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    big bucks

    1. They tended to have thin skins, and resented any implied criticism of the system which paid them the big bucks unquestioningly

    2. “Some of them exotic fish are worth the big bucks to a collector

    3. The cops made the big bucks, and the Mayor struggled along on about thirty-five thousand a year

    4. She paid Olger big bucks to know or quickly find these special individuals and make things ‘nice’ again

    5. “If the big bucks are in touring, why are they in the studio instead of riding the money train?”

    6. while all along he told me he was losing big bucks

    7. immediately and for maximum “big bucks

    8. Chase Manhattan was still my bank at the time, and although it was small change for them, it was big bucks for me

    9. the truth of the matter is, most people aren't making big bucks

    10. • They wanted to go after the “Big Bucks

    11. I used to jog, and it cost me big bucks every time my running shoes wore out and needed new ones

    12. You fork out big bucks to attend a concert

    13. who took all the cases no one else wanted, and he charged big bucks

    14. We should be making the big moves, making the big bucks


    16. “I guess that’s why you get paid the big bucks

    17. “That’s what you pay me the big bucks for," Paul said

    18. I had big bucks to worry

    19. It was the full-breeds who brought in the big bucks

    20. the big bucks, not the poor combatants

    21. I did hear that he got the big bucks when he was doing his thing

    22. They do this, even when there is a negative cash flow because they are hoping to bring in the big bucks later on when the market turns around; when it’s a better time

    23. The Boston Brahmins’ big bucks didn’t necessarily trickle down to George Colt, his wife Anne and the children, Susannah and Henry

    24. You could be on TV, get the big bucks

    25. “Of course, that’s why you get paid all the big bucks and get all the credit for everything

    26. Ben noticed a look on the Galaef’s face which told him the Galaef just had an idea—almost the same look a used car salesman gets when he thinks he has suckered a lame-brain into paying big bucks for a lemon

    27. The people were still anxious to see you meditating and being in a state of trance that they even offered to pay your family big bucks to come to their house to go up to your bedroom to see and witness you being in a state of trance

    28. That’s why David is willing to pay big bucks for that submerged Ford Focus

    29. It doesn't matter where we are in life, you can be so gifted in business, but I tell you if you get involved in adultery, man oh man that costs you big bucks

    30. That is why Chairmen get the big bucks

    31. What’s worse than murder? How about trashing kids’ memory of their long-abused loving mother—after paying the wife-beating/cheating mobster father big bucks to white wash his black deed of having had his wife “rubbed out”? Sound like a Hollywood script? It should

    32. If Reno, Nevada’s multi-million-dollar casinos/hotels and all the adjunct businesses that support them don’t cough up what the shelter I now work in needs, what hope could there possibly be for anywhere else? Maybe big bucks will be matched by even bigger hearts

    33. And that was why someone, someday, was going to pay her the big bucks

    34. is a very cost-effective way of making big bucks on the Internet) to promote and share this e-book

    35. “I’m being paid the big bucks, as you so eloquently put it, to find this monster

    36. She come back, I get paid big bucks

    37. His billings had slumped lately and he needed a boost because his employer, a hard headed businessman if ever there was one, had been putting the screws on the executives to produce what he called “the big bucks” or cutbacks would have to be made in the staff

    38. could find yourself paying the IRS big bucks down the line

    39. Charge big bucks to appear wherever they

    40. "Been playing with big bucks these last few days, Less

    41. Maybe a media tour, maybe sponsoring a teen pop act, maybe paying big bucks for a survey of teens about their eating habits

    42. A decade or more back, more than just a few persons were busy paying big bucks to have paintings of their pets produced

    43. I guess that’s why they pay you the big bucks, huh? The place is clear though

    44. Inevitably, the new medium threw up big stars but it also made big bucks for the studios: MGM, Columbia, Paramount, and Universal were all up and running in the twenties

    45. It’s not just our homes where we can save big bucks

    46. The bottom line is that it takes at least five years and big bucks to get a mine into full production once economically viable quantities of copper, nickel, or zinc have been discovered

    47. But most of us half-caff-latte-with-a-twist types who’ve been willingly shelling out the big bucks for our morning indulgence have no idea about the real ups and downs of growing and harvesting coffee beans

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