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    1. Paul said he wishes all men were like he was and could abstain from carnal entertainment

    2. That would explain why they abstain from any close contact with anyone also

    3. A man of any rank may, without any reproach, abstain totally from tasting such liquors

    4. In the same passage it continues and states that we must abstain from all evil

    5. There are certain things which we just know is evil, nobody has to teach you that its evil, you know it is, therefore abstain from it, just like cremation is evil

    6. Even the hungry "young rips" did not feel it any great deprivation to abstain from the "lumpy porridge and blue milk" which had aroused the scorn of Mary Vance

    7. Q: Does it mean I should abstain from doing anything?

    8. At least I abstain from displaying the Administration's arrogance and smug self-certainty, when faced with doubt and unknowability

    9. observer contexts, yet one chooses to abstain from this practice in philosophical and everyday

    10. Let all except the very weak and the sick abstain altogether from eating the flesh of animals

    11. For it is well that they should be cut off from the lusts that are in the world since “every lust wars against the spirit”; and “neither fornicators nor effeminate nor abusers of themselves with mankind shall inherit the Kingdom of God” nor those who do things inconsistent and unbecoming; therefore it is needful to abstain from all these things being subject to the Presbyters and Deacons as to God and Christ

    12. I exhort you therefore that you abstain from covetousness and that you be chaste and truthful

    13. Therefore, one has to abstain from writing generic speeches for all kinds of audience

    14. Pauses and culmination of a speech is of utmost importance; a speaker should abstain from being so emotional that he may be carried away

    15. So you should abstain from using animation inadvertently

    16. One must have Right Action or conduct which means following the five precepts: Avoid and abstain from killing, stealing, illicit sex, lying (which includes slander and deceit), and laziness (which includes thrill-seeking and taking stimulants)

    17. After these ceremonies and the making of the vows to abstain from all intoxicating drinks, to let the hair grow, and to refrain from touching the dead, the family proceeded to Jerusalem, where, before the temple, John completed the making of the offerings which were required of those taking Nazarite vows

    18. that God would from His plan abstain

    19. In other words, some may want to abstain from having sex, so that they would be able to do it at the right time of the month

    20. You abstain from eating for 16 to 20 hours per day, and consume the bulk of your calories the last 4 to 8 hours each day

    21. I also needed a six month series of weekly blood tests, but my problem had nothing to do with the needles; I had to abstain from Cabernet Sauvignon for the duration

    22. I am thrilled that they have jobs they love, so while you won’t hear me speak against them, I think I should abstain from any votes where they are concerned

    23. " He would abstain from using software programs that forced him to compromise his ethical beliefs,

    24. But I do say unto you to abstain from things strangled, from blood, and from that that is polluted by idols

    25. Because, when the committee votes on the convention center project, I intend to abstain in voting on recommending the project to the city, not only because of the mess 234

    26. Wickland considered this along with the letter from Spalding alleging he would abstain when it came to voting on recommendations on the project

    27. author and finisher of our faith, and this we can only do when we abstain

    28. “Sir, sorry for my negligence that I could not abstain myself outside and entered here without permission but the matter is so important that I had to touch you in emergency, Mr

    29. I’ll abstain from tomorrow for the rest of my life,

    30. Abstain From Fleshly Lusts Which War Against the Soul

    31. He is calling all of us to holiness and He wants all of us to abstain from any kind of sexual immorality

    32. I had some people say: oh, I just feel I prayed, and we feel it's right to move in with one another, and live together; and I say: what, you mean you're going to be having sexual relationships? How can the Holy Spirit be leading you to do that, when He says: abstain from fornication? Come on, help me understand how the one who wrote the Bible, now is telling you a different story,, and it's your story, it's so different because it's about you?

    33. Consider what Peter says: "Abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul" (1 Pet

    34. Taken by their seductive ways, won’t Sathyam find Roopa a routine fare, and abstain from her altogether in time? Won’t that make her think in terms of entrusting her fleshy wares to my amorous care? Does she care that’s an illicit fare?’

    35. Neither Tom nor I wanted to abstain from alcohol that

    36. abstain from that which is unworthy

    37. Having revealed that the deeds of the libertines are that which shackle them and that nothing of their actions is neglected, the Almighty wanted to refute their pretense of that the believers deprive themselves of pleasure and bliss when they abstain from giving their spirit its whim or succumbing to its desire

    38. So, be sure that anything conflicting with that was but interpolated by the hands of people of aberration and atheism then they attributed it to a group of venerable scholars so as to make it work with the simple-minded people so that the hypocrites and the people of ill hearts say: “If the Prophets did what they did, how could we, then, abstain from getting the desires?!”

