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Bedspread в предложении (на )

  1. Then I grabbed the bedspread.
  2. She was crocheting a bedspread.
  3. He patted the bedspread beside him.
  4. Emily looked at the bedspread, He's not.
  5. Malloy had put aside her bedspread for a while.

  6. The bedspread had a decoration of ocean plant and.
  7. Then she took two corners of the bedspread and Mick.
  8. She put me on the bed, and I lay on top of the bedspread.
  9. Dayne untied her and she wrapped herself in the bedspread.
  10. She felt how wet she had left the bedspread underneath her.
  11. She rapidly scattered them about the bedspread looking for.
  12. Wet down the bedspread with Holy water and wrap it around her.
  13. Emmy flings herself across your costume rolling over the bedspread.
  14. Linens will be an extra $500 or so if they don't need a new bedspread.
  15. Stone whipped the bedspread off the bed, so that Hedy wouldn’t see it.

  16. Teresa began to speak as she turned down the bedspread and fluffed the pillow.
  17. He laid her card and letter on the twill bedspread near the curve of her knees.
  18. He knocks off the white bedspread and white sheet covering him onto the floor.
  19. They were pulled back to expose a matching bedspread and pillows of laced ivory.
  20. Michael had put fresh sheets on the bed and a folded towel on top of the bedspread.
  21. Beds were placed at both sides of the room, covered in the similar green bedspread.
  22. The teacher was sitting on top of the bedspread, a book clutched to her breast in fear.
  23. The 18 carat gold jewellery glittered invitingly, laid out on the deep purple bedspread.
  24. Try on a bedspread? But when she took it out, she could see that it was an enormous robe.
  25. She parted a dark brown curtain to reveal a twin bed, covered with a rose-red bedspread.

  26. White eyelet lace trimmed the ruffles on the matching floral printed canopy and bedspread.
  27. The tableau was completed with flowers arranged around the lace bedspread and around the bed head.
  28. Jean collapsed face down on her bedspread, her arms hanging over the sides as she kicked off her boots.
  29. She watched as her hand absentmindedly traced the pattern on the bedspread and shrugged, He worked.
  30. The midnight blue chenille bedspread sported the nine planets, the smiling sun and the man in the moon.
  31. She had some paintings strewn about the walls, and a blue and pink flowered bedspread from what I could see in the.
  32. Upstairs in Jen’s bedroom, Therese kicked off her shoes and sat on the bedspread crisscross with the crown in her lap.
  33. Black throw pillows delicately embroidered with Red Indian elephants accompanied the crimson bedspread of finest Egyptian cotton.
  34. Intact iron bars, backlit by the blue neon signage of the grocery store across the street, cast long shadows across my bedspread.
  35. Through the door I could see a bed and the bedspread with that big logo of the presidential seal that you see on podiums when he speaks.
  36. He continued tracing with one light fingertip over every part of her behind, both sides, while she chewed on the bedspread, stifling moans.
  37. Black throw pillows were delicately embroidered with Red Indian elephants and complimented the crimson bedspread of finest Egyptian cotton.
  38. The four largest pillows were encased in a floral printed material, edged with white eyelet lace, which matched the arching canopy and bedspread.
  39. Rory cut the electricity cable between the cage and the hole in the floor and inserted a circuit breaker while I removed the bedspread and sacks.
  40. The bedspread was black, which made him think of a bier, and he disliked the pictures on the walls – mostly framed photographs of men with weapons.
  41. Black throw pillows were delicately embroidered with Red Indian elephants, a fitting accompaniment to the crimson bedspread of finest Egyptian cotton.
  42. The other pillows and cushions were made up in solid colors, which picked out or complemented the colors in the floral print of the bedspread and canopy.
  43. She began to pant heavily into the bedspread while his fingers traced every contour of her foot and then explored in detail, the spaces between each toe.
  44. It's white walls, white bedspread, and white computer by the large bay window, with the only color source being the red apple by the white chair in the corner.
  45. I lay in the dark under a pale and smothering camberwick bedspread, pushing at blisters of paint brushed over lyres and garlands on the texture of the wallpaper.
  46. The floor was highly polished oak, the color of freshly turned earth, and the bedside area rug matched the bedspread and window curtains of periwinkle blue, reminding me of the sky on a clear day.
  47. After removing his wallet and key ring, we slid a sack over his head and shoulders, and another over feet and legs, wrapped him in CCs floral bedspread and wrapped the whole thing in metres more tape.
  48. Her first impression was that the gift was some kind of bedspread or comforter of quilted paisley, the kind she had worn in the seventies and that she remembered her mother and grandmother wearing in old age.
  49. Ben’s defense attorney had hammered at that bit of blood on Michelle’s bedspread, and the mysterious dress shoe that left a print in my family’s blood, but couldn’t come up with a convincing alternate theory.
  50. My room looked just as it always did, the embroidered bedspread cheerful with its primary colors and background of soft ecru, the walls painted a bold turquoise and covered with folk art and candle sconces and an assortment of symbols: crosses, a carved om symbol, the leafy face of the Green Man.
  51. Thandi with the threadbare bedspread and fell,.

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