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    1. Raj and Kevin helped recycle some beer bottles for decorative purposes

    2. They were in the middle of making a beer bottle tree when Raj passed

    3. Vera pours out a beer and straightens herself up, raising her nose in the air

    4. The beer turns sour in my mouth

    5. ” She pours more beer into my glass and pushes it at me

    6. I pull on my ear flaps and waddle out with my case of beer, nearly tripping on the first step through the door

    7. I walked most of the beer off on the way to the house

    8. I try to hug her back with one hand so I don’t spill the beer

    9. Traps can be made more effective by using the various fermented products on the market such as apple cider beer (fermented apples), vinegar, wines, whisky, etc

    10. Beer: Beer is produced from fermented hops

    11. There are over 72 different chemicals in beer! From pesticides to colors to anti foaming to foaming agents

    12. coastline atop a tidal wave of cheap beer, dirty hookers, and salt water

    13. Some of us reached for the beer bottles, some for the dirty hookers

    14. 1 can of Beer

    15. Bush strips off his jacket, tosses it in the corner, walks over to a refrigerator against the wall, opens it up, takes out a can of beer, pops the top and begins to chug-a-lug

    16. He thinks about it a minute, shrugs his shoulders, chugs some more until the beer is empty, tosses the can in the corner on top of his jacket

    17. There is a stone patio next to the building overlooking the pounding waves and a couple of local men sit drinking a beer at a plastic table and talking

    18. They all sit and Rosita brings the beer, sits with them

    19. John pulls on his shoes while Russ ambles over to the frig, pulls out, opens a non-alcohlic beer

    20. delicious beer battered cod and chips from the village pub, which was obviously a

    21. beer and their eager-eyed and insatiable game of spot the girlie

    22. In a beer garden

    23. John, standing in his boxers with a beer in one hand and a remote in the other, watches the same newscast

    24. He grins broadly, takes a sip from his beer

    25. ‘Is there a cloth I can use, Kate, we’ve split some beer

    26. It is full to overflowing and looks rather debauched now, spilling over with empty wine and beer bottles, the detritus of our festivities over Christmas and New Year

    27. Usman grinned and raised the inevitable bottle of beer in my direction

    28. In all my time in London, drinking whiskey and beer, I do not think I was ever as happy or as drunk

    29. They had shared a beer or two together, and Menachem thought that Beniamin was a sensitive soul, not one of the more resilient expatriate types

    30. The beer was totally different but apparently wine was wine wherever you were

    31. Fred and Joe enjoyed coming to the Blacksmith Arms, the beer

    32. “Better make this the last beer

    33. We deserve a beer after this”

    34. lifts a jug of beer and drains it,

    35. “Yes ma’am! I can be bought! You can have your way with me, a beer would do it!” He was smiling and looking directly at her

    36. He took a long swig of his beer

    37. “Time for a beer over at the Blacksmiths Arms

    38. They both took long swigs of their beer and let out huge belches at the same time

    39. Damn, I need a beer, how about you?”

    40. She took another swig of her beer and went out into the living room to the entertainment center

    41. She took another long pull of her beer

    42. “Dunno mate, but I reckon, we could sneak out for a beer or 2 at

    43. Kicked a thousand beer cans

    44. and beer on his breath

    45. He sat at our table, uninvited, respecting no one, pitching his opinions and drinking his beer

    46. We studied our glasses of lemonade or beer while he was trying to draw attention and impress

    47. He lurched forward and slopped some beer into my glass

    48. The boring banter continued and the evening staggered on with Mercouri bragging about how much beer and raki he could drink

    49. Elizabeth went around and picked up all the empty beer cans and glasses

    50. on the day of the party, Romi Bhai left the beer -wrapped in rags - at

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