    39. He who has not the means thereto, let him do a good act or abstain from an evil one

    40. Staunchly determine to abstain from worry during that hour

    41. Further, out of frustration I messaged to everyone that I had quit and therefore abstain from any further campaign now

    42. them, on which it isrequired to hear mass, and to abstain

    43. Abstain from decadence without judging those who participate in it

    44. He was compelled to go, but he assumed I would abstain

    45. We abstain from all painful truths

    46. If you are weeping over your sins you may want to abstain from participating in the Lord’s Supper

    47. 697 It was declared that the New Testament Gentile Church is under grace and not the law except to abstain from certain sinful practices

    48. Sacramentum) “to abstain from theft, robbery, adultery, and breach of faith

    49. 3 For this is the will of God, even your sanctification, that ye should abstain from fornication:

    50. We have freedom in Christ, spare me of your judgments and vain thoughts of your our doctrines cause Jesus call us not man God only wants love and thats by staying faithful in His words and away from sinning, He that dont keep His words or Has saying don’t love Him nor our Father so abstain fornication and things that will entice your flesh to sin

    1. For the duration of 4 days all heavy chemicals are abstained from beginning

    2. Remember how Mayor Pedlar abstained from voting on the police budget, and then praised it about ten days later? Mrs

    3. So I abstained myself for the moment

    4. 3 And moreover concerning Job it is thus written: Job was a just man and blameless truthful one that feared God and abstained from all evil

    5. Nevertheless, he did not believe that Americus approved it, for which he abstained

    6. 3 Jesus ate frugally while on the mountain; he abstained from all food only a day or two at a time

    7. On one occasion he bound his abdomen tightly with hooktree cords and abstained from eating or drinking for an entire month

    8. Many of them also abstained from having wives and advocated a

    9. Another cause of relief during this critical period, and especially the first few days, was that Spain had abstained from any intervention and Hitler had not attempted to strike through Spain against Gibraltar

    10. There will be those who say I abstained in voting because I was caught up in the scandal

    11. during the time that Moses met regularly with Almighty God he abstained

    12. The man who took the vow of a Nazarite in Israel, not only took no wine, but he even abstained from grapes in any shape whatever

    13. 1946, though it abstained from the Constituent Assembly

    14. The interpolator ones deceived them by what they had filled their books with mistakes, infringements, and interpretations contradicting Al’lah’s Attributes and the noble prophets’ perfection, then Muslim lost his way and sank into the sea of disagreement of sects and parties, and he abstained from religion and inclined to this lower life because of them

    15. in the lower back than those who abstained

    16. Women who abstained from alcohol and consumed less than one

    17. Then the Muslims lost their way and sank into the sea of disagreement between sects and parties, and they abstained from religion and inclined to this lower life because of them

    18. The interpolator ones deceived them by what they had filled their books with mistakes, infringements, and interpretations contradicting Al'lah's Attributes and the noble prophets' perfection, then Moslem lost his way and sank into the sea of disagreement of sects and parties, and he abstained from religion and inclined to this lower life because of them

    19. The girl abstained because of terrible coughing fits

    20. But from this Christ steadfastly abstained

    21. ' And he argued that every time he abstained, his resolve and

    22. The billy-bong came out but I abstained for reasons of health, happy to sip on rum

    23. As for excesses, he had always abstained from them, as much from cowardice as from refinement

    24. Having taken barbiturates throughout his life, he abstained just when he needed them most, for the desire to perfect his manuscript overrode all physical suffering

    25. carefully abstained from gazing in that direction

    26. In fact, he had it in his thought to tell her that she ought not to have received young Ladislaw in his absence: but he abstained, partly from the sense that it would be ungracious to bring a new complaint in the moment of her penitent acknowledgment, partly because he wanted to avoid further agitation of himself by speech, and partly because he was too proud to betray that jealousy of disposition which was not so exhausted on his scholarly compeers that there was none to spare in other directions

    27. Brooke on this occasion abstained from boasting of his tactics to Ladislaw, who for his part was glad enough to persuade himself that he had no concern with any canvassing except the purely argumentative sort, and that he worked no meaner engine than knowledge

    28. This was the care which he had hitherto abstained from mentioning to Rosamond; and he believed, with some wonder, that it had never entered her mind, though certainly no difficulty could be less mysterious

    29. would he, Lydgate, have abstained from all inquiry even on finding the man dead?—would the shrinking from an insult to Bulstrode—would the dubiousness of all medical treatment and the argument that his own treatment would pass for the wrong with most members of his profession—have had just the same force or significance with him?

