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    1. influence this world? Games are addicting because they give you a sense of accomplishment

    2. The dog’s wound healed and my accomplishment was celebrated

    3. The most impressive accomplishment of all was interfacing to the planet's data system

    4. such thing as a small accomplishment

    5. If a new company has just earned one thousand followers, this might be a great accomplishment

    6. more than the accomplishment

    7. Be certain that it will want to be repeated through the accomplishment of a

    8. It was sublime, and Chloe and Kaitlyn just grinned with the sheer pleasure of accomplishment, never taking their eyes from the bobbing orbs

    9. prize accomplishment was the basement

    10. Elenir couldn't stand the lack of response and had to say, “Captain, fellow officers, you don't actually realize, I'm sure, just what an amazing accomplishment it is to have tracked the Lorien this far

    11. Your happiness depends on accomplishment and is inherently transitory



    14. This architectural accomplishment represented the greatness of America when a second generation Welshman, Frank Lloyd Wright from the mid-west teamed with a Pittsburgh Jewish storeowner, to create what was considered one of the great architectural masterpieces in world history

    15. They lost faith in their own history of accomplishment

    16. Shelagh had complimented her on her accomplishment

    17. easy accomplishment under the conditions existing by the end of

    18. I also knew that most jobs are routine; mainly drudgery, punctuated by short moments of thrills and accomplishment

    19. It had taken the old badger most of the moon to drag the unconscious boar back to the burrow, but somehow he'd managed it and now, patting the badger's flank, Slikit's eyes twinkled with his accomplishment

    20. Grindel inspected his fortifications with a satisfied air of accomplishment

    21. In retrospect, this was an astonishing accomplishment considering the many congressmen and senators far too numerous to mention, George McGovern (South Dakota) and Frank Church (Idaho) quickly

    22. Perhaps the greatest accomplishment the New Deal could point to was Social Security

    23. For his accomplishment, Carter received the Nobel Peace Prize, and unlike either Obama or Kissinger, actually deserved it

    24. A final accomplishment which has received almost no attention: the ending of one of the worst, most destructive, and most racist parts of the Drug War

    25. Joseph turned to look at Giselle, was that a look of satisfaction? Giselle didn't bask in the accomplishment for she knew there was still much to do

    26. He said with a wide grin of accomplishment:

    27. On one of the first docks she had tried, she had enjoyed a sense of accomplishment when she learned from the foreman that the Caroline occasionally loaded fish from that very dock and would arrive ‘some time today’ for a cargo of red snapper and sail immediately for Florida

    28. The Frenchman pursed his lips and nodded appreciatively, tapping a hand on the bar with a sense of accomplishment

    29. Once at Narsobawadi, an old Brahmin, proud of his accomplishment in

    30. It generates innovative operational process that guarantees the obtaining of proposed results by the agreed organizations through its goals or accomplishment compromises with the investors and its beneficiaries, without there is finality deviation or inadequate utilization of the collected resources

    31. The people that pass hunger, cold and social abandonment try that in the skin, as well as those that are disabled by lack of opportunities of personal development or the loss of its accomplishment potential by physical problems that are generated due to the malnutrition or fatality of the life

    32. accomplishment of the activities or tasks, as

    33. the accomplishment of the

    34. Now, so expected dream can take place! It is enough that the collaborating altruists and social sponsors believe that is possible to build something new that it generates accomplishment power, it is only enough the change of the systematics or current procedure, so much of who invests socially as those that accomplish the social benefit

    35. With this, it makes possible the accomplishment of any production or services rendering anywhere in the world

    36. It integrates all acquired knowledge and existent wealth with its availabilities for the accomplishment of so expected social well-being in any region of the planet

    37. accomplishment of the tasks in the organizations,

    38. a) Accomplishment of projects that seek to unite

    39. a) Accomplishment of projects that seek to supply yet

    40. for identification and accomplishment of payment

    41. doubts in relation to the accomplishment of the

    42. a) Accomplishment of productive activities in the cattle

    43. a) Accomplishment of activity that avoids the

    44. c) Accomplishment of the calculation of the value of

    45. a) Accomplishment of strategies of launching of new

    46. Article 11th - For accomplishment of the transactions of

    47. VI - to verify the accomplishment of the objectives with its

    48. internal audits, inclusive the verification of the accomplishment

    49. beneficiary individuals and for accomplishment of the social

    50. This makes possible the accomplishment and preservation of the knowledge, without there to be its unnecessary repetition

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