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Bankroll в предложении (на )

Here's the bankroll.
That is why you need to increase your bankroll.
I will not attempt to trade options with a tiny bankroll.
One month ago yesterday I was just getting ready to bankroll you.
Bankroll management is a very important aspect of both poker and trading.
Think of how much you are willing to lose in percentage terms of your bankroll.
Then your loss will just be a percentage of this higher bankroll, and you will still have plenty of money left with which to trade.

As a result of this, I learned the importance of bankroll management, and it has helped me tremendously over the course of my trading career.
The litigation fund that promised to bankroll the fraud and conspiracy case against Lonerock Coal and Casper Slate had already yanked the money.
And now it appeared the old flame was starting to come back to life with this nice little bankroll Daddy seemed to have come up with over at The River Bend Club.
If they have one hundred consultants working forty hours a week with this same split, that fills their bankroll with $2400, based on a conservative billing rate of $30.
Those banks had the one single commodity that topped his wish list: money! Building a bankroll for expansion was his obsession, and doing it with no financial or equity partners his unwavering method.
That concept of insurance alone is worth much more than the cost and the time you took to read the report! But seriously, apply this method and you will see a big difference in the fluctuation of your bankroll.
There was a lot they couldn’t explain, but they had initially concluded that, on the one hand, McFosters had disappeared and made off with the IRA’s funds, while Keenan had done the same with the Unionist bankroll.

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