    30. It is still possible that Bulstrode was innocent of any criminal intention—even possible that he had nothing to do with the disobedience, and merely abstained from mentioning it

    31. A typical large unit in this field, provided only it abstained from reckless expansion policies, was not likely to suffer tremendous fluctuations in its earnings

    32. chronically and then abstained from taking the drug

    33. Buffett responded that he had abstained from the vote but was opposed to the plan, and that he had been quietly talking to management about reducing its excessive pay proposal—but he didn’t want to “go to war” with Coke over the issue

    34. Can I lift my arm? I lift it, but ask myself: could I have abstained from lifting my arm at the moment that has already passed? To convince myself of this I do not lift it the next moment

    35. That I did not lift my arm a moment later does not prove that I could have abstained from lifting it then

    36. He refused to see him, as he passed through on his return from the island of Elba, and he abstained

    37. In the meanwhile, he abstained from touching that money

    38. Some considering touch of humanity was in him; for at times like these, he usually abstained from patrolling the quarter-deck; because to his wearied mates, seeking repose within six inches of his ivory heel, such would have been the reverberating crack and din of that bony step, that their dreams would have been on the crunching teeth of sharks

    39. As for the other prisoners, they abstained from questioning him; when once they had applied compresses they paid no more attention to him, thinking probably it would be better to leave him alone, and not to worry him by their questions and compassion

    40. But when Khilkov returned to Russia in 1905, he absolutely abstained from every political activity

    41. This paragraph obviously means that he had abstained from such an insinuation because "he was unable to substantiate the fact

    42. Your having abstained from fulfilling your intimation that you would expose your prisoners to the enemy's fire, is highly approved

    1. "Whitey" Whisenand and asked him, with obvious pride but in a manner that would brook no abstaining, what he thought of his, the President's, ability to prosecute an airwar

    2. And let the presbyters be compassionate and merciful to all bringing back those that wander visiting all the sick and not neglecting the widow the orphan or the poor but always “providing for that which is becoming in the sight of God and man”; abstaining from all wrath respect of persons and unjust judgment; keeping far off from all covetousness not quickly crediting an evil report against any one not severe in judgment as knowing that we are all under a debt of sin

    3. She had learned how to melt her instilled memory blocks by fasting and abstaining from sexual activity

    4. Ironically, the Bible also states that fasting and abstaining clears the mind and cleanses the soul

    5. With the governor of Saturn also being in charge of the Uranus, Neptune and Pluto sectors, that left only the governors of Mercury and of the Moon abstaining from publishing a travel advisory against Acapulco

    6. This had to be approved by the Cypriot parliament; they overwhelmingly rejected the package with 36 MPs voting against it, 19 abstaining and none in favour

    7. neither any profit in the doing of action nor any loss in abstaining from

    8. This is what part two of the holy Hadith is explaining about some groups of people who fast knowing nothing about fast except abstaining from taking food and drinks from the Dawn till the Sun-set, it is only one of the acts of worshiping Al’lah and it is compulsory to all Muslims

    9. As for acts such as abstaining from eating food or drinking water or both for a year, we say: Al’lah never revealed any proof confirming the usefulness of such acts and of causing of such stress on ourselves

    10. [68] Fasting here is intended to mean abstaining from doing all that is forbidden

    11. It makes no sense to concentrate all of one’s generosity and the spirit of giving into one day called Christmas: while abstaining from the practice of giving for the rest of the year

    12. If abstaining from these products reduces the occurrence of acne outbreaks, diet modification should be considered to help control future instances of acne

