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    1. This first step is one of the most difficult stages in the meditation process and involves constant unremitting ability to keep bringing the mind back to that "object" upon which the aspirant has chosen to concentrate

    2. An unremitting river of sweat ran into my eyes

    3. Finally the unremitting, almost desolate, sameness of the basin floor was interrupted by a small farming village and as Afternoonday of Iyosaign waned, on the anniversary of boarding Vyinga's ship, the ordeal was over

    4. circumstances, is a species of warfare, of which the operations are continually changing, and which can scarce ever be conducted successfully, without such an unremitting exertion of vigilance and attention as cannot long be expected from the directors of a joint-stock company

    5. Much praise must be given to the brave Nursing Sisters who were unremitting in their care of the sick on the “Coromandel

    6. “But the real problem was the days and weeks of sheer, unremitting terror,” I added firmly

    7. Training the men, and the constant, never-ending, unremitting work; I guess you could say the stress was beginning to show

    8. Unfortunately, it was a moonless and cloudy night and the darkness was unremitting

    9. Together, they subsume Ralph’s thoughts and memories until he is nothing but a world of unremitting pain

    10. While twelve hours passed for you, we have waged this war for seventy-seven and a half years of unremitting battle

    11. Meanwhile Mark had been unremitting in his attack, and ignored the bolt that passed through his simulacrum’s chest

    12. The woman sighed and said nothing as she followed the unremitting drone of her boyfriend’s voice back up the path

    13. As he had many times before the ardent man slipped his hand across Marti‘s sleek flank and lightly cupped her left buttock with expectant fingertips, the feel of gluteal cleavage causing an unremitting restlessness in his loins

    14. The first of these, Erasing Personal History, was what appealed greatly to me, now, because I had once experienced its positive affects: In what became my last year as a staffer at the CBC, I had been severely embarrassed by my fiancé leaving me, my own inexplicable (to me) penchant for unremitting profanity, and utter hubris in thinking that I was a shoe-in for a job I was not qualified for

    15. Seeing that there was no aid from his companions, he turned his attention back towards the chandelier then pounded his fists forcefully against the table as if in defeat or as a result of having totally broken down mentally as a result of the unremitting harassment

    16. blood, with the unremitting cleansing of all tainted bloods! Your

    17. as did the unremitting waves

    18. For most people the vast majority of past lives consist either of unremitting hardship and suffering, or else of selfishness and chicanery

    19. pores out an eternal supply of unremitting savagery to the bemusement of all involved

    20. That would have entailed unremitting jihad in umpteen battles, but probably, as the unlimited riches of the limited land they conquered would have satiated the urge of Allah’s soldiers to reach paradise, the Sultans too staid put in their grand palaces annexed with vast harems

    21. She flew a circling pattern high above the carnage, her structured thought dissolving into a haze of wanton, unremitting desire

    22. I could not come to terms with the agonising fact that he prefers unremitting exploitation of innocent female students as his choice of pleasure and cynical satisfaction

    23. “What happened?” This time the captain was unremitting

    24. Only the continual search for connections, only through the unremitting attitude of questioning-curiosity-exploration, can we open up the human subconscious to the conscious mind

    25. Through the unremitting efforts of Polish friends we obtained at last the permission to travel to Vienna

    26. The repose of the latter became more and more disturbed; and her sister, who watched, with unremitting attention her continual change of posture, and heard the frequent but inarticulate sounds of complaint which passed her lips, was almost wishing to rouse her from so painful a slumber, when Marianne, suddenly awakened by some accidental noise in the house, started hastily up, and, with feverish wildness, cried out,--

    27. I was tutor to his nephews, who are dead; and when he was alone in the world, I tried by absolute devotion to his will, to make up to him all he had done for me during ten years of unremitting kindness

    28. A very summary process completed the simple cookery, when he and the Mohicans commenced their humble meal, with the silence and characteristic diligence of men who ate in order to enable themselves to endure great and unremitting toil

    29. His unremitting intellect is the hornmad Iago ceaselessly willing that the moor in him shall suffer

    30. I sat one evening in my laboratory; the sun had set, and the moon was just rising from the sea; I had not sufficient light for my employment, and I remained idle, in a pause of consideration of whether I should leave my labour for the night or hasten its conclusion by an unremitting attention to it

    31. What is it that is taught to the people with such unremitting pains and endeavor, and with so much earnestness? What is required of them for the sake of the so-called Christian religion?

    32. Despite the unremitting efforts of rulers to conceal these facts, and to attribute a different significance to authority, it simply means the rope and chain wherewith a man is bound and dragged, the lash wherewith he is flogged, the knife or ax wherewith his limbs, nose, ears, and head are hewed off

    33. ) Why do kindly men and women, who can have no manner of interest in war, go into ecstasies over the exploits of a man like Skobelev? Why do men who are under no obligation to do it, and who receive no pay for it, like Marshals of Nobility in Russia, devote months to the service which demands such unremitting labor, wearying to the minds as well as to the body,—the enlistment of recruits? Why do all emperors and kings wear a military dress, why do they have drills and parades and military rewards? Why are monuments built to generals and conquerors? Why do wealthy and independent men regard it as an honor to occupy the position of lackeys to kings, to flatter them and feign a belief in their special superiority? Why do men who have long since ceased to believe in the medieval superstitions of the Church still constantly and solemnly pretend to do so, and thus support a sacrilegious and demoralizing institution? Why is the ignorance of the people so zealously preserved, not only by the government, but by men of the higher classes? Why do they so energetically denounce every attempt to overthrow popular superstition and to promote popular education? Why do historians, novelists, and poets, who can derive no benefit in exchange for their flattery, paint in such glowing colors the emperors, kings, and generals of bygone times? Why do the so-called scientists devote their lives to formulate theories that violence committed on the people by power is legitimate violence—is right?

    34. Used to little petulant exhibitions of temper whose pricks he had felt with no serious wound, tired out and rendered indifferent by the unremitting brain and nerve tension of his life, Warrener yielded passively, and, going into the other room with a sigh of fatigue, sought his deserted bed

    35. He hoped that the example of these petitioners would tend to counteract those strenuous and unremitting exertions of passion, prejudice, and party feeling, which had attempted to stamp upon the majority in Congress the foul and unjust censure of being enemies to commerce

    36. I exhort the pharmacist of the future to be unremitting in his efforts to raise himself and his calling to a professional status, and then I predict for him that in the natural course the dispensing of medicines will come to him

    37. Said his friend, "Your labors are too unremitting, and what is worse, you are endangering your constitution

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    ceaseless constant incessant never-ending perpetual unceasing unremitting non-stop endless continuous