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    1. “She will make some strange noises after I’ve injected this” the vet said, indicating a fat phial of blue liquid that had the viscosity of antifreeze

    2. The viscosity of the ink was critical

    3. viscosity of the ink

    4. To adjust the viscosity, I had to add water, let the ink cycle for 5 minutes, and then run some boxes

    5. An important characteristic of printing ink is the viscosity – the way the ink flows

    6. I had a choice of two instruments which measured viscosity; one cost $200 but was notoriously imprecise and one which gave accurate, repeatable results but cost $6,000

    7. The technician then draws a straight line through the points and the slope of that line gives the viscosity of the ink

    8. I programmed the equation into the lab’s new Olivetti computer and had it calculate the viscosity for a wide range of values, which produced a set of tables, which made the calculation even faster and easier

    9. I use nuts, fruit, ingredients with viscosity, and

    10. thinner-than-water viscosity that allows the

    11. capacity to reduce the viscosity (thickness) of sputum

    12. The Voice gyrated in the viscosity of their perceptual gravity slowly taking shape amongst the tensions of their interpretations

    13. The pot life after mixing is relatively long, but the viscosity of

    14. The lime of murder, the viscosity of revenge, cemented the blood in their hearts until they, too, were poured of concrete

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