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    1. The author pictured standing naked by a pond

    2. What a very strange man he was, apparently he insists on wearing hats indoors and would only answer to the name “Famous Author” even though nobody I have met has ever heard of him!

    3. "A century ago, most people lived on farms in the country in isolated family units," says John Selby, a counselor, teacher, and the author of Solitude: The Art of Living with Yourself

    4. Dialogue with God By the Author

    5. To show your appreciation to the author and help others have

    6. He is the Author

    7. God is my Author

    8. And so it came to pass – always a sign of an author who can’t quite grasp the

    9. Your author has done such and in some cases things have gone rather smoothly but at other

    10. I want to speak as the author of this paper, not an inspired

    11. She introduced me to three plump and gauky guys as an author and an artist, then we did the round of the offices once again, I had to shake hands and smiles with all those astonished people, once again we arrested everybody's attention

    12. Author of 30 tracts

    13. Author Michael Neill said the most difficult thing to adopt is

    14. Nalo Hopkinson is the author of three novels and a short story

    15. winning American science fiction author

    16. —Unknown Author, posted throughout the Internet

    17. To show your appreciation to the author and help others have wonderful

    18. It is through suffering in this priesthood that we learn obedience, and we ourselves are perfected unto the salvation of Israel – the author of that salvation being Christ, and being reiterated through His Body (Hebrews 5:8-9)

    19. The problem with this is that we now must decipher which verses of the Bible are spoken from the Spirit and which verses did the author speak out of the flesh?

    20. by the author to become aroused

    21. will result in the author attending church every Sunday,

    22. Bailey, who is a published author on the subject of hypnosis

    23. Alan Tutt, contributor of the "9 Minute Happiness Booster" audio in the Free From Fear package, is a prolific author and speaker

    24. “Creating a blog and publishing pages online is a job done by everyone today but what counts more is building true respect as an author in the eyes of online community and search engines

    25. clear by the author how you should act upon them

    26. To contact the author or to request information

    27. 2Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set

    28. Other Books By This Author

    29. ‘I know the author but I’ve not read this one

    30. However, the readers of this are probably more interested in hearing the actual story, so the author promised that this meta-fictional gag would not continue for very much longer and would never appear again or be spoken of ever again, in fact it would stop at the very end of this sentence

    31. Other Books by the Author

    32. There is a way to know truth, and it com s as we seek the giver and author of truth, and not just what others say of him

    33. The labour of an able-bodied slave, the same author adds, is computed to be worth double his maintenance ; and that of the meanest labourer, he thinks, cannot be worth less than that of an able-bodied slave

    34. In Western literature, Homer is known as the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, and is said to be the greatest ancient Greek poet

    35. A French author of great knowledge and ingenuity, Mr Messance, receiver of the taillies in the election of St Etienne, endeavours to shew that the poor do more work in cheap than in dear years, by comparing the quantity and value of the goods made upon those different occasions in three different manufactures; one of coarse woollens, carried on at Elbeuf; one of linen, and another of silk, both which extend through the whole generality of Rouen

    36. same very intelligent author, in his History of the Poor Laws, "by putting it in the power of a

    37. He was listed as the author of the following books:

    38. ‘But evil is oft the author of beauty

    39. It has been observed to have taken place in France during the same period, and nearly in the same proportion, too, by three very faithful, diligent, and laborious collectors of the prices of corn, Mr Dupré de St Maur, Mr Messance, and the author of the Essay on the Police of Grain

    40. According to the eloquent, and sometimes well-informed, author of the Philosophical and Political History of the Establishment of the Europeans in the two Indies, the annual importation of registered gold and silver into Spain, at an average of eleven years, viz

    41. the Bible was written by more than one author, in

    42. Thomas More is more known to the world as the author

    43. matter of fact, the author himself wrote other books, to

    44. their author himself), and if we renounce to think that

    45. author?” I asked, happy that we had found a common liking

    46. After all he is your favourite author,” I said teasingly,

    47. The terms have been originally assembled and used by the author

    48. I, the author of this e-book, offer no professional services to the general public or otherwise, and more specifically, no medical, psychological or any other type of services or counseling that are, by statute or otherwise, restricted to certified professionals

    49. dresses are strange, the author wanted to

    50. known as the author of Utopia and as a

    1. I, the founder of Christian Satanism, who has authored it, believes in a sacred rule

    2. Thus says The Lord: Beloved,beforeyoudepartMytable,thisIputforthforyoutoconsider: Where did your faith come from, and by what means was it authored?

