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    1. He mentally cursed the vainglorious extravagance which had put him in debt to the money-lenders and made him a pawn of scheming politicians

    2. 7 When his cousin had finished speaking, he presented Judas, who, stepping forward near the high priest, said: "All that my cousin has promised, I will do, but what are you willing to give me for this service?" Judas did not seem to discern the look of disdain and even disgust that came over the face of the hardhearted and vainglorious Caiaphas; his heart was too much set on self-glory and the craving for the satisfaction of self-exaltation

    3. 5 When there exists this living connection between divinity and humanity, if humanity should thoughtlessly and ignorantly pray for selfish ease and vainglorious accomplishments, there could be only one divine answer: more and increased bearing of the fruits of the spirit on the stems of the living branches

    4. Vinny expected that and knew the vainglorious

    5. Isn’t it clear that she’s unexcited about her marriage? Won’t that make her a candidate for conquest? But that subtle awkwardness discernible in women, when attracted to men, is missing in her, is it not? All the same, she doesn’t seem to be vainglorious either

    6. But what eye-openers the end chapters of the Gita were to me; what a vile creature I was, I came to realize from these verses - Make all vile, rude guys all / Vainglorious ’n haughty too / Besides being indignant / No less are they indulgent; Gives as virtue man freedom / Keeps him vileness in bondage; Pride ’n lust, long wish list / Vile in conceit live impure; Seeing life as one to gloat / Vile by impulse go to lengths; Seek vile creatures ever shortcuts / On way to wants, they ill-get wealth; Think all vile, in like terms- / This is mine so let me keep / Why not have I more of it, Foe this mine I’ve truly floored / Won’t I tackle the rest of them / Sure I’m Lord of mine own world; Note all vile, gloat as such – / Besides wealthy, I’m well-born / Won’t I give and enjoy too, To their hurt in illusion vile / End up slaves of joys of flesh

    7. Is Brahmanism wise or vainglorious? One can only surmise!

    8. From special diets that are more expensive and nutritious than fifty percent of the world's population, from toys researched, designed and marketed to your beloved pet of choice, to custom made homes for creatures equipped to enjoy the outdoors, pet collectors are private zoo owners stealing resources from and prohibiting resourcing to a dying world in vainglorious attempts to raise the perfect species of hybrid dependent pets that give back nothing, but a beg, whine and plea for the owner's insatiable ego of being needed

    9. The cost of this single vainglorious enterprise alone could be used to eliminate all starvation and poverty on earth

    10. Hitler, Bismarck and Wilhelm had the exact same ambition: imperial dynastic rule of Germany over the world as a war nation: crushing other nations under its booted heel as vainglorious conquering heroes; the myth of an obsolete Teutonic warrior culture being not only preserved but acted out by this pompous spineless jackass

    11. serviceable, rather than showy and gay ones, and divide them between thy servants and the poor; that is to say, if thou canst clothe six pages, clothe three and three poor men, and thus thou wilt have pages for heaven and pages for earth; the vainglorious never think of this new mode of giving liveries

    12. Sancho followed on Dapple, together with all the members of the pastoral gathering, eager to see what would be the upshot of his vainglorious and extraordinary proposal

    13. Hubble, who were surpassingly conceited and vainglorious in being members of so distinguished a procession

    14. And at the very moment of that vainglorious thought, a qualm came over me, a horrid nausea and the most deadly shuddering

    15. And the consciousness that the insult was not yet avenged, that his rancor was still unspent, weighed on his heart and poisoned the artificial tranquillity which he managed to obtain in Turkey by means of restless, plodding, and rather vainglorious and ambitious activity

    16. Pyotr Stepanovitch had noticed long before that this vainglorious, spoiled gentleman, who was so offensively unapproachable for all but the elect, this writer "with the intellect of a statesman," was simply trying to curry favour with him, even with avidity

    17. According to the doctrine of Christ, the good are those who submit and are long-suffering, who do not resist evil by violence, who forgive injuries, and love their enemies; the wicked are the vainglorious, who tyrannize, who are arrogant and violent with others

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