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    1. She closed the airlock's doors and found they both still worked on the automatics, though the outer door's mechanism made alarming vibrations

    2. Her sole purpose in life seemed to be dedicated to looking down her nose at people, and nowhere was this alarming personality trait more obviously demonstrated than in her reaction to possible suitors

    3. Kelvin regretted his promise to let Alan keep his universe because his universe now attracted an alarming percentage of off-duty personnel

    4. this alarming personality trait more obviously demonstrated than in

    5. What would happen to whatever was in this OS when she did make it back? Could it spawn a copy over there, might she still be here even if she went back? Then an even more alarming thought struck her

    6. Today, one might see alarming things in the Church that do not

    7. What was also alarming was the frighteningly low level of activity in Victoria, half the veron space of her avatar

    8. there was nothing alarming in his presence

    9. His face was extremely elongated, and his forehead bulged to an alarming proportion

    10. If but one of those overgrown manufactures, which, by means either of bounties or of the monopoly of the home and colony markets, have been artificially raised up to any unnatural height, finds some small stop or interruption in its employment, it frequently occasions a mutiny and disorder alarming to government, and embarrassing even to the deliberations of the legislature

    11. The one in front darted towards him at an alarming rate

    12. Somehow the pod knew where he wanted to go, and it was taking him there at an alarming rate

    13. "Oh no!" He cried, alarming the others

    14. The lunar surface filled the view-screen at an alarming rate, its illuminated face causing the image to fade to a tolerable level

    15. “I spoke to him yesterday and he told us some rather alarming things…” Dorro let that hang there a moment

    16. While in Kumassi the number of sick swelled to rather an alarming extent, and the Medical Officers anxiously looked forward to the day the mud of Ashanti should be shaken off

    17. It was alarming, but those men were hundreds or thousands of miles away and a less immediate threat than the traitors in and near the Imperial Barracks

    18. The alarming increase in anti-social behavior, especially in our inner cities, is, by every historical standard, unprecedented

    19. immigration policies are compromising the quality of life in areas where poverty, congestion, disease, drugs, crime, substandard housing and decaying infrastructures are demoralizing (complex) social and cultural arrangements (and civility) as an alarming number of our citizens are feeling alienated from mainstream conventions that no longer seem to provide any meaning

    20. This not so extraordinary phenomenon, that seeks the path of least resistance, does not bode well for America‘s blue collar workers whose jobs are being systematically eliminated at alarming rates exceeding the market‘s ability to replace them, if such is its intent, which it is not, I feel

    21. Indifference to customary (religious) attitudes is a cause of grave concern; especially among practicing Christians and (Orthodox) Jews alike who perceive the gradual erosion of the underlying principles and teachings of proud (religious) traditions and its demoralizing effect on society; of Christians and Jews in name only who are routinely abandoning their churches and synagogues while shedding their religious customs and beliefs in alarming numbers to worship before the alter of the ―golden calf‖

    22. Sven bowled to me, granted it was an underhand throw, but that tennis ball still came towards me at an alarming speed

    23. He had slithered down the wall from the vent tunnel at an alarming rate, slamming into the ground with a breath-taking thump that had knocked him unconscious again

    24. History tells us it already happened that the terrorists used South African passports and there is other evidence such an alarming increases in Mosques in many of the Sub Saharan countries

    25. In the real world, it is men, if they may be properly called men, who are stalking and routinely beating up on defenseless spouses and girlfriends at an alarming rate

    26. “This is alarming,” the words were baldly stated

    27. Where are those weapons? Are they buried somewhere in Iraq? Are they in the hands of terrorists or hidden in Syria? In my opinion, at this point in time this last possibility is far more alarming than the worrisome question “why the intelligence was not more precise and exact”

    28. Land was fast running out, new factories gobbling up what little was left at an alarming rate

    29. Nye couldn’t begin to describe the delectable odour rising from the meat - only that it was making him salivate at an alarming rate

    30. “Yeah, well, it’s hotter in hell, right?” I said and Steve kicked himself back into motion trying to speak with an alarming sense of first-hand knowledge on the subject:

    31. I stood there motionless as a stone pillar, and I saw in that same slowed down vision Adele coming closer and closer at an alarming pace

    32. He had of course learned of the Procrastinator Militant’s blunder and even though second hand accounts rarely manage to do justice, he had exchanged knowing looks and smiles with the Arch-minister that had gone largely unnoticed by the Procrastinator Militant; a somewhat alarming fact if one would care to extrapolate the level of the Procastinators’ vigilance from the qualities apparent in its most senior member

    33. It as an alarming sight, as the kid, with years of book learning, and thousands of fantasy-missions under his belt, had never actually done this before, nor thought to practice any fantasy ground-handling

    34. The air thickened with alarming speed and the smell grew stronger; then he saw it appear over the crest, strange thin beams of light sprouting from what might have been a head of sorts: a glistening metal hulk glinted under the starlight, uniformly gray and unassumingly blocky, a rectangle slab larger than a man

    35. Suddenly he heard a strange sound like a whining coming from the Prosops, which broke his laughter and reverie with an alarming alacrity

    36. Institutional red bricks of the former Muse of Therapy were pushed to the west into a large pile and sold off at an alarming rate

    37. In her book Silent Spring Carson stated: “The most alarming part of all man’s assaults upon the environment is the contamination of air, earth, rivers, and sea with dangerous and even lethal materials

    38. Perhaps even more alarming is the possibility that they are from the police, although I presume they would arrest me immediately instead of following me

    39. siren atop the computers burst into an alarming wail, the

    40. women deciding to have abortions has risen to an alarming rate from fear of giving birth

    41. The factory clock whizzed by at an alarming rate, if his

    42. ” Her face was turning an alarming shade of red and her eyes were flashing with indignation

    43. I knew she was with child by fall and after my alarming excursions into Espanya and La France, I decided it wasn’t safe to bring her with me

    44. unexpected and alarming manner, was troubled in visage, and depressed in countenance

    45. By the time the EPA’s scientific report could be issued the tocsin had been sounded, the brigades of misinformation had been marshaled, and environmentalists on the warpath had embellished the data with alarming “facts” of their own

    46. What is even more alarming is that estimates forecast that

    47. Nonetheless, the last three days, before going to Hong Kong, were very troublesome and even alarming for Roger, in such a way that fear, inexorably overcame him

    48. While Robert’s condition disintegrated with alarming conse quences, Roger had to devote his attention to other matters as well

    49. years, put the soldier at risk of losing his farm, which began to happen at an alarming rate

    50. But to be honest, it is a clever sounding word invented by gurus that can make a subject more alarming

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