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Bluff в предложении (на )

  1. That too was a bluff.
  2. Her pomp was a bluff.
  3. This, too, was a bluff.
  4. And that was no bluff.
  5. He did not bluff often.

  6. Her bluff had paid off.
  7. It was of course a bluff.
  8. It could have been a bluff.
  9. We went up onto Bluff Hill.
  10. No underhanded bluff for me.
  11. He should have tried to bluff.
  12. She ignored the bluff compliment.
  13. Of course, I was calling a bluff.
  14. She tried to bluff Huckabee again.
  15. He was a bluff, coarse gay person.

  16. I sold him his condo at Sea Bluff.
  17. He points back up toward the bluff.
  18. Their bluff was about to be called.
  19. Time for a bluff, Arrenberg thought.
  20. That bluff has been called, anyway.
  21. He had an hour to get to the Bluff.
  22. As a piece of bluff it was effective.
  23. Oh he so knew how to call my bluff!.
  24. High Counsel, figuring it was a bluff.
  25. I tried to sound bluff and confident.

  26. He was going to have to call her bluff.
  27. Section of the Bluff at Port Hudson, La.
  28. What bluff is that, Ben? she asked.
  29. Maybe it was a bluff, said the other.
  30. The legislators could not bluff Shah easily.
  31. Down below the bluff, rocks lay in a circle.
  32. He felt confident that that was only a bluff.
  33. He came to a steep bluff at a 70-degree angle.
  34. Bluff home that day, when Cousin Charles and.
  35. Those who know me well know that I never bluff.
  36. The bluff is perhaps 100 feet high and 50 wide.
  37. Was that a bluff? Or something he could know?
  38. Robert Maple Bluff is the seat of the Robert M.
  39. To crush! To lift the lean of that black bluff!.
  40. This seemed to work, even though it was a bluff.
  41. Kent was stuck, his bluff was going nowhere fast.
  42. It was almost like a horizontal slot in the bluff.
  43. With little choice I just tried to call his bluff.
  44. I needed to run a bluff to keep the ball rolling.
  45. Ilona wins the next round, calling one guy’s bluff.
  46. You must bluff and do nothing to give yourself away.
  47. A trail goes around the base of the bluff to the.
  48. His adversary recovered quickly and called his bluff.
  49. You need to start on your journey to Athena’s Bluff.
  50. John stops the Jeep on the bluff near a small cantina.
  51. To play blindman’s bluff? He can’t see at all!.
  52. She knew he was faking anger, and she called his bluff.
  53. The wide wooden stairs went down the front of the bluff.
  54. Lake Bluff, population ten thousand, came up over the sky.
  55. Merthin and Caris sat on a low bluff overlooking the water.
  56. Once in a while he tries a bluff, but it is a palpable lie.
  57. A young boar, it tried to bluff the dog with mouth-popping.
  58. American leaders thought it a bluff and turned Stalin down.
  59. Failing that—or in addition—you would want to bluff him.
  60. We reach the end of the hallway, and the woman calls my bluff.
  61. It was a bluff of sorts, and she hoped he wouldn’t call it.
  62. If they are soldiers, Youssaf might be able to bluff them.
  63. He owned all the land around here, including Athena’s Bluff.
  64. Perhaps he would yet be able to bluff him into some revelation.
  65. Maybe he could bluff his way out of here alive, if he was lucky.
  66. Below: The Coyote Bluff Café in East Amarillo is famous for the.
  67. Actually, the move at the park was probably no more than a bluff.
  68. It was about eighty to a hundred feet down the face of the bluff.
  69. They had made a campsite up the trail on the bluff above the river.
  70. There was no way for me to know if what she said was a bluff or not.
  71. She was a bluff countrywoman from Felipe’s Duchy of Los Almendros.
  72. She’d been correct about the small hill sitting in front of a bluff.
  73. Finally, as they reached the top of the hill, a bluff came into view.
  74. He walks to the edge of the bluff overlooking the black water at the.
  75. Bluff the bastard into a confession, and don't hold back any punches.
  76. The clearing was a short distance to what had to be Athena’s Bluff.
  77. Jasper and I were sitting on the bench down at the courts at Sea Bluff.
  78. The rendezvous point was an estuary just north of El Bluff, Nicaragua.
  79. So you want to send Eva to this church and then to Athena’s Bluff?
  80. They slowly climbed the hair pin curves that led up the bluff to the top.
  81. On the bluff above appeared a young warrior, as he had been centuries ago.
  82. That is true, and in other circumstances, I would have called his bluff.
  83. Oh, I'd heard the word, but I really didn't know enough about it to bluff.
  84. He had to keep calm, he had to keep the bluff going or he’d lose his life.
  85. You have a hand but sometimes in the high-stakes game of life it's ok to bluff.
  86. Ever since that incident at the saloon in Billiard’s Bluff, however, Barron.
  87. That is why it has been possible to deceive and bluff and rob them for so long.
  88. Now once you have mastered the church, you can go all the way to Athena's Bluff.
  89. She could see from the bluff that the river made a giant loop and then came back.
  90. He could see that she was on the defensive, but decided to call her bluff anyway.
  91. The turning, twisting trail eventually led to a huge bluff that had loomed in the.
  92. With stacks of counterfeit bills ready, it was time to see if her bluff would work.
  93. When they trudged across the sand around a bluff, Daphne couldn’t believe her eyes.
  94. I decided to bluff my way into a job there and told them I was an experienced barman.
  95. We planned to bluff, bully and bullshit Alistair Pennington into incriminating himself.
  96. She held my arm as the train slid into Bluff Station and our baggage was escorted out.
  97. It could be a bluff, but the worst was always possible with somebody like the Butcher.
  98. They arrived on a bluff that overlooked a meadow filled with brightly colored caravans.
  99. Finally, they came upon the rock bluff, skimming its face with the tips of their wings.
  100. His threat had all been a bluff anyway in the hope of forcing Rebecca to mate with him.

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