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    2. Maldynado lifted his shoulder, apparently less interested by this addendum

    3. Well, here’s an addendum to my plan: it will not involve killing the men we’ve coerced into helping us, nor will engravers be found in bed with their throats cut

    4. Addendum to the above: On the other hand, were a heterogeneous society composed of a number of distinct groups able to achieve a

    5. Addendum to the above: provided that a society continues operating within the boundaries of its core traditions unless unexpected events or changing mindsets no longer render it appropriate or feasible to do so

    6. Addendum to the above: the same equally applies to the State of West Virginia!

    7. Addendum to the above: Such (oftentimes) occurs whenever parents (unconditionally) concede moral and intellectual authority to their children many have proven themselves worthy of confidence in such matters; that is to say, before they develop the necessary aptitudes and skills that will enable them to assume the burden(s) associated with such undertakings; before they acquire some measure of insight into the nature of ―things

    8. Addendum to the above: Far too many of us have embarked on the road to our (―own‖) salvation!

    9. Addendum to the above: In the final analysis, values are what matter most!

    10. Addendum to the above: Such arguments were also advanced during the Industrial Revolution

    11. Addendum to the above: Progress and Change should not be confused with a purposeful lack of clarity prompted by expedient designs commonly adopted by ―reformers‖ who actively seek to promote their (own) political and social agenda rather than advance

    12. Addendum to the above: Time and Location

    13. Addendum to the above: Such efforts are in keeping with custodial designs embarked upon in the sixties to promote bigger

    14. Addendum to the above: Poverty is a relative term that should be properly considered in relation to a society‘s (rising) economic expectations

    15. Addendum to the above: The undermining of traditional values has precipitated a socially divisive undercurrent in our nation that has further alienated lower income groups from the very values and customs that typically defined ―middle-class‖ success; principled standards that have (historically) improved (its) social and economic standing in a variety of ways over the years

    16. Addendum to the above: What I refer to as the components of intelligence; that is to say, memory, assimilation, recall and the capacity to reason, may be developed by application and conditioning; although striking diminishing returns at some point

    17. Addendum to the above: Although I am not entirely certain that Reason is an actual component of Intelligence, there is no denying its (practical) value that oftentimes exceeds the highest intellectual powers

    18. Addendum to the above: The greatest risk to an individual‘s spiritual well-being lies in theological assumptions seeking to reconcile what that individual understands to be (private) matters of conscience and what God (otherwise) expects from His followers

    19. Addendum to the above: Counterargument as follows: An individual should neither entertain uncertain designs nor engage in

    20. Addendum to the above: In which case, Abortion should be considered illegal! (Legalized) Gun Ownership, however, remains a topic open for discussion

    21. Addendum to the above: Future Generations will undoubtedly enjoy similar advantages from the vantage point of time

    22. Addendum to the above: (Consumer) Demand remains the (one) prevailing constant

    23. Addendum to the above: A Happy Life (however) should never be confused with the Good life

    24. Addendum to above question: Should Western Culture step aside and let history take its course or is it possible for such groups to properly assimilate and operate within its broadest parameters?

    25. Addendum to the above: These (monstrous) atrocities call for a swift execution of Justice whereby the offending party or parties are quickly apprehended and taken into (martial) custody, properly arraigned, expeditiously brought to trial and adjudicated in conformance with rules of evidence

    26. Addendum to the above: Question: Which is the greater of two evils; moral indifference or immoral complicity?

    27. Addendum to the above: Historically, (impressionable) fertile young minds, the conduits for social and cultural change, have been their traditional catalysts as many are generally (considered) more adaptable to revolutionary thinking

    28. Addendum to the above: What might have been avoided if not for the Kennedy Administration‘s unconscionable betrayal of Cuban

    29. Addendum to the above: The children of the Great Depression foreshadowed a coming generation of men and women destined for

    30. Addendum to the above: Happy as many parents were to provide a higher standard of living for their children (motivated in part by parading affluence), these ―selfless‖ acts seldom elicited an appropriate level of gratitude or appreciation for their self-sacrificing efforts

    31. Addendum to the above: Every generation is influenced in part by the prevailing customs of its time; challenging the formal

    32. Addendum to the above: The assumption (here) is that Ideas have always existed in the mind; that they represent the hidden Wisdoms of God; that they are not formed as much as revealed to those courageous enough to seek them out

    33. Addendum to the above: Al Gore won the Popular Vote against (now) President George Bush, while narrowly losing the Electoral College

    34. Addendum to the above: There is a great deal of truth in the familiar adage that where the Rich lead, the Poor will follow

    35. Addendum to the above: The most contemptible of all are our putative (political) leaders

    36. Addendum to the above: I am speaking of the (once) was and the (will) become as the present (now); the product of God‘s eternal designs

    37. Addendum to the above: Insert Thinking for ―Thinking‖, for it is certain that many young students of my generation were not properly trained to Think (critically) but to ―Think‖ (―correctly‖), rather

    38. Addendum to the above: Therefore, by examining all sides of an issue, without giving proper thought to form, an individual may oftentimes lose sight of the issue, itself

    39. Addendum to the above: In this manner, we oftentimes find ourselves wandering about in an (ideological) wilderness without purpose or meaning trying to find ourselves while each passing moment further alienates us from ourselves until we‘ve forgotten who we are or once were or how we got to be who we are or got to where we are which, I suppose, amounts to the same thing

    40. Addendum to the above: The ―intent‖ is premeditated!

    41. Addendum to the above: Higher rates of lower-paying jobs; that is to say, higher rates of ―under-employment‖ will oftentimes distort unemployment statistics in the same (inverse) manner statistics report higher achievement levels in ―formerly‖ under performing schools, especially those located in predominately urban areas, in proportion to their lowering of academic standards

    42. Addendum to the above: Mr

    43. Addendum to the above: Racism exists in American Society; America, however, is not a Racist Nation

    44. Addendum to the above: Convene a number of disaffected groups that effectively eliminate the universal dynamisms that ―alienated‖

    45. Addendum to the above: Although Christ never addressed Abortion, at least not to our knowledge, He specifically stated that ―Thou Shall not Kill,‖ a universal precept that any thoughtful Christian understands by association!

    46. Addendum to the above: The greatest human failing is our (own) self-centered tendency of measuring our (own) self-worth by

    47. Addendum to the above: This proposition does not hold, however, for someone we understand to be (objectively) immoral and whose

    48. Addendum to the above: It is certain, however, that the product of one‘s (own) imagination (or its descriptive designs) retains its own internal or conscious impressions that unite Thinker and Thought in a manner that reveals or expresses the inner ‖being‖ of the Thinker

    49. Addendum to the above: By despair, I am not referring to spiritual annihilation as understood in the Christian context

    50. Addendum to the above: Blessed are the unthinking, for they will (merely) go on ―living‖!

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