go

    26. But either way, that’s what she needs, and to do that, she has to visit again those unpleasant recollections

    27. Knights unpleasant, and the atmosphere when they entered

    28. But she was greeted with an unpleasant site, as the kitchen was quite a mess

    29. unpleasant task of taking it forcibly, as he could plainly see

    30. man wasn’t exactly unpleasant, but he couldn’t fairly be

    31. Why make everything deliberately unpleasant? Why not make the best of it and get as much information for us as I can?”

    32. ‘I have something unpleasant to tell you – but it’s all

    33. The rocking caused by the impending storm became unpleasant

    34. Once again the watchmen come to the aid of her call, but this time the encounter is more unpleasant

    35. These things are so ingrained in us that they sometimes must be shaken and beaten out of us through unpleasant circumstances

    36. `No, I'll look first,' she said, `and see whether it's marked "poison" or not'; for she had read several nice little histories about children who had got burnt, and eaten up by wild beasts and other unpleasant things, all because they WOULD not remember the simple rules their friends had taught them: such as, that a red-hot poker will burn you if your hold it too long; and that if you cut your finger VERY deeply with a knife, it usually bleeds; and she had never forgotten that, if you drink much from a bottle marked `poison,' it is almost certain to disagree with you, sooner or later

    37. The incident was most unpleasant

    38. "I'm going to withhold that information to respect the privacy of the people involved, don't make this meeting unpleasant by trying to wheedle it out of me

    39. "I have to tell you that a meeting with you could never be unpleasant

    40. He collapsed into the cook's hammock-chair causing a severely unpleasant scowl on the cook's face

    41. Alec couldn't hear what the Death Guard mumbled beneath his helmet, but he was sure the comment was for him and that it was most unpleasant

    42. on such unpleasant thoughts

    43. It was not an unpleasant taste

    44. the next part of his plan would be unpleasant for the

    45. There was nothing unpleasant about the contact, but it was only a bit more pleasant than contact with any other human being because it was socially acceptable

    46. unpleasant was when, during the play, I was hurting at

    47. and nothing unpleasant will happen to them

    48. They probably were using material possessions as a psychological pacifier of sorts to help distract them from the unpleasant reality that they had created for themselves, as well as to aid them in repressing their somber feelings regarding their otherwise bleak emotional and spiritual existence

    49. It had been two years and their encounter no more than an unpleasant day to Homer

    50. It could get very unpleasant on the plain when the wind blew; the sand would sting like needles on exposed skin

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