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Binge в предложении (на )

1. Did you have relapses on binge.
2. She had an episode of binge eating.
3. Mute testimony to his dedicated binge.
4. Endless binge drinking, as Sam called it.
5. She started to binge and purge again to cope.
6. On the plane, I binge on TV shows on my iPhone.
7. Three years later, he had become a binge drinker.
8. This leads to another binge, and another rehashing.
9. About seven years back, I went on McDonald’s binge.
10. Oliver on a binge severs the head of the young woman.
11. The money soon dried up and with it Esther’s binge.
12. On hours of watching this sport on the tube, he’d binge.
13. Id have to wait until night-time to begin my binge drinking.
14. He binge drinks and eats, but these don’t bother me as his benders.
15. Then he wandered out into the street like some poor drunkard on a binge.
16. I’d say a drinking binge on the twenty-first birthday is pretty common.
17. BUT Limiting calories, diets and restriction always leads to binge eating.
18. Read this post that answers a lot of questions about binge eating relapses.
19. Binge eaters and constant snackers can also benefit from the Atkins program.
20. He was totally dehydrated and a little queasy from the afternoon’s binge.
21. Analyze situations or places that lead to binge eating, and try to avoid them.
22. What if you’re a purist? You don’t binge on caffeine; your body is a temple.
23. I was out near Le Gran Binge, and it was getting pretty late, said the kid.
24. A binge always follows, not to mention all the mental obsession and frustration.
25. That night as I lay in bed, watching Harry as he slept off his latest binge, I thought.
26. The Greek government did as it promised; and went on one the biggest spending binge ever.
27. In only three weeks of living alone, I was quickly over the brink and into binge drinking.
28. Being alone and having just had a long night of binge drinking, what could I have expected?
29. After a massive three day drinking binge, Nick awoke with the worst hangover he could ever remember.
30. His wife stood over him after he had regained consciousness again from another bout of binge drinking.
31. The table was groaning with fat and sugar-laden food; the diet binge having played itself out as usual.
32. This also makes it easier to eat healthy because it’s essentially the polar opposite of binge eating.
33. The key is to watch an acquiring company go off on a binge and then once it has bloated itself, short it.
34. Another binge drinking vampire, with an unremarkable story in the midst of the murky swampland of the South.
35. The seventy-two hour alcohol binge had taken a toll on his appearance, according to the mirror's reflection.
36. He then threw away the half-choked officer and left the room to go start a monumental drinking binge at the canteen.
37. I would starve myself, then binge, starve myself, then binge, in a constant cycle of self- abnegation and self-indulgence.
38. Mayne was refused leave to attend the funeral resulting in him embarking on a drinking binge and rampage in central Cairo.
39. This is because, when you prolong the intervals between having a meals and snacks, it can actually encourage binge eating.
40. There's a very good chance that the temptation to binge on some of the foods on your taboo list will be within easy reach.
41. Binge eating, childlike behavior, insomnia, weepiness, and compulsive disorders emerged in some patients for the first time.
42. Jack went on a binge of drinking after that night in the flat, the night Doc had produced the mysterious bottle without a label.
43. It was now clear that Mac’s binge on the chocolate, which had seemed only moderately worrisome at the time, was a catastrophe.
44. He had once wrestled a huge black bear during a drinking binge in the One Forest, and had won by two falls and a furry submission.
45. His suit crumpled and his hair disheveled, Frank was still feeling the effects of the binge at Bernie’s restaurant just hours before.
46. In response to a sugar binge, our pancreas produces more insulin, a hormone that rapidly takes up circulating blood glucose into our cells.
47. Therefore, it can lead to binge eating, since you would feel that you are still unsatisfied, even when you have already eaten lots of foods.
48. I stopped eating candy, I snapped all of my magic sticks over my knee and started binge drinking Mountain Dew sitting in my whitey-tighties on the couch.
49. The first immediate result of the binge drinking is the increase in family arguments, abuse of children and family members and can lead to a vicious hangover.
50. What was clear was that if she started a binge, she wouldn’t have to think about how fat she was, about James getting married, or about Michael’s disgust.
51. As Loewen began to struggle with its earnings, investors began to realize that the synergies that Loewen had based its acquisition binge on were not being realized.
52. She says, and her story has been independently confirmed, that you and he were intimate, went on a drinking and gambling binge together, and ended up in a brothel.
53. And William, between his reckless second heroin binge and the great bathhouse wallow of ’79, was due to be flattened, too, only a funny thing happened post-diagnosis.
54. Binge eating on sugary foods causes a surge of glucose in the blood producing a sugar high, which is characterized by feelings of fullness, satisfaction, and calm.
55. They'd have a field day and embark on an enormous spending binge because most of this country's quarter of a million Native Indians live in or unbearably close to poverty.
56. Philipopoulos promised himself that he would then proceed with the biggest drinking binge of his sailor’s career, that is if he was not going to die before with his throat cut open.
57. But there’s evidence to suggest that healthy eating is a highly sensory experience, and everything from the color of our plates to the sounds in the room may trigger a mindless binge.
58. After thrombosis, avoid prolonged sitting or standing, alcoholic binge, smoking, and hot bathes, or saunas, as they can trigger events that may cause a recurrence of another clot and protrusion.
59. According to them, Linda was a typical British binge drinking import that had turned parts of Greece into stinking cesspits that were the breeding grounds for sexual immorality and social decay.
60. Everything worked out great for the first six months until a meth-head on a three day binge changed lanes on the 805 Freeway without looking, and pushed Alexi into the cement median at 70 miles per hour.
61. The great Chazza! He had been a teenage prodigy, a master of the beautiful game, who, in the prime of his career, had spiralled out of control in a whirlwind of drink, binge eating and late night brawls in discotheques.
62. That day, in the post Resurrection break-fasting binge, she was dressed formally and a little ludicrously in a black taffeta dress with pleats and frills and a décolletage of Chantilly lace coming right up to her neck and chin.
63. Brubaker described how the river came down out of the plateau of south-central Ontario, curving back to the northwest; collecting behind the dunes at Le Gran Binge in a series of meandering bayous, before finding its way to Lake Kandechio.
64. He prefers to stay in the light in these troubled nights of binge drinking chaos and unprovoked menace, although in his head he can still see the hard fist of his youth dealing out a solid and immediate form of justice to the kids in the hood.
65. I hoarded my daily ration of cigarettes, denying myself the luxury of nicotine relief for hours on end, until, like a binge drinker I felt compelled to indulge in some weird chain-smoking ritual, gorging on tar and smoke until I was physically sick.
66. After she threw me out of our Oakdale house, to a one bedroom apartment in nearby Salem, I lasted through only 17 days of binge drinking before I suffered the two and one-half hour blackout in a blizzard which convinced me finally that I was absolutely powerless over alcohol and that my life had been unmanageable for several years.
67. The borrowing binge speeded up in good times—the 1950s, 1980s, and 2000s—and was supported by diverse benign developments: rising wealth (higher collateral value leading to greater creditworthiness, and also to higher risk tolerance), financial liberalization and innovation, loosening lending standards, low policy rates and abundant savings from emerging markets, improving faith in central banks’ ability to manage the economy, and other factors.

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