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    1. Bolt rattles his head in assent, grins, takes the hose emanating from the hooka, closes his eyes, puts the mouthpiece between his lips and takes a huge drag

    2. Theo nodded in assent

    3. Theo nodded his assent

    4. Jake chuckled and nodded his assent

    5. There was a general muttering of assent

    6. The driver grunted his assent, quickly starting the engine and

    7. Briz smiled warmly and nodded his assent

    8. Jameson nodded vigorously at the request and the others smiled in assent

    9. to the younger woman, who nodded her assent

    10. canon! Church leaders only gave their assent to what

    11. Lee nodded in assent, and Grant went on to say that he hoped

    12. Reluctantly, her eyes still lowered, she nodded her assent

    13. Two nodded as though in assent

    14. “Are you sure, after all the things you know I’ve done, that you want to be involved with me?” She kept her gaze latched to his, nodding assent

    15. He nodded without genuine assent, stoop upright and walked to where the flask had landed

    16. Karol and his friends murmured their assent, although Colling sensed that it was less than enthusiastic

    17. Mashu gave him a strangely quizzical look, but only nodded his head in assent, as his gaze returned to his mother’s sagging posture

    18. They managed a muffled assent

    19. In the darkness, other choristers murmured their assent and drove away

    20. With Carlotta’s assent, I gave him all of our food and he ate everything

    21. My exasperated mind began to count them as we began the never ending assent

    22. Without clarity and emotional assent of what use is

    23. Without waiting for an assent, he opened the four Links simultaneously and passed his surface memory of the event to Tithian and the three elves

    24. They gave him their mental assent

    25. He laughed in assent, and she brought them directly to the master bedroom in the cottage at Hilia

    26. Korah smiled his assent as he offered, “I’m impressed! The last have suddenly become first!”

    27. As she spoke the words of quick assent, a thought slipped past the inhibition that had stood constant guard over Moshe’s emotions, “How like Sari she is

    28. Ward and Jones nodded assent

    29. A stamped foot of assent was all he got as Yigal drew himself up to full erect posture

    30. Korah smiled his assent as he offered, “I'm impressed! The last have suddenly become first!”

    31. the better!” He paused realizing that he hadn't waited to hear any assent, while thinking, Don't

    32. finally gave his assent

    33. appeared to fidget with something in his hand momentarily before waving assent to the man

    34. As she spoke the words of quick assent, a thought slipped past the inhibition that had stood

    35. Several of the senators nodded assent and muttered under their breath

    36. The rest laughed in assent

    37. Liza nodded in assent

    38. Joshie smiled as he nodded assent, “That's for sure

    39. Joshie nodded a glassy eyed assent, held up two fingers, nodded boyishly, and said in a little

    40. Summers was about to speak again, to strengthen her argument, when the Major nodded his assent

    41. A chorus of voices gave their assent

    42. She would have liked being provided with our comprehension and assent, after all we were her only family, and only because of it she considered to share the concepts that were sustaining her position, knowing, in advance, that we would consider it to be unacceptable due to the proper nature of our characters

    43. There was no menace in her tone, so I shrugged apologetic assent

    44. He sniffed assent and I left him to it

    45. Mr Pinot smiled his assent, turned again to the computer, typed in an access code and invited Bart to look over his shoulder

    46. Sanjay shrugged his shoulders in assent; the question was more or less rhetorical

    47. ’ Jeff nodded his head vigorously in assent and Susie bestowed the kiss of a witch on each young cheek and changed the subject

    48. The headmaster’s head was at that moment buried in a folder of notes, but Mr Pinot nodded and affably mumbled his assent

    49. Louise glanced over at Ruth and seeing the look on her face, gave her assent

    50. same time sharply separated, for the assent of each Brother is required to

    1. Harry assented to their request, and on New Year's morning Chloe led me down to the Clive House undercroft, their gymnasium

    2. I explained the plan to her and she assented on my

    3. ” Clodius assented with a crooked grin

    4. The O'Neills assented with eagerness, and Betty began to sew in a

    5. "Not till then, of course," assented Santa Claus

    6. "Maybe--maybe," assented Miss Cornelia

    7. " Rosemary assented at once, quite willing to humour Ellen

    8. But he assented to her request with his unfailing gentle courtesy and went away at once

    9. I assented, and I made it up to him at the stadium

    10. I had told them on my second full day back that I wanted to be moved to the HMO and they assented, it just had not happened yet

    11. I assented; however, she called back the following day, a Friday, asking if instead I could be in Newcastle, UK, by Monday morning

    12. He finally assented, put down his beer bottle, and

    13. It surely got President Bush, the father, into trouble when he believingly assented to tax increases on a mere expectation that the Democrats would support his further legislation

    14. unwanted necessity that is quickly spoken, assented to

    15. On three occasions when it was deemed wise to punish Jude for self-confessed and deliberate violations of the family rules of conduct, his punishment was fixed by the unanimous decree of the older children and was assented to by Jude himself before it was inflicted

    16. The portress who kept the gate knew John, and when he spoke to her, requesting that she let Peter in, she gladly assented

    17. Publio assented volubly, and Conan emptied the wine vessel, tossed it carelessly into a corner, and strode to a near-by casement, involuntarily expanding his chest as he breathed deep of the salt air

    18. " I assented to him, though I really did not know if what he said had proof

    19. The armor was endorsed with her mark, which validated his claim on her, proving that she assented to the arrangement

    20. Thelma and Alicia readily assented

    21. ” The huge creature assented to her wishes and

    22. daughter, doctor?” The man assented and left her alone with her daughter

    23. compliant youth assented by passing the glowing book to the red-haired sprite

    24. Such magnificent interpretation of this verse is assented in Az-Zilzal (The Earthquake) Fortress when God tells us about the state of the earth on Doomsday, saying: “When Earth is rocked in her last convulsion;”

    25. Mark gladly assented and in no time got to work on the construction of a business centre at the property

    26. I could go with you they selflessly assented, but-”

    27. "Yes," she assented, after a pause during which, her eyes still fixed on the fare, she appeared to be counting

    28. "It is," he assented, as he heard the rain beating against the windows

    29. Langhorne assented by silence

    30. "That's all right," assented Kennedy, "but I don't think it will have any effect

    31. Mama,” she assented joyfully

    32. "Yes, yes, that's it," Lebeziatnikov assented gleefully, "that must be it, for he asked me, as soon as Sofya Semyonovna came into our room, whether you were here, whether I had seen you among Katerina Ivanovna's guests

    33. "Yes!" she assented sharply and hurriedly

    34. " I said: "We had better go back to town as quick as we can," and my friend assented with a troubled look: "Yes, you had better

    35. Elinor could hardly keep her countenance as she assented to the hardship of such an obligation

    36. I, who knew what a "good man," in a sailor sense, he was, assented without reserve

    37. "You will," assented his mother

    38. Marianne assented most feelingly to the remark; and her mother was led by it to an enumeration of Colonel Brandon's injuries and merits, warm as friendship and design could unitedly dictate

    39. "Ha!" assented the miner

    40. To this he assented with a good deal of reluctance

    41. Thus he spoke, and the other Greeks revered the priest and assented

    42. assented to whatever he pleased-In an instant, then, my under petticoat

    43. Gamut cheerfully assented, and together they sought the females

    44. Bert, who was their only child and not very robust, had early shown a talent for drawing, so when his father died a little over a year ago, his mother readily assented when the boy said that he wished to become a decorator

    45. Peter's?" Franz silently assented; and the following afternoon, at half-past five o'clock, the young men parted

    46. Wopsle, with a majestic remembrance of old discomfiture, assented; but

    47. Crass and his partner readily assented, and in spite of Ruth's whispered entreaty that they should return home without further delay, Easton insisted on joining the game

    48. "No, Pip," Joe assented, as if he had been contending for that, all along; "and

    49. "No, no," my guardian assented; "don't have too much to do with him

    50. I modestly assented, and we all fell through a little dirty swing door, into a sort of hot packing-case immediately behind it

    1. I mean to say something sharp, or nonchalant, but the only sound that escapes me is an assenting noise, squeezed tight by my swollen throat

    2. With the husband or lover or whatever assenting, doing the same with someone else

    3. ” She glanced in his direction and received an assenting shrug

    4. The Frenchman bit his lip, and fastened his eyes keenly on the other as if to read his thoughts; then, with a readiness peculiar to himself, he continued, as if assenting to the truth of an enumeration which quite doubled his army:

    5. "So!" said she, assenting with her head, but not looking at me

    6. The properties were bought in in behalf of the assenting security holders; and creditors who refused to participate received in cash their pro rata share, if any, of the sale price

    7. The disadvantages for the poor man who submits will be aggravated by the fact that he will by taking part in it, and, as it were, assenting to it strengthen the state of subjection in which he is held himself

    1. There was a chorus of assents from around the table and Steve bowed his head

    2. A majority, however, decide that it is within their authority; the principal is informed of it, does not complain or disavow, but positively and by the strongest implication assents to the construction given by his agents

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