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    1. At times we’d ride the bikes down the slope of Wavering Down there, seeing who would hit a rabbit hole first

    2. All Alan could see was a distant dot on tiny stick legs, tiny and indistinct in the wavering distance

    3. She stepped up to the pool's surface and saw her reflection wavering in the liquid below, her visage made even more grotesque in the constant silver ripples

    4. The creatures turned to regard Imorbis, their bodies wavering in and out of existence

    5. Nylos and Ductor both were wavering

    6. She turned to look at her friend with wavering eyes

    7. The Breton looked over at the Nord, whose own dark eyes now shone with the wavering glint of creeping tears

    8. I swallowed, trying to drum up my wavering nerve, and took a few steps

    9. The walk back to the SUV was done with slow, wavering steps, my thoughts again drifting to Walter and his Misses

    10. ’ He couldn’t stop his voice wavering, it would surely know of his fear

    11. In a wavering voice she said, ‘Someone tries to kill me and you suddenly appear

    12. “I will ride at your side,” he insisted, his gaze not wavering

    13. There was the slightest hint of light from up ahead, a wavering of less-than-pitch-black which drew her heart with the strong allure of the wafting smell of fresh baked bread

    14. Karla was stunned, wavering between awe and disbelief that someone could turn their back on such a large amount of money, just toss it away like a piece of trash

    15. My head felt light, and the room seemed to lose its substance, wavering around me, around him

    16. After a few seconds of wavering, his eyes closed and he fell forwards across his brother

    17. I looked up to see Bob wavering unsteadily beside my bunk

    18. He looked closer, trying to make out why the edges of the bites were wavering back and forth

    19. Piers shook his head, glancing around the room, discovering that it wasn’t just the wounds that were wavering

    20. I simply said to Steve with a wavering voice:

    21. “But, what does it do? And what proof do you have they know about things such as these? Much less use one?”, Hilderich was being argumentative but slightly unsure of his words, his voice wavering as if he was shaking from the cold

    22. A long, wavering groan sounded deep in his throat

    23. He stared fixedly at Colling, who met his gaze without wavering

    24. “Go straight up there,” he slurred, pointing a wavering arm in the general direction of the single road coming into town

    25. ” I was wavering, the drug still strong in my blood, it seemed like another woman stood in my skin soaked in blood

    26. He then told him in a hushed, nearly wavering voice:

    27. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering

    28. I touch a wavering hand to my forehead

    29. His face appeared as though viewed through moving water, features wavering where they should be firmly in place

    30. The ethereal beauty of the asters in the moonlight, the glimmer of the little spring, the soft croon of the brook, the wavering grace of the brackens all wove a white magic round John Meredith

    31. The super-human’s resolve was beginning to wane, his strong stature wavering

    32. room at the opposite end of the cavern, wavering as someone

    33. that he may be threatened; neither is he as the son of man, that he should be wavering

    34. Colors swim like fish, in and out; one swims among them, holding out wavering arms to balance, to move by

    35. Thus, my sales career stays on the side, wavering in

    36. Vacancy” in a wavering blue neon

    37. Shaftner pointed a wavering finger at Ken, “I think that’s him, but with all those bandages, it’s difficult to say

    38. Jas 1:6 But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering

    39. Heb 10:23 Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;)

    40. The Lost One is wavering and Duncan cannot afford any turning back from decisions already made

    41. It was night at their destination when they arrived, and the scene was lit by dozens of gas torches brightly wavering in the summer breeze at the tops of two meter tall steel posts

    42. “The bow line wavering must mean that it isn’t under as much pressure as the stern line,” offered Yigal, suddenly unnerved by what he had just said

    43. Was that just hot air wavering or was that the faint glimmer reflecting from a cooking fire? Was that the dust of an encampment? It obscured all movement, allowing only vague wraithlike emanations to occasionally dance within it

    44. Finally, the colours wavering above the people’s heads shifted to a steady blue, and when they spoke the answer was yes

    45. 16 Do not bind the counsels of the Lord our God for God is not as man that he may be threatened; neither is he as the son of man that he should be wavering

    46. His black hair was neatly combed back, his peanut mustache twitched like a rabbit's nose sampling the air as his eyes ranged the crowd in wavering jerks

    47. “The bow line wavering must mean that it isn't under as much pressure as the stern line,”

    48. He’s not wavering at all

    49. Was that just hot air wavering or was that the faint glimmer reflecting from a cooking fire? Was

    50. They whose branches were half-withered to the same extent are the wavering; for they neither live nor are they dead

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    fluctuation wavering hesitation vacillation vacillant vacillating