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    1. Take the actions to have what you want in your life then you can have it

    2. actions speak louder than words

    3. When you check off the steps on your list, by taking the specific actions you need to take, that will continue to motivate you

    4. herself and her actions

    5. · Be responsible and accountable for your actions

    6. Other positive actions that can help us to improve the quality of our life after sixty are as follows

    7. Take decisive actions, rather than detaching completely from problems and stresses and wishing they would just go away

    8. While help and advice of others is always welcome, it is best to initiate actions ourselves to take care of our daily routine

    9. We have to face the consequences of our actions

    10. We have to study them and take timely remedial actions to avoid ill effects

    11. Negative thoughts and actions initiate health problems and more importantly do not allow we to recover fast

    12. aware of your intuition and take the small actions necessary to honor those intuitions

    13. Take consistent actions that are in line with what you want

    14. We see the results of our actions within the insect and plant worlds

    15. · Don’t brood about losses or failures, take corrective actions for the future

    16. Their actions are controlled by certain factors in their environment

    17. “The quality of our actions and reactions depend upon our vision of life

    18. Discipline your thoughts, emotions and actions

    19. Our actions are motivated towards physical well being and to satisfy our desires

    20. Our actions are not directly related towards spiritual growth although we may feel so

    21. All actions are for God

    22. Actions should be de-linked from results

    23. The information which is available to you in this book, is passed along with the understanding that we are always responsible for our actions, we must not upset the balance of our delicate ecosystem, nor endanger ourselves

    24. One should not be afraid of persons but be aware of the consequences of one’s actions

    25. Everyone performs various actions under some influence that he is capable of controlling by self-discipline

    26. i ask you for wisdom in all my actions, decisions and deeds

    27. Will this be enough to protect him from the hatred of those he has disappointed? Will he be able to prevent the terrible disaster that looms in the corridors of the Boston Monitor? Will he run and hide or will he match brave words with brave actions? Sometimes knowing what's coming next just isn't enough

    28. actions and helping them to formulate their ideas

    29. a) Boyfriends and husbands: Even in the modern, “feminist” society, a woman's thoughts and actions are focused mainly on one thing -how to satisfy her man

    30. prayerfully careful in his actions

    31. Our actions and our

    32. This is the substratum of all human thoughts, feelings, inspirations and actions

    33. This time not with his actions, but rather with words

    34. " Her words and actions confound him on so many levels, he hardly knows which one to address first

    35. The welder-bot hardware recorder log had to be re-written with all that edited out, then the current monitoring tracks those actions made had to be fixed up

    36. He was sure the second and third thermonuclear explosions and been corrective actions

    37. I knew my actions would be futile, would probably make things worse for all of us, but I did not care

    38. Because of your actions, because of your assault on our brothers in arms, because of your oppression of belief and the one true God, these men will die today

    39. And why did he murder him? Because his own actions were evil and his brother’s were righteous

    40. actions in the past were useless

    41. You see, the mirror can only reflect to us what actions we take,

    42. some scary, risky actions

    43. MacKenzie was a lawyer, a friend of the Barcs, and he defended them, fighting class actions and helping them to formulate their ideas

    44. course justifying your actions)

    45. ” He was smiling at her childlike actions

    46. What does it feel like not to have to justify my actions?

    47. Can I get to a stage where I can drop these actions?

    48. Women shouldn't have to take the blame for men's actions

    49. I'm holding you responsible for your actions

    50. Sam was dumbfounded by the actions of the great cat

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