    3. The torture memo he authored was immediately repudiated by the Obama administration

    4. authored two books on the subject, Toilet

    5. Spenard admitted he wrote the report supposedly authored by Sgt

    6. Gallant] authored the

    7. and the opening of another: a new chapter, jointly authored

    8. ” This could have been a literary source from the beginning authored by those who had been practiced scribes during their Egyptian captivity

    9. authored the 1975 bestseller ‘The relaxation response’9, the director of

    10. Learn To Trade The Market is a popular forex trading blog authored by Nial Fuller, a professional forex trader and trading mentor who is widely considered ‘The Authority’ on Price Action Trading

    11. So that ruled out the poem was authored by me and Jesus

    12. Jesus and I authored the poem while I was half asleep

    13. John, who authored the famous spiritual book, The Ladder, true

    14. authored with Stuart Tan, one of the most influential speakers in

    15. He also authored books on

    16. There are several other documented references to the pre-tribulation Rapture authored by

    17. With the help of Bryan Mealer, he authored The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind: Creating Currents Of Electricity And Hope, his journey of determination and hope

    18. Demartini has authored dozens of books, including the best-

    19. The shop owner recognized with a jump of his heart the copies of the two books she had authored and that he had requested and got from young Cam

    20. “She authored those books and autographed them for…”

    21. after it you have gained nothing at all in terms of benefit from the life that vanity authored

    22. ―This is an ancient scroll I recovered in Agen, and may have been authored by Nostradamus or one of his contemporaries

    23. In the book The Art of War, authored by 14th

    24. intelligence—the one that Jane said authored the myth—was not a separate psychic intelligence but a seamless part of the poem’s energy

    25. Keith Moore had earlier authored the book, ‘The Developing Human’

    26. She has authored several self-help books, and

    27. His daunting handsome presence forces these young hearts to have Cass sign their book; even though he has never authored one book in his life

    28. In the creation an acquisition phase of the Knowledge Management life cycle, information is authored internally by knowledge workers, acquired through outsourcing, or purchased from an outside source

    29. For example, a text document can be authored in Microsoft Word, allowing the document to be easily edited by someone with access to it

    30. Version control, using software tools to track of versions of documents and other information, is key to locating the intermediate products of internally authored information

    31. He has authored several books and has plans to create additional products that

    32. Ron Hubbard authored more than

    33. Published nearly three-dozen times before going independent at eighteen, Boye has authored numerous works—including the short story collection Amorous Things, the novellaThe Diary of Dakota Hammell, the zombie novel Sunrise and the epic fantasy series The Brotherhood Saga

    34. return and authored The Apocalypse and other texts as warnings and eventual proof of future things

    35. Hebrew calendar and authored symbolic wisdom texts that were later embellished to become the

    36. was authored by the Teacher of Righteousness of the Yahad/Essene community,

    37. During that lifetime, as the Teacher of Righteousness, I authored the Apocalypse,

    38. history, who authored the Apocalypse and many of the texts that were stolen and modified to become

    39. The sages and prophets who authored the original narratives were much more concerned with

    40. the pre-Christianized Book of Revelation was authored

    41. Starting at the 11th cycle, when it was authored, there are seven cycles

    42. and seal thereby symbolize the 11th 360-year cycle, when Revelation was authored

    43. encode its time period, hence from the 11th cycle when it was authored to the beginning of the 17th

    44. Since Revelation was authored during the 11th cycle (11x360=3960),

    45. the symbology within the narratives authored by the Hebrew sages and prophets

    46. cycle, when Revelation was authored and the Dead Sea Scrolls were deposited in 11 caves during the

