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    1. But the weirdest thing is, I read an article today about Kurdish women setting themselves on fire

    2. Whether it is a lecture or an article, we have to identify the audience for better results

    3. The article is titled, “One Hundred Years of Water Chlorination”, available from Whedon Young Productions, P

    4. They were able to get the astronomer's article and even virtual copies of the plates up onto stills

    5. This article reveals one of the more modern methods in approaching this age old desire

    6. If you have been labeled as one of those "nice" guys, don’t listen to this myth! In fact, this article is dedicated to you and the breaking down of this great misconception

    7. This is what this article truly addresses, as well as the little, intricate details that can assist the "Nice" crowd in this endeavor

    8. One day, while reading one of his master’s gardening magazines, which just happened to have an article about cottage gardens in it penned by the famous television gardener himself, old Ted read about a great national competition

    9. And that is why the article about the young man appeared in some of the country’s glossier magazines

    10. In fact, the article generated so much publicity that the young man found himself appearing on television and on radio shows throughout the country and his old but much cherished song was dusted off and given another airing by disk jockeys on every radio station that played popular music

    11. As she read this article, she was overcome with emotion

    12. Will doubtless put the cat among the pigeons when the article hits the streets

    13. As we munch on our sandwiches, Bill tells me about the article he is writing on the local operatic society

    14. After lunch, I manage to get started on Bunty again but am interrupted just after three by the arrival of a woman in reception who wants to talk to someone about an article in the last edition

    15. I try to concentrate on the article on the page in front of me but it doesn't work and, after twenty minutes or so, I shove the paper down to the foot of the bed and snuggle down under the duvet

    16. And that is why the article about the young man appeared in

    17. My suggestion is that you consider purchasing Article Creation and Article

    18. Then I use a the other tool, an article submitter, to submit the articles at a

    19. Maybe we could approach her later in the year and run an article on her

    20. Conveniently for me, the post includes a copy of Lizzie Goulden’s speech at the operatic society last Friday … I spend the morning writing my article about the society, then sit thinking about Jo Liddington, pen in mouth, gently chewing the top

    21. I don’t suppose there would be an article or two about that, would there?’

    22. Michael, after tutting at the state of Dave’s carving knife, busies himself with a steel, sharpening the offending article

    23. “Until I finished the article I was reading in that magazine,” she said

    24. ‘Fine, I spent most of it doing some research for an article on Cervantes; it’s the anniversary of his birth on the 23 April and the paper wants to tie that in with St George and a few other things

    25. He looked very different now than he did in the news article from over a century ago when he won a middleweight stone-heave competition

    26. He has in his possession a magazine article published in Kln, a city of forty-something million about nine thousand miles to the northeast

    27. There was a great deal of speculation in his article on how the objects came to be trapped in that gravitational null

    28. Nuplayy, the astronomer who published the article, also re-published an old proof that showed that this null wasn’t stable and that all the bodies would eventually crash to the surface

    29. The device's purpose and origin were unknown, but there were pictures in the article that clearly showed a lens, making him believe it was meant to observe

    30. Well as it says in the article, first of all you can deduct $10,000 for 2010 start up expenses

    31. However, he had enough material to write another article

    32. That magazine where the article made its way onto paper, sometimes made its way a thousand miles from that city

    33. The first article was the bronze altar of sacrifice and the last was the Ark of the Covenant

    34. He took a long time reading the article

    35. An article about a warplane does not mean the warplane exists

    36. What about you, have you asked the clients about the magazine article yet?"

    37. When the greater part of the Highland cattle were consumed on their own hills, the exportation of their hides made the most considerable article of the commerce of that country, and what they were exchanged for afforded some addition to the rent of the Highland estates

    38. The copper of Japan makes an article of commerce in Europe; the iron of Spain in that of Chili and Peru

    39. The newest article we saw said they had measured the density of the boulders as being too dense to be a starship because it would have to be filled in with loose rock and snow

    40. It is the most valuable article in the Acapulco ships which sail to Manilla

    41. • The Ultimate PLR Article Collection Software

    42. If it was otherwise, the feeding of deer would soon become an article of common farming, in the same manner as the feeding of those small birds, called turdi, was among the ancient Romans

    43. Varro and Columella assure us, that it was a most profitable article

    44. In several provinces of France, the feeding of poultry is considered as a very important article in rural economy, and sufficiently profitable to encourage the farmer to raise a considerable quantity of Indian corn and buckwheat for this purpose

    45. Such a company, therefore, ought to increase the first article of their expense, not only in proportion to this forced increase of their business, but in a much greater proportion

    46. Such a company, therefore, must in proportion to this forced increase of their business, increase the second article of their expense still more than the first

    47. 4 billion estate to charity, according to the referenced BusinessWeek article

    48. the end of your article, in the resource box, you can suggest that if the reader

    49. your articles are included in an article directory, others can use your article on

    50. A list article is when you collate different pieces of information that is

    1. The most interesting thing in the newsletter from his perspective were the articles and letters about 'Ernesto's Legacy' and especially, his possessions

    2. This site has articles on gerontology and linkages to other sites to get more information on the subject

    3. Articles useful to senior citizens on various topics are available as linkages

    4. Apart from Yoga teaching the site also contains articles on topics related to meditation and spirituality

    5. “The soap that crossed America on quality alone,” and it’s true, the Bronners have never spent a penny on advertising or marketing their soaps, but have relied solely on word of mouth and unsolicited articles for their word to be spread

    6. The native astronomers didn't detect the ship, Elond never mentioned the asteroid collision articles and forgot about the incoming starship when no actual threat materialized and everyday life went on

    7. A quiet word with Gilla on the subject of feminine hygiene has resulted in a supply of the necessary articles being included in my baggage

    8. 'I’m going to have to see if there are any articles in the newspaper archives about the proposed conversion of the house - there must have been something

    9. If you have more than one type of content, such as with news or articles, then

    10. Then I use a the other tool, an article submitter, to submit the articles at a

    11. ” Babs handed him a manila folder containing a number of articles

    12. It was gratifying to see that his colleagues had nothing more to offer than copying the articles that Reuters put on the wire

    13. The seven ministry gifts can be compared with the seven articles of the tabernacle of Moses

    14. There were two articles in the outer court of the tent of Moses; they were the bronze altar, and the bronze washbowl

    15. It is clear that any short piece cannot ‘sum up’ Carl Jung given the amount of written work he produced during his life time and then the amount of books and articles written about him

    16. "I've seen articles by you in some of Klarrain's stuff, you're much prettier than I would have guessed by your writing

    17. In such articles as bread

    18. She puts articles in the wrong magazines, overstocks supplies and is far too lax about manning the presses

    19. There have been times when she's made up facts in her articles also, that's where it gets really serious

    20. What Alan had wondered about from reading those articles was the mention of a similar object from back in the 54th century

    21. The consumption of the porcelain of China, of the spiceries of the Moluccas, of the piece goods of Bengal, and of innumerable other articles, has increased very nearly in a like proportion

    22. In the cargoes, therefore, of the greater part of European ships which sail to India, silver has generally been one of the most valuable articles

    23. A Library Of 29,768 Niche Market Articles In A Keyword Searchable Database Software Application

    24. The great rise in the price both of hogs and poultry, has, in Great Britain, been frequently imputed to the diminution of the number of cottagers and other small occupiers of land ; an event which has in every part of Europe been the immediate forerunner of improvement and better cultivation, but which at the same time may have contributed to raise the price of those articles, both somewhat sooner and somewhat faster than it would otherwise have risen

    25. They'd most likely destroy Zhlindu because that was where the articles about the shuttlecraft and androids were published

    26. Get Paid To Write Articles & StoriesThousands of topics to write about!(Up to $100/article

    27. In one or other, or all of these three articles, consists the stock which men commonly reserve for their own immediate consumption

    28. It consists chiefly of the four following articles

    29. A few years ago, while reading various articles on the subject of the Universe, I was astounded to learn that a number of prominent physicists were talking freely of some of their most unusual theories about the reality of universe

    30. the expenses peculiar to a bank consist chiefly in two articles: first, in the expense of keeping at all times in its coffers, for answering the occasional demands of the holders of its notes, a large sum of money, of which it loses the interest; and, secondly, in the expense of replenishing those coffers as fast as they are emptied by answering such occasional demands

    31. the most successful articles will have more than 100 Diggs

    32. your articles are included in an article directory, others can use your article on

    33. If you aren’t familiar with your topic, read 5 articles about it and then

    34. These articles are one of the easiest and fastest to

    35. Usually the articles you write will be in the third person

    36. When you use automated software, the search engine’s see hundreds of articles

    37. Those who cultivate the land, therefore, have a monopoly against their countrymen for the two greatest and most important articles of land produce, bread and butcher's meat

    38. Visit his web site for more articles on this topic

    39. Secondly, A great variety of the most bulky articles of

    40. Even the ancient aliens duty, which used to be paid upon all goods, exported as well as imported, has, by several subsequent acts, been taken off from the greater part of the articles of exportation

    41. All the results showed headlines of news reports and articles that pointed to the same conclusion

    42. According to the articles, Theylon Summers was a 30 year old lawyer from Nexlin, Waterchester

    43. The following is a literal translation of that treaty, which consists of three articles only

    44. Submit your articles to the main article

    45. Had they been allowed to go on, it is impossible that they should not, at some time or another, have attempted to restrain the production of the particular articles of which they had thus usurped the monopoly, not only to the quantity which they themselves could purchase, but to that which they could expect to sell with such a profit as they might think sufficient

    46. If they are suffered to act as they could wish, they will establish this monopoly openly and directly, by fairly prohibiting all other people from trading in the articles in which they choose to deal; and this, perhaps, is the best and least oppressive way of establishing it

    47. But the private trade of the servants will naturally extend to a much greater variety of articles than the public trade of the company

    48. the focus of the majority of my articles and books is

    49. In reading articles from the late twentieth century and early in this century, the whole psychology of the country changed

    50. I could never find anything on the Aquifer except newspaper articles, which I copied

    1. In retrospect they exhibited outstanding articling

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