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    adhere to

    1. Even the hospital has to adhere to the officials

    2. supposed to cross did in fact adhere to the rules

    3. "Adhere to our orders

    4. That’s when it’s most important we adhere to them

    5. ‘You still adhere to that doctrine … even unofficially?’

    6. How would he have known that the Bible, as we have it today, would one day exist? How could he predict what would happen in the future and know the numerical requirements, which he would have to adhere to, for including codes about the future into his writing? Every single letter in the Bible fits perfectly into a masterfully designed, fully integrated compilation that can only serve its intended purpose, if each individual letter is in its intended designed position and remained there over millennia

    7. Lift out of syrup, turning to allow drips to adhere to apple

    8. With his lavishly plumed helmet held under one arm, he asked the general directly, who was still sitting down in his chair, too flabbergasted to adhere to protocol and pay proper respect:

    9. Who will adhere to him that abandons himself!

    10. “Ok,” persisted Michelle, “but what about cases where something unanticipated happens after an election? What if the Party in charge can’t adhere to its promised spending level, but can only try to do that? Like the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a big earthquake in California, a war, or maybe even a deep recession?”

    11. had to adhere to before he showed up at the workplace

    12. ( user03) d) Economic Agents are all corporations that adhere to the Project as agreed organization, constituted network, non-profit corporation and collaborating corporation that turn available its organizational resources, as well as its products and services for total usufruct so that that wealth circulates freely in the Coordenational Structure

    13. He said our jihadist enemies did not adhere to any convention or reason and should not be granted citizen status

    14. I grimaced at my options, the one rule my father had asked I adhere to, and I may have to break it, some Queen

    15. procedure is to adhere to the thought that he is the ground of all

    16. company as a tutor, you have to set your hours and adhere to a schedule

    17. It is not surprising that they would adhere to a statist political philosophy that, although it might tax them highly, would provide physical security

    18. I know the original text refers to a ‘virtuous wife’ but the principles are the same, and these are principles which we must all strive to adhere to

    19. If they wish to wear them upon their chest, they can be pressed on, and the back of the medal will adhere to them

    20. There have always been “dark ETs” in your galaxy who do not adhere to the tenets of the Alliance which is “to do no harm

    21. Vessels within national waters could be detained and held responsible for oil spills and failure to adhere to ship construction standards

    22. The Republicans basically try to adhere to this principle of private property as conservatives, and firmly believe that it is so elementary that there can be no question

    23. If you know what your weaknesses are, then you can adhere to the

    24. Precisely, and many religions still adhere to the policy

    25. These fertilized eggs are sticky and will adhere to the needles on the branches

    26. They wanted to be sure that a locums doctor, coming from a foreign country would find out about and adhere to Australian law

    27. Many politicians and business people think they cannot do their job if they adhere to moral and ethical principles

    28. He informed the rulers about his plans and even asked all his followers to adhere to the path of truth and non-violence

    29. Yet these are not issues that sensible fish adhere to and it was not long before he had no guests at all but for the King and Queen and the devoted jesterfish who brought his apples to him

    30. So in essence these are the things that you should adhere to while presenting

    31. excess to make cutouts and adhere to top of Brie with a little cold

    32. Must you always have material manifestations as an attraction for the spiritual realities of the kingdom? Can you not grasp the spirit significance of my mission without the visible exhibition of unusual works? When can you be depended upon to adhere to the higher and spiritual realities of the kingdom regardless of the outward appearance of all material manifestations?"

    33. women's issues, however, even therapists who adhere to the most traditional values can

    34. It seemed that I had no choice but to adhere to his advice

    35. Ordinarily, he would have simply required the drug company to adhere to stricter prescribing guidelines and print the appropriate warnings about long-term use

    36. Then there was the golden rule every witch had to adhere to: do what you will, as long it doesn’t harm anyone, and the good you send out will come back to you magnified three folds, and the bad you send out will also come back to you magnified three folds

    37. essary to adhere to any terms but that it was sufficient for poetry

    38. Many more people in this country and even the world need to adhere to a higher moral and ethical code of conduct and that can start today

    39. This is the story of the second betrayal in the Bible after Eve’s neglect to adhere to the word of God and the warning from Adam

    40. The message was clear, and failure to adhere to it almost decimated the earth and cost most life to be wiped out forever

    41. It is said that at about the age of eighty, the Buddha passed on and instructed his followers to adhere to the way of his teachings and follow no leader

    42. the deficiencies and adhere to the adage, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do

    43. means is anyone expected to adhere to them

    44. Though it would look awkward on the surface, Feltus knew he must at least put forth this effort, even if it, at some point, resulted in minor embarrassment due to failure to adhere to proper etiquette

    45. But, if you adhere to this important principle of sales, it will be

    46. There are four issues here to consider, and the question arises; did Harris adhere to all four, namely, military, industrial, economic, and morale

    47. reduces some volatility, many firms adhere to the creed that “more is better”, especially if

    48. To conclude this section, we do not recommend that a company adhere to the

    49. is a member of an association that must adhere to a strict code of

    50. b)I’ve tried as much as possible to adhere to Etsy's original categories to make life simple and where it makes sense break it one level further

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