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    allow for

    1. · Always leave a portion of the stomach empty at the end of a meal to allow for digestion

    2. Lawns love compost; top-dressing lawns once per year with a good rich compost will keep the soil alive and allow for deeper root systems and a pest-free lawn

    3. Always start out with more water then you need to allow for evaporation

    4. My experience of reality in this captive state did not allow for the fact of another body on this isolated shore

    5. I will never submit to a pastor who won’t allow for his congregation to chastise him

    6. But what if there isn’t need for chastening? What if we’re blameless? Why would God allow for tribulation and hardship and suffering to befall us? Why would God allow for His children to be martyred or tortured? Does that sound like a loving father? In the Holocaust, where was God? Does that look like a loving father?

    7. “It is thus: the fabric of the universe, the medium in which the separated forces have their existence, could never allow for their reunification

    8. They would say to one another, was there any power in all the universe, in all the heavens that could silence Matt? Was there any scientific law that would allow for it?

    9. restraint, and still allow for a broad range of motion;” they were proud of their ingenuity in adapting clothing to the rigors of their discipline

    10. As we prophesy and allow for the prophets to minister, then the Church will be built up into the image of Christ

    11. While their qualification would allow for either job, by targeting their

    12. She could not allow for the tears

    13. Conference" approved a revised Statement of Faith to allow for Conditional

    14. Establish basic boundaries that allow for flexibility – such as always having dinner at the same time, but flexing when you’re going to a movie or the library

    15. Let happiness be now and ok with what it is don't allow for the suffering of wanting

    16. Something about this individual wouldn't allow for suspicion or fear

    17. Kate wiped her eyes, “Her breathing has been really shallow for a while

    18. There is evidence found in the fossil record (including the fossilisation process itself) that does not match a gradual deposition of material to allow for the preservation of biological forms in vast quantities all over the globe

    19. If we think about this carefully, what scenario, as far as periods of time are concerned, would allow for plants to be created in one period of time and survive long enough without the essential source of photosynthesis that is needed to maintain them, until a source for photosynthesis becomes available? The only logical answer in this case would be a relative short period of time such as a single day as the Bible describes

    20. The order of the creation events does not match that of Evolution and also does not allow for the long periods of time to pass, as proposed by Uniformitarianism and Evolution, in order to keep plant material alive when compared to the account as given in the Bible

    21. It wouldn't be long before the gates themselves would be shaved away to allow for more houses

    22. * Obviously I do not mean that there was open disrespect because our training would never allow for such behaviour towards a commissioned officer, but their orders would be questioned if it did not fully represent the realities of the mean streets

    23. As long as you allow for a half hour of preparation for the truce talks, then your terms are perfect

    24. I have not found any other place, other than this one, that will allow for this to happen so I have not ventured too far from here

    25. * Usually non-existent as the major security companies refuses to allow for the off chance of this happening

    26. The knife blade terrified her very flesh, she was afraid even to swallow for fear the blade would come through into her mouth, while her other end burned with violent pain and the fat one crushed her in an immobilizing grip

    27. Allow for two and half hours, and be careful when entering the tunnel

    28. “Well, the rules allow for a race to be stopped and all drivers will remain in their current positions, with full points awarded for the race

    29. Shouldn’t you allow for some leeway, even when dealing with vultures?”

    30. This does not easily allow for movement or change

    31. However, the natural order of this world and a loving God who created it would not allow for this degree of pain that we assume is there in front of our eyes

    32. It does not allow for the greed that inevitably will fester when people have too much freedom

    33. program allow foreign nationals to enter the country with relative ease and

    34. In effect, it is a user directory for Twitter organized by genre to allow for users to easily find other Twitter users to connect with

    35. Passing tall rushes standing sentinel-like close to the canal edge, the moon’s reflection suddenly sprang across the dark water in all of its wholeness, revealing a wide shallow fording place in the canal

    36. wholeness, revealing a wide shallow fording place in the canal

    37. I wanted to hike in and see, but our timeline didn’t allow for it

    38. It was not that we didn’t want to, but circumstances simply didn’t allow for it

    39. “Some of them allow for in-depth probing into the matters that are not of common interest, which is the traditional use of electives

    40. central national system that would allow for review from anywhere in

    41. ‘Move low to the right and start your swing before you are on top of your opponent, to allow for the extra movement carrying your opponent closer to their doom

    42. Make sure that any bedclothes the child wears allow for proper use of the alarm

    43. wet’ to allow for quantum phenomena It has already been pointed out that

    44. have introduced a variety of funding and withdrawal options to allow for the fastest

    45. Assignments for such lengths of time allow for some integration in communities, so that we got to know the area inside out, learned to appreciate the diversity of cultures as well as the differences in medical care and in the process developed an incredible network of friends and colleagues

    46. could not sit back anymore and allow for this to happen

    47. How could this happen, why would they even allow for

    48. I worked on Wall Street for over 25 years in the Mergers & Acquisitions business, for mainstream firms such as Merrill Lynch, the Rothschilds and BofA; that profession doesn’t allow for much time to do anything else

    49. I intend to use his photos as long as I can find shots in his considerable library that match the mood and subject of my books, and that allow for some recognizability of my covers

    50. allow for early preventive action

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