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1. I gazed at him befuddled.
2. The lil bomber looked befuddled.
3. In his befuddled state, Jeff could.
4. Kiera couldn’t help but feel befuddled by this.
5. The simple mind of the hit man was befuddled by the.
6. He exchanged a befuddled look with his radio operator.
7. A bit bedazzled and befuddled George returned to the party.
8. Both he and Agni faced Indra, wearing befuddled expressions.
9. Eilidh opened her eyes, befuddled to still have that ability.
10. Spencer Holland and Deputy Dart stood next to each other, befuddled.
11. But what she could not fathom in her present befuddled state - was why?
12. Lori left the cockpit, then exchanged a befuddled look with her cameraman.
13. The MVD major then gave a befuddled look at his assistant, a young captain.
14. Michael woke with a start as the two words filtered through his befuddled.
15. He sounded befuddled as if he were trying to confuse whatever issue came up.
16. Elm’s mind felt befuddled as he tried to process his next course of action.
17. Hossein stared at her for a moment, while his two men exchanged befuddled looks.
18. Ashley was befuddled when she descended the mountain tears streaming down her face.
19. It’s Smith…Lee’s not here…Lee’s not here, he said, totally befuddled.
20. A doctor had to be called over the public address to attend to a seriously befuddled.
21. Again, James had to go and get him to bring the baby back inside; he was so befuddled.
22. I mean, after all, you seemed a bit befuddled over not knowing who he was and stuff so.
23. His eyes came back from where I had pointed and I could see I had completely befuddled him.
24. He was sitting with a chunk of coarse brown bread in his hand, looking completely befuddled.
25. Rendered speechless by these statements, Kathy could only gaze at him in befuddled astonishment.
26. Totally befuddled by all this, Hartmann meekly followed the rest of the group out of her bedroom.
27. Fionn whistled at Kearney, who quickly returned to her side, keeping his eyes on the befuddled Thorn.
28. Nibbles’ loud and impatient voice could be heard answering, as Bru’s befuddled mind tried to grasp it.
29. What kind of student is she? Is she good? Ward adds, clearly becoming more befuddled by the Professor.
30. Zahara exchanged a befuddled look with her eleven year-old sister Shiloh as Herakles hurried out of the kitchen.
31. Why invent a god or judge that rules you as if you could and should be so? the befuddled voice inquired of her.
32. There was a befuddled security guard standing there while the store manager yelled at him and pointed at the goblins.
33. The grenade’s damage to the patrol boat had apparently befuddled its crew, and it dropped back, slewing away from the Syrena.
34. Mrs Pilfer was sound asleep on the kitchen table, and far too wound up in her own befuddled dreams to answer her employer's call.
35. Even if he knew it by heart, a man in my disturbed, befuddled condition couldn't have quoted a syllable of his own country's history.
36. Why? was the only thing able to come of her mouth? She was befuddled; she couldn’t understand why Murphy would give up his company.
37. I had just lit a fag when I saw Lt Pearson questioning a rather befuddled prisoner I could have almost felt sorry for him then the Lieutenant said.
38. When I grow tired, I lie down in the pastures amongst befuddled sheep, and I summon Chris to help me sort through the strand of numbers crossing the sky.
39. The loud gunshots of the men from the catwalk had dimly registered on the youth and now some of them near to me gazed at me, befuddled as to what was going on.
40. There are great amounts of money involved with slavery but I am befuddled as to how simple poor farm folks like the Michauds could have any connection to that wealth.
1. This concept befuddles the professional sector, such as doctors, dentists, and lawyers, who can only bill for services they personally provide.

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