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    1. Sharnie lived a rather urban lifestyle for these parts, spinning lots of yarn in the weaving barn and spending the proceeds on cooks and cups around the pond

    2. A hood covered the head of the image in the pool, a tattered shred of cloth sown together with what appeared to be yarn

    3. The spinning of linen yarn is carried on in Scotland nearly in the same way as the knitting of

    4. Secondly, the use of several very ingenious machines, which facilitate and abridge, in a still greater proportion, the winding of the worsted and woollen yarn, or the proper arrangement of the warp and woof before they are put into the loom ; an operation which, previous to the invention of those machines, must have been extremely tedious and troublesome

    5. the pound was imposed upon the importation of foreign brown linen yarn, instead of much higher duties, to which it had been subjected before, viz

    6. the pound upon sail yarn, of 1s

    7. the pound upon all French and Dutch yarn, and of £2:13:4 upon the hundred weight of all spruce or Muscovia yarn

    8. the yard, even this small duty upon the importation of brown linen yarn was taken away

    9. In the different operations, however, which are necessary for the preparation of linen yarn, a good deal more industry is employed, than in the subsequent operation of preparing linen cloth from linen yarn

    10. To say nothing of the industry of the flax-growers and flaxdressers, three or four spinners at least are necessary in order to keep one weaver in constant employment; and more than four-fifths of the whole quantity of labour necessary for the preparation of linen cloth, is employed in that of linen yarn ; but our spinners are poor people; women commonly scattered about in all different parts of the country, without support or protection

    11. By encouraging the importation of foreign linen yarn, and thereby bringing it into competition with that which is made by our own people, they endeavour to buy the work of the poor spinners as cheap as possible

    12. Both the bounty upon the exportation of linen, and the exemption from the duty upon the importation of foreign yarn, which were granted only for fifteen years, but continued by two different prolongations, expire with the end of the session of parliament which shall immediately follow the 24th of June 1786

    13. It cannot be packed in any box, barrel, cask, case, chest, or any other package, but only in packs of leather or pack-cloth, on which must be marked on the outside the words WOOL or YARN, in large letters, not less than three inches long, on pain of forfeiting the same and the package, and 8s

    14. Woollen yarn and worsted are prohibited to be exported, under the same penalties as wool even white cloths we subject to a duty upon exportation; and our dyers have so far obtained a monopoly against our clothiers

    15. Foreign materiais are, upon this account, sometimes allowed to be imported duty-free; spanish wool, for example, flax, and raw linen yarn

    16. Considering he is the only cat we’ve ever known who has run in fear of a dangling length of brightly colored yarn, we can only surmise that someone must have tried to hang him

    17. is the yarn or fabric that is similar to silk, and comes from the

    18. 28 And Solomon had horses brought out of Egypt, and linen yarn, the king's merchants received the linen yarn at a price

    19. 16 And Solomon had horses brought out of Egypt, and linen yarn, the king's merchants

    20. received the linen yarn at a price

    21. _I_ am not a Ladies' Aider, but I shall knit Faith two pairs of stockings, out of this nice black yarn, as fast as my fingers can move and that you may tie to

    22. When she had gone away, looking so proud and happy, the poor little thing, I remembered that all I had to wear were the horrid red and blue things Aunt Martha knit last winter for me out of some yarn that Mrs

    23. It was dreadfully coarse yarn and all knots, and I never saw any of Mrs

    24. Burr's own children wearing things made of such yarn

    25. "She will find that she will not be able to cheat the Methodist parson out of HIS salary with bad yarn

    26. “Quiet, boy, let me spin this yarn

    27. “When did you say that it would open?” Dryan asked then covering his mouth a yarn escaped him

    28. The lady in the middle held an enormous basket of electric-blue yarn

    29. The middle one cut the yarn, and I swear I could hear that snip across four lanes of traffic

    30. “The middle one took out her scissors, and she cut the yarn

    31. “Grover-that snipping of the yarn

    32. Dodds, or the sound of that old fruit lady’s shears snipping the yarn

    33. Dodds and the three old ladies with the yarn, but I thought it would sound stupid

    34. During these discussions, he would find time to spin cotton in to yarn

    35. Bast wadded up her bal of yarn and tossed it down the steps

    36. her eyes on the bal of yarn, which had rol ed to the bottom of the steps

    37. I received a box of ugly green yarn and my first pair of knitting needles

    38. She looked up over the edge of the couch, and said, "After you put your things away, bring me the yarn you got for your birthday, as well as the needles

    39. I came back out with the yarn and needles, and handed them to her

    40. You will need a piece of thick string or yarn about 9 or 10 inches long

    41. Consider, I say, this fish o' the sea; it has no loom or yarn to spin, yet no king in all his glory could be decked out in all its finery