    47. They are called cherubim (angels) in Ezekiel, which was authored

    48. Book of Revelation), authored by the

    49. prophecies were authored using ancient structured symbolism based on the Philosophers’ Stone of

    50. authored most of the Hebrew wisdom texts and prophecies that were later modified and embellished

    1. The Greek philosopher Protagoras, who is credited with authoring this statement, was an agnostic whose philosophy foreshadowed secular humanism

    2. own authoring and the results are

    3. acceptance to author together (is this not what love is, an authoring together of beauty), the leap to create hand in hand and again telling Len your heart

    4. 2 presents a wide range of enabling technologies, from authoring and decision support tools to controlled vocabularies and database tools, that can be used to enable various phases of the KM life cycle

    5. Shared authoring tools include common word processing programs, graphics programs, and sound editing utilities

    6. This technology, expressly designed for group collaboration, provides a virtual whiteboard drawing space that enables multiple collabo-rators to take turns authoring and modifying hand-drawn graphics, highlighting points of interest on digital images, or simply posting a slide for a presentation

    7. publishing, book authoring, self-publishing or books that they could participate in

    8. the reference to me serving in the capacity as being responsible for authoring, (written by…) in line of

    9. the authoring of narratives with both exoteric and esoteric messages

    10. lifetimes authoring much of the ancient wisdom and prophecy that religious leaders recast to serve

    11. The authoring, gathering, and depositing of the Dead Sea Scrolls

    12. In the last few years he has become a financial thriller writer, authoring The Twain Maxim, The Armageddon Trade and Kusanagi and has recently had his first non-fiction title 101 Ways To Pick Stock Market Winners published by ADVFN Books

    13. In truth, in my twenty-five years of authoring books about public figures, I have encountered very few people who have ever actually paid attention to such material

    1. ‘One of my favourite authors wrote about a monk who lived in Shrewsbury

    2. ‘You’ve got a lot of my favourite authors here, Anna

    3. “On of these authors (the Fellow that was Pilloryed, I have forgot his Name) is indeed so grave, sententious, dogmatical of a Rogue, that there is no enduring him

    4. by the common farmer ; how contemptuously soever the very contemptible authors of some of

    5. It was with a bit of a start that I realized there that many of my favorite authors were, in fact, Scottish

    6. Authors note: Well it was a good story but of course this little watch would have had to have changed the whole world an obvious impossibility!

    7. The same most respectable and well-informed authors acquaint us, that when any person undertakes to work a new mine in Peru, he is universally looked upon as a man destined to bankruptcy and ruin, and is upon that account shunned and avoided by every body

    8. If it is rare, however, say the same authors, Frezier and Ulloa, to find a person who has made his fortune by a silver, it is still much rarer to find one who has done so by a gold mine

    9. Bishop Fleetwood and Mr Dupré de St Maur are the two authors who seem to have collected, with the greatest diligence and fidelity, the prices of things in ancient times

    10. Such slight observations, however, upon the prices either of corn or of other commodities, would not probably have misled so many intelligent authors, had they not been influenced at the same time by the popular notion, that as the quantity of silver naturally increases in every country with the increase of wealth, so its value diminishes as its quantity increases

    11. they, the authors, were writers and mostly priests

    12. about themselves would have been, the authors of the

    13. there are millions of authors with too few messages

    14. concurrency of the others authors

    15. appearance of the printing press, some authors have the

    16. message, the authors usually being with many

    17. knowing that its authors (the brothers Cyril and

    18. It has been computed by different authors at a fifth, at a tenth, at a twentieth, and at a thirtieth, part of that value

    19. (Yes, this includes most of the well-known authors

    20. { Some French authors of great learning and ingenuity have used those words in a different sense

    21. Some of the stories written on the whiteboards were remarkable and the respective authors became professional scriptwriters

    22. But in such large countries, as France and England, the number of people employed in agriculture has, by some authors been computed at a half, by others at a third and by no author that I know of, at less that a fifth of the whole inhabitants of the country