    13. Fasting is usually defined as abstaining from food

    14. A habitual smoker, he had improved so greatly under treatment, which included his abstaining

    15. If thou dost acknowledge this fairly and openly, thou shalt escape death and save me the trouble of inflicting it upon thee; if thou fightest and I vanquish thee, I demand no other satisfaction than that, laying aside arms and abstaining from going in quest of adventures, thou withdraw and betake thyself to thine own village for the space of a year, and live there without putting hand to sword, in peace and quiet and beneficial repose, the same being needful for the increase of thy substance and the salvation of thy soul; and if thou dost vanquish me, my head shall be at thy disposal, my arms and horse thy spoils, and the renown of my deeds transferred and added to thine

    16. He exerted preter-human self-denial in abstaining from finishing him completely; but getting out of breath he finally desisted, and dragged the apparently inanimate body on to the settle

    17. He prescribed more physical exercise as far as possible, and as far as possible less mental strain, and above all no worry— in other words, just what was as much out of Alexey Alexandrovitch’s power as abstaining from breathing

    18. There were at the time as many reasons for the step as against it, and there was no overbalancing consideration to outweigh his invariable rule of abstaining when in doubt

    19. She was vexed and disappointed, but she was bent on abstaining from useless words

    20. Boris, speaking with deliberation, told them in pure, correct French many interesting details about the armies and the court, carefully abstaining from expressing an opinion of his own about the facts he was recounting

    21. But I am not now abstaining from doing so at the first moment when I asked the question

    22. He exerted preterhuman self-denial in abstaining from finishing him completely; but getting out of breath, he finally desisted, and dragged the apparently inanimate body on to the settle

    23. He prescribed more physical exercise as far as possible, and as far as possible less mental strain, and above all no worry—in other words, just what was as much out of Alexey Alexandrovitch's power as abstaining from breathing

    24. Now a Christian cannot make known his knowledge of truth except by abstaining from the errors that lead men into evil; he must render good for evil

    25. The ideal is complete chastity, even in thought; the commandment which points out the degree of attainment, below which, in the attainment of this ideal, it is absolutely possible not to descend, is the purity of the marital life, the abstaining from fornication

    26. It was possible with the pagan world-conception to promise to do the will of the civil authorities, without violating the will of God, which consisted in circumcision, the Sabbath, praying at set times, abstaining from a certain kind of food, and so forth

    27. The questions about abstaining from tobacco and all kinds of exciting beverages, beginning with alcohol and ending with tea, the questions about eating without the slaughter of living beings, vegetarianism, the questions about sexual continence in domestic life, and many others, which partly have been solved and partly are being worked out, and possess a vast literature in Europe and in America, have not yet been touched upon by us, and so Mrs

    28. Borís, speaking with deliberation, told them in pure, correct French many interesting details about the armies and the court, carefully abstaining from expressing an opinion of his own about the facts he was recounting

    1. Good is the one who voluntarily abstains from thoughts or actions that tempt toward any breach of that covenant

    2. 16 We are esteemed of him as counterfeits: he abstains from our ways as from filthiness: he pronounces the end of the just to be

    3. Even today, she still abstains from meat on Friday, despite the dispensation

    4. Why? Well, when sovereigns were flying about, why shouldn't he catch a few? He would never go far along that road again; but a man likes to assure himself, and men of pleasure generally, what he could do in the way of mischief if he chose, and that if he abstains from making himself ill, or beggaring himself, or talking with the utmost looseness which the narrow limits of human capacity will allow, it is not because he is a spooney

    5. Is not this indeed, to understand charity well? Is there not, dear Madame, something truly evangelical in this delicacy which abstains from sermon, from moralizing, from allusions? and is not the truest pity, when a man has a sore point, not to touch it at all? It has seemed to me that this might have been my brother's private thought

    6. Whether a man eats or abstains from food, whether he works or rests, runs from danger or is subject to it, if he is a conscious man, he acts as he does only because he now considers this to be proper and rational: he considers the truth to consist in his acting this way, and not otherwise, or he has considered it so for a long time

    7. Whether a man eats or abstains from food, whether he works or rests, whether he avoids danger or seeks it, he acts as he does because he considers it to be reasonable at the time, or because previously he saw that the truth consisted in acting in that way and not in another

    8. Every woman, however she dresses, however she calls herself, however refined she may be, if being married she abstains from bearing children, is a prostitute

    9. The undersigned abstains from commenting on this transaction, and most respectfully suggests that the appointment of Judge Advocate General of the province of Lower Canada, with a salary of five hundred pounds a year, or a Consulate in the United States, sine curia, would be considered by him as a liberal discharge of any obligation that His Majesty's Government may entertain in relation to his services

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