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    1. little story to tell to the birdie

    2. ‘My little birdie has told me that a very important diplomat will be in the country for secret behind-closed-doors talks with the prime minister

    3. My little birdie is also setting up a secret behind-closed-doors interview for me

    4. He smiled smugly and looked very proud of his little birdie

    5. This morning, Saturday September 27, he begins with a birdie on the first hole

    6. I have only had one birdie in all of my rounds I have played

    7. never had a birdie all day

    8. “A little birdie told me

    9. Chica was so pleased that Birdie was coming with them that she did not even mind being called an animal, a term she knew most people considered an insult

    10. “There is more than one reason I was called witch,” Birdie said

    11. But the dogs looked proud as peacocks of their new names, and both Pedro and Birdie made so much fuss over the pups that Chica began to feel a little put out

    12. It was Birdie this and Flaca that, and look at how cute Gordo and Bonita are

    13. He would never help you and does not understand why Pedro and Birdie care for you

    14. At the camp, Birdie pursued the topic

    15. “It was not a complete waste of time, at least for me,” Birdie said

    16. Birdie and Pedro were sitting rather close to each other around the small campfire where they had roasted some fish

    17. Birdie had provided greens and seasonings, including raspberries, which she had collected as they traveled

    18. Then she heard Birdie laugh

    19. Birdie laughed at Chica again

    20. ” Birdie walked closer, leaned over, and petted Chica

    21. “I hope that is Chica purring and not your stomach,” Birdie said, chuckling But Pedro was already drifting into sleep, and Chica was at the beginning of a dream that involved a plump mouse just inches away

    22. “As you can see, the flower is long gone on this ginger—it bloomed in the spring,” Birdie said

    23. “Oh, there is much more to learn,” said Birdie, “because, unless you carry bits of all these plants with you, you will not always be near what you need, or in the right season, and must know alternative plants

    24. “What would that be?” Birdie asked

    25. before, and Birdie pointed out a few plants, and Pedro asked a few questions about bird calls, but their heart was not in it anymore

    26. “Childbirth would have been the same there, and Jane’s husband would have still grown old,” Birdie pointed out

    27. Pedro, Birdie, and William had come back outside while Chica was rolling in the mildly narcotic mint

    28. “What is it?” Birdie asked

    29. “You are fortunate to have such a devoted and articulate husband,” William said to Birdie, “few men are able to express the devotion they feel for their wives

    30. And Birdie, as she said, wants a more peaceful life, which she deserves to have

    31. She wished with all her heart that Birdie would stay with them

    32. There was even some talk of Pedro and Birdie staying on permanently, although it was mostly William who was pushing this idea

    33. He was offering Pedro land and help with establishing a small farm to grow what he and Birdie would need

    34. In return, Pedro and Birdie would help William to protect the woods and their wildlife

    35. Sam followed Flaca and her children everywhere they went, which was usually wherever Birdie went

    36. Pedro and Birdie staying and marrying and having children who would play with Chica’s kittens

    37. He was telling Pedro and Birdie and William about the unbelievable events in the towns along the coastline

    38. Birdie spoke up, in tears that hadn’t been noticed before

    39. Pedro went over to Birdie and took her in his arms and held her there

    40. Here was yet another group she had hurt! And then she started to worry about the Indian woman now with Chica’s Pedro, the woman called Birdie

    41. Chica introduced them to Christopher and Sam, and Flaca told them about all the cute things that Bonita and Gordo had been doing, and then they all went on a little tour, to see where Pedro and Birdie were camped and where there new house would be built

    42. I can imagine her playing with the children that Birdie and Pedro have, and being petted by them, and having a marvelous time

    43. "A little birdie told me and its name wasn't Hank Hampton

    44. birdie, perched on the edge of a branch afraid to fly?

    45. A little birdie told me that he’s engaged

    46. “How are you birdie?” His hands tightened around hers

    47. “Go ahead, little birdie

    48. “Have faith little birdie

    49. “Just keep watching the birdie,” my father said as I saw his ship swoop and make another pass over the dodecahedron surface, blasting two Wyverns in the process

    50. “Did you see her smile for the birdie?”

    1. Between the two of them, they birdied the first five holes

    1. while badminton birdies fly back and forth overhead and other “cowboy” girls chase each other around their connected rooms shooting plastic darts at one another

    2. "And here are some more birdies who have come for a Christmas dinner

    3. As the birdies, colored dove,

    4. He ends the front nine with three birdies altogether

    5. “Two little birdies!”

    6. "Come, birdies!" she said

    7. What should matter is that you, your brother, and LD will be marked on the street as narcs, little birdies that are singing to the police

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