    23. In order to render them less formidable, according to some authors, Dioclesian, according to others, Constantine, first withdrew them from the frontier, where they had always before been encamped in great bodies, generally of two or three legions each, and dispersed them in small bodies through the different provincial towns, from whence they were scarce ever removed, but when it became necessary to repel an invasion

    24. The interest of those servants and dependants might so far predominate in the court of proprietors, as sometimes to dispose it to support the authors of depredations which had been committed in direct violation of its own authority

    25. Different authors gave different systems, both of natural and moral philosophy

    26. That they were superior in private life, we have the express testimony of Polybius, and of Dionysius of Halicarnassus, two authors well acquainted with both nations; and the whole tenor of the Greek and Roman history bears witness to the superiority of the public morals of the Romans

    27. Can we scientifically prove that the Bible possesses qualities that would confirm that it had its origin from outside our dimensionality of space-time? Is there evidence of supernatural design contained within? Can we prove that no other book exhibits the qualities that are found in the Bible? Should we be able to do this, it naturally follows that an Intelligent Being, who is not limited to our physical constraints, guided its design and construction over approximately 1,600 years, employing about 40 different authors

    28. It contains 66 books written over a period of about 1,600 years and had at least 40 authors

    29. The authors of the New Testament quote from 31 books in the Old Testament and the writings were circulated so widely that the complete set of both Old and New Testament writings became known as the “New Covenant”

    30. The value of 11 would no longer be valid for looking at the numerical structure, with which the placement of books in the Bible and numeric values, with regards to the authors, was designed

    31. Most authors are telling the story from the perspective of His ministry

    32. Now, given the fact that the Bible was written over almost 2 millennia, by about 40 different authors and the fact that we can prove through scientific methods that the Bible contains enormous amounts of evidence of elaborate design

    33. C Rome, does not fail to inflict upon the reader the author"s collectivist, yea, communist, proclivities

    34. I would also like to thank all of those authors who have written about this subject and have provided me with the knowledge to

    35. 1/3 vinyl records, some read by the authors themselves

    36. Some authors blame Colombian neglect of the province of Panama

    37. Since it is nearly impossible to predict the correct date of its completion, the differing theories regarding the work's author(s) and date of completion will never resolve

    38. Some authors defend his not being impeached, but the nation was obviously worse off

    39. “The only thing that stands out about him as a writer, is that he’s awfully tall,” Bill was misquoting one of his favourite authors

    40. It was based on a book by one of Brubaker’s favourite authors, Isaac Asimov

    41. As authors most often do, we exchanged books: she offered me her La sombra de las palabras (The Shadow of Words) and I handed her my Odyssey Fulfilled

    42. Or, in the words of one of my favorite authors:

    43. I am going to paste the text in parenthesis and mention the authors name and the date posted

    44. It is the parent’s role to act as wise authors and guardians of the daily menu

    45. “The name of a many-sided movement in the 1st and 2nd centuries of the Christian era which combined the mythology and symbolism of several pagan religions with the teachings of Christ…had two characteristic features: a metaphysical dualism of matter and spirit whose origins are to be found in the physical dualism of darkness and light in the Parsic (or Persian) religion; and a doctrine of redemption, by which those who devote themselves to gnosis, or a higher knowledge, may proceed from the former to the latter realm…Much of Gnostic literature was falsely ascribed to such authors as the disciples of Jesus, Jewish prophets, heroes of antiquity, or imaginary personages…With the decline of the pagan religions around the time of Christ, a conscious movement to syncretize (attempt to smoothly unite) all religions was in progress…In the early years of Christianity, only loose boundaries were formed between the Church and contemporary cults; the syncretic movement did not exclude the new faith, nor did Christianity fail to absorb elements of foreign beliefs

    46. Chapter 93 About The Authors

    47. Nothing but human authors has ever been claimed by them

    48. In my case, the parable was already there, unknowingly constructed by its human authors (or intentionally instructed), over the ages that span most of pre, and recorded history

    49. First, I wish to pay my respects to all of the myriad authors of all the things that I have read over the many years, from the Genesis of the Bible to the latest word in science

    50. Now, this is where most authors thank all those who were instrumental in bringing his work to the point of publishing, with the editing, polishing the text, etc

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