    42. It’s found in ammonia, anesthetics, antihistamines, artificial limbs, artificial turf, antiseptics, aspirin, auto parts, awnings, balloons, ballpoint pens, bandages, beach umbrellas, boats, cameras, candles, car battery cases, carpets, caulking, combs, cortisones, cosmetics, crayons, credit cards, curtains, deodorants, detergents, dice, disposable diapers, dolls, dyes, eye glasses, electrical wiring insulation, faucet washers, fishing rods, fishing line, fishing lures, food preservatives, food packaging, garden hose, glue, hair coloring, hair curlers, hand lotion, hearing aids, heart valves, ink, insect repellant, insecticides, linoleum, lipstick, milk jugs, nail polish, oil filters, panty hose, perfume, petroleum jelly, rubber cement, rubbing alcohol, shampoo, shaving cream, shoes, toothpaste, trash bags, upholstery, vitamin capsules, water pipes and yarn

    43. Thus, a great yarn, and a continued friendship, amongst the specialized branches of the US

    44. A yarn girl walked in and saw the two

    45. She had heard some rumors about him from the yarn girls but

    46. the yarn girls caught him fetching his own yarn in their warehouse and

    47. pinned him into a corner with their yarn carts for questioning

    48. The fact that there were tassels made of red yarn tied onto the tips of the yak’s horns did not fool anyone for a moment

    49. Recreation with the community included spinning yarn and doing mending as they chatted

    50. associates and friends? You will learn more about Doug Repton later in this yarn but

    1. Those several ideas that I yarned up to here, some of

    2. They ordered a couple of beers and Tim yarned with the barman about brawls with the nightclub’s bouncers

    3. We sat down and we drank and we yarned about old times, but the more he drank the less I liked the look on his face

    1. Hateful to think of sitting on a park bench yarning with other ancient citizens thirty or forty years down the road

    2. Anthony's got hold of you and been yarning to you about Alfy's collar," said Mrs

    1. Belle set him to sorting yarns and threads for her blankets and rugs and stringing them on her traditional looms

    2. or spinning yarns, in which the narrator was the hero

    3. Of course, _I_ know that half the yarns that are told about you ain't true

    4. yarns about screwball scenarios such as the donkey parade in Rio, or his alleged attack by

    5. I adopted the attitude of the ―Show Me State‖ and took everything he told me with a grain of salt mindful of the fact that his propensity to spin yarns and play games with the screws and the man enabled his appointment with the executioner

    6. At first Tim following me around was not that annoying as it had been the same faces in the yard for a while and having some new stories to hear and someone who had not heard my yarns was a novelty

    7. My circuitous route into Dale’s arms had been like one of those yarns about a stranger in town who

    8. What dreary yarns padded out with inconsequential minutiae, populated by, or

    9. Anne likewise glanced up from her yarns and needles

    10. There were in that ship's company three or four fellows who dealt in tall yarns, and I knew that on the passage out there had been a dispute over a game in the foc'sle once or twice of a rather acute kind, so that all card- playing had to be abandoned

    11. Often, he spins entertaining yarns, adding dialects and jokes to his presentations

    12. With some justice, fishermen's yarns aren't to be trusted, but here's what a few of them relate

    13. Nobody ever knew how these silly yarns got about

    14. Easton had chummed up with a lot of the regular customers at the `Cricketers', where he now spent most of his spare time, drinking beer, telling yarns or playing shove-ha'penny or hooks and rings

    15. Do you think they are genuine? He could spin those yarns for hours on end all night long and lie like old boots

    16. 'You've been listening to some of the yarns they spin in the public-houses about here

    17. Well, when I was up there I heard some yarns of the same kind—traditions of Indians and the like, but with somethin' behind them, no doubt

    18. We've told yarns by the campfire in the prairies, and dressed one another's wounds after trying a landing at the Marquesas, and drunk healths on the shore of Titicaca

    19. There are more yarns to be told, and other wounds to be healed, and another health to be drunk

    20. As I kept passing and repassing the filling or woof of marline between the long yarns of the warp, using my own hand for the shuttle, and as Queequeg, standing sideways, ever and anon slid his heavy oaken sword between the threads, and idly looking off upon the water, carelessly and unthinkingly drove home every yarn: I say so strange a dreaminess did there then reign all over the ship and all over the sea, only broken by the intermitting dull sound of the sword, that it seemed as if this were the Loom of Time, and I myself were a shuttle mechanically weaving and weaving away at the Fates

    21. By experiment its one and fifty yarns will each suspend a weight of one hundred and twenty pounds; so that the whole rope will bear a strain nearly equal to three tons

    22. At one extremity the rope was unstranded, and the separate spread yarns were all braided and woven round the socket of the harpoon; the pole was then driven hard up into the socket; from the lower end the rope was traced half-way along the pole's length, and firmly secured so, with intertwistings of twine

    23. "Just looking over some old Story Club yarns

    24. In yarns of youthful troopers